ZZ Top
ZZ Top

ZZ Top is an American trio band. The band members are Dusty Hill, who is the vocalist, Frank Beard as the drummer, and Billy Gibbons, who is the guitarist and the bands’ leader. However, it was initially formed at Huston by Lanier Grieg, Dan Mitchell, and Billy Ethridge. The trio has released several albums. Besides, they perform in co0ncerts and involved in television series and films.  Since the bands’ inception, they have won a countless number of awards.


The ZZ band was formed in 1969 at Huston by Dan Mitchell, Gibbons, and Lanier Grieg.  Gibbons suggested the group’s name, ZZ Top. Gibbons realized that most of the bands use their name initials to name the group and decided to come up with a unique name. He saw B.B King and Z.Z Hill poster and thought of combining the two names. He first figured out Z.Z King but later thought of the current name Z.Z Top as he thought, “the king was going at the top.” They came public in the year 1970. The trio appointed Gibbons friend who they had met a year earlier to be their manager.


The band released its first single in the year 1969. The recording was in honor of Gibbons. Unfortunately, after their first recording, Grieg decided to shun the band. Luckily, Billy Ethridge joined them as bassist. After a few months, Mitchell left the group and was replaced by Frank Beard.

The trio tried to look for an American record company, but none showed them interest. They were a determined group; hence they looked for an alternative. Luck found its way, and they spotted a London record company that showed them interest. However, Ethridge was not in for the London record company, and he decided to leave the group. Dusty Hill later replaced him. After signing the contract with the London Company, they did their first concert performance with Columbus hall in Beaumont, Texas, on 10 February 1970.

In 1973, ZZ Top released an album “Tres Hombres,” which escalated the fame of the group. As a result, they were featured in the ‘Top Ten Record.’ In the same year, the bad did countless concert performances.  In 1975 they recorded their first live album, which was released in 1976. They received positive feedback from their fans which motivated them to release the “Deguello” album

They did their last studio album in the year 1990 in Warner’s record. Besides recording, ZZ Top has been in films and television series. Their first appearance in the films was in 1990 in “Back to the Future Part III.” Their song “sharp dressed” was the theme song for a television show “Duck Dynasty.” In “Sweet Dreams” season 3, episode 8, the band made a guest appearance. Their evolution has not been a walk in the park, but the band has been persistent.

Awards and achievements

The band has received countless awards since its inception. In 1980, they received the VMA award for the best group video. Later they were awarded for the best art direction for the “Sharp Dressed Man.” Billy Bob gave the band commemorative rings in the VH1 Rock Awards.

ZZ top has received four gold, three platinum, and two multiple-platinum certifications from the RIAA.

The net worth of ZZ Top in 2024

ZZ Top Net Worth
ZZ Top Net Worth

Despite the challenges this band faced during their evolution, they have managed to accumulate a substantial net fortune. As of April 2024, The band approximated to has a net worth of $80 Million.  They have amassed the wealth mainly from their concert performances and the albums. Nevertheless, it is ranked as the best album selling band. Their most outstanding album is the “Eliminator” which the band has sold over million copies all over the world.

ZZ top is a band composed of resilient and very talented individuals. Despite the typical life hiccups, the band managed to emerge as victors. They are recipients of many awards. Their performance in numerous concerts has left the fans happy than ever before.



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