Whitney Thore
Whitney Thore
Celebrated Name: Whitney Thore
Real Name/Full Name: Whitney Way Thore
Gender: Female
Age: 40 years old
Birth Date: 14 April 1984
Birth Place: Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.62 m
Weight: 120 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Children: No
Yes (Buddy Bell)
Profession: Television personality
Net Worth in 2024: $2 million
Last Updated: July 2024

Whitney Thore is a remarkable television personality who has set a new example for the fat people in the world. Whitney Thore is best-known for her appearance in the popular television reality show as ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ which used to air on TLC channel in the United States. The global audience has widely accepted Whitney for slamming the body shame image with the positive mind of acceptance by all.

Whitney all alone has run the online campaign where she redefined body shame as a powerful weapon to slamming everybody with a bold reply. She believed being fat is a choice of an individual which should be encouraged in a positive way without being criticizing that person or demotivate them for what they are today.

Maybe you know about Whitney Thore very well But do you know how old and tall is she and what is her net worth in 2024? If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of Whitney Thore’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life

Whitney Thore was born on 14 April 1984 in Northern California in the United States, and thus she was born with an American nationality. Originally, Whitney Thore was born with the name as ‘Whitney Way Thore’. Whitney Thore was born to mother ‘Barbara Thore’ and father ‘Glenn Thore’. Whitney Thore has grown up along with her sibling ‘Hunter Thore’. Whitney Thore did her graduation from the ‘Page High School’. Whitney Thore did her higher education from the ‘Appalachain State University’ with a significant degree in theatre. In her early teen days, Whitney Thore started teaching school children in South Korea.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 14 April 1984, Whitney Thore is 40 years old as of today’s date 20th July 2024. Her height is 1.62 m tall, and her weight is 120 kg.


Whitney Thore, in her initial days, has exhibited her skill and talent in the field of teaching in South Korea, especially for school children. Whitney Thore serves as an English teacher where she got notable recognition and great popularity as a teacher.

Later, Whitney Thore moved to the United States where she pursues her career at the local radio station as 105.5 KZL. Here, she served as a remarkable producer of a morning show named as ‘Jared & Kate’.

Whitney also featured in dance video as ‘A Fat Girl Dancing’ where she has set a new example for all the fat people who are shamed for their body image. It was Whitney Thore who has encouraged the concept of the positive body image and stopped body slamming across the globe through her inspiring video.

In 2015, Whitney Thore got the highest recognition and great popularity through her appearance in the television reality show as ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’. This reality show revolves around the weight loss program and other success stories of Whitney Thore. The reality show has been featured with all together up to four seasons with the highest success as well as growth rate. This has significantly increased the net worth of Whitney Thore remarkably high and noteworthy.

Whitney Thore has also launched her independent website and blog where she talks and discusses with other activists regarding their success story and weight loss regime.

Awards and Achievements

The most significant achievement of Whitney Thore is that she got featured as a famous personality and as a great inspiration for many in numerous broadcasting network and several newspapers such as ‘Today Show’, ‘ABC News’ and also got featured in ‘The Huffington Post’.

Net Worth & Salary of Whitney Thore in 2024

Whitney Thore Net Worth 2019As of July 2024, the total estimated net worth of Whitney Thore is about $2 million approximately.

Hence, Whitney has become a great inspiration for all individuals who are being demotivated by society for being fat or body shame. Whitney has instilled the belief and faith in every individual that you can, and you will achieve everything on your own will and capabilities.


  1. Whintey looks way skinny in that photo wow u look great anyway u are a great gal ur friends are very lucky to hang out with s great person

  2. This website must be old she has Buddy Bell listed as boyfriend and I don’t get it, it’s states she’s worth 2 mil yet her dad was freaking out about her owning the house and purchasing the townhouse. Damn why the concern she’s got enough greens.

  3. I love whitney! Would love to have her group of friends!! My mom passed away this past December 15 2019. Babs reminds me of her!!! I miss her so much!! I would love to see whitney on dancing with the stars!!! Shed kill it!!

  4. This woman is nothing but entitled, selfish. She treats her friends like crap and always needs to be the center of attention. It’s always me, me, me. I, I, I. Whaa, whaa, whaa. And just a little FYI, NO ONE MAKES A CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO BE OVERWEIGHT and I find it difficult to believe that she enjoys being as big as she is.

  5. I love Whitney and the whole group…except Ryan and Chase. I think they both used that poor woman. Buddy Bell is the best friend she could ever have. And Babs and Glen – love them too. It’s a great show — and I hope it goes on for a very long time.

  6. Love Whitney and the show, BUTTTT, she was a little too hard on Buddy!!! So he is depressed
    any reason to strip your cloths off and storm out of room on camera? Buddy was there for her when she was going through her depression. A friend is thee t all times.

  7. She calls herself fat and then gets mad when people say she’s fat. She’s a millionaire that treats her friends like garbage. If the subject is not about her and her pathetic whining depresso life she wants nothing to do with it. Buddy helped her through all her self pity problems then dumped on him when he needed her. I was hoping Buddy would tell her to F off for good! She’s so selfish and self centered!

  8. She is getting scamed by the French man what is he hiding he don’t want to be seem on camera she is wasting her time once again get a life

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