Zara is a famous Spanish retail apparel store in Arteixo, Galicia. This Company deals with the production and selling of fast fashion products, including shoes, clothes, accessories, perfumes, and beauty. This is the largest retail apparel store and largest company in the INDITEX group. This company manages around twenty clothing collections every year. This is one of the most famous fashion brands which is preferred by youngsters from several countries.

Most of the products by Zara are supplied based on customer trends. It contains clothing for both men and women as well as for children. The distribution center of Zara is in Spain, and the clothing is processed there only. The reason due to which the company has been able to reach a higher platform is all because of the hard work done by Ortega. If you want to know about the history and evolution of this company, then continue reading ahead for more details.


In the year 1975, the first store of Zara was opened by Amancio Ortega in A Coruna, Galicia, in Spain. This store was initially named Zorba, but later on, they came to know that there is a similar name to a store nearby. So, the name was changed to Zara, and it had high-quality fashion clothes at low costs at that time. Additional stores were opened in Spain by Ortega.

In the year 1985, Ortega decided to expand Zara on a global level, and therefore, the company started expanding from Portugal, particularly in Porto. In the year 1989, it opened in the US and then in France during 1990. In the year 1992, Zara was expanded to Mexico, Sweden and Belgium. The first stores of Zara were opened in Singapore and Japan in 2002. Later on, the stores were opened in Russia, China, Morocco, Romania, and Hungary, along with many more countries.


During September 2010, the company launched its online boutique, which started in France, Germany, Italy, UK, and Spain. Due to the increasing popularity, Zara began providing online services to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Ireland. In the year 2011, online stores began operating in the US and Russia. In Canada, the Zara online store started operating during 2013. It began in South Korea, Romania, in the year 2014. In India, Zara reached on 4th October in 2017.

In the year 2014, the company introduced its RFID technology in the stores. These chips are located in tags of security, which are removed when someone purchases clothes. In the year 2015, Zara has ranked as one of the best global brands at the 30th rank. In the year 2019, Zara got its logo updated, and in the same year, it’s business rose with 2.17%. In the year 2019, CEO Persson started accepting more global rent to increase expansion in the world.

Zara stores have women’s, men’s as well as children’s clothing. The company offers the product based on consumer trends, and all the clothing is processed through the distribution center of Spain. In a year, Zara produces more than 450 million items to satisfy customer needs. The company prefers to invest the revenue in opening new stores rather than investing in advertising.

In the year 1980, Zara set up its factory in La Coruna. Most of the products sell by Zara are manufactured in countries such as Morocco, Spain, Turkey, and Portugal. Zara became one of the biggest retailers in the world who switched to the complete toxic-free production and raise awareness for the Detox Campaign. There are a total of 2259 Zara stores in more than 96 countries.

Awards & Nominations

Zara is a well-known company that earns high achievements in the fashion and clothing industry. The company offers fast-fashion products to meet the needs of people. It is known as one of the largest apparel retailers, as well as the largest company in Inditex. In the year 2015, Zara was ranked at position 30 on Interbrand’s list of best global brands. Zara does not achieve any awards and nominations in the fashion and business industry until now, but it managed to gain a high reputation and revenue.

Net worth of Zara in 2024

Zara Net Worth
Zara Net Worth

As of June 2024, The net worth of Zara company is around $70 billion. The founder of the company also earns through lingerie and bathrobe manufacturing company. He also launched INDITEX, which is a holding company to expand fashion brands, including Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, and Bershka.

In the year 2010, he divided his investment holdings in real estate. He is a humble person who never went for holidays for a total of twenty-five years in his life. Rosalia Mera, who is the co-founder of Zara, was the wealthiest woman in the world. She has more than $6.1 billion net worth at the time of her death.

Zara is a Spanish apparel retailer located in Galicia. The company has specialization in fashion and products like beauty, perfumes, clothing, and accessories that makes it one of the largest companies in the Inditex group. The headquarter of Zara is in Spain, but it serves its products all around the world. This clothing retailer has more than 3000 stores that include the home stores and kids stores.

Zara is renowned for its ability to develop new products. While the other retailers take six months to get the products to stores, Zara takes only two weeks. Spain is the biggest market for Zara, with more than 547 stores. The company managed to gain high revenue over the years and has stores all over the world. The improvements in the company include the use of advanced technology as well as a group of designers that meet the need for high-end clothing fashion of customers.

The company faces lots of controversies throughout the years, but it managed to maintain a high reputation among customers by offering quality fashion products. The company offers products both online and offline to satisfy the needs of people all around the world.


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