Walton Family
Walton Family

The Walton family is an American family that is known as one of the wealthiest non-royal family in the United States of America. The major part of the wealth of Walton family comes from the heritage of the Sam Walton and Bud Walton, who was known as the founders of Walmart, one of the biggest retailer stores in the world.

The collective fortune of every member of the Walton Family makes them one most affluent families in the United States. Alice, Rob, and Jim were the three prominent living members of the store since 2001 and have been in the top twenty of the Forbes 400 list. After the death of John, who was one main member of the store, his wife, Christy Walton, took his place.

The Walton family owned almost around 50.8 percent of the Company Walmart, in the year 2014. In October 2019, the wealth of Walth Family was estimated at around $201.4 billion. The Walton Family gain all his wealth and popularity due to the success of Walmart.


The former J.C. Penney employee Sam Walton purchased a branch in the year 1945 from the Butler Brothers intending to sell high-quality products at the low prices to generate profit. The store becomes very popular and thriving within a short period. After that, Sam purchased his own shop named Walton’s Five and Dime, where he continues to sell the products and make a name in the industry.

In the year 1962, Sam Walton founded Walmart that was later incorporated in the year 1969. The retail store, Walmart, got popularity as the American multinational retail corporation. At that time, Walmart operates the chain of the grocery store, discount department stores as well as hypermarkets that helps to in proper growth of the company. Apart from this, the company also owns and operates the Club retail warehouses of Sam Walton.

The company Walmart has a total number of 11438 stores and clubs, and it has its branches in more than 27 countries all around the world. The headquarter of Walmart is situated in Bentonville in Arkansas. When it comes to total revenue, then Walmart is known as one of the largest companies in the world.

The company even has a large number of personnel in the world, as it includes a total of 2.2 billion employees. The company is traded as the family-owned business, and the Walton family has all control of the company. Apart from this, Walmart becomes one of the largest grocery retailers in the United States in the year 2019.

Sam Walton’s heir has owned more than 50 percent of Walmart through their holding company Walton Enterprise. When it comes to Walton Family, then Sam Walton also started a charitable foundation in the year 1987 that do several good causes and work for the welfare of people.


The major part of the Walton family comes from Walmart. At first, Walmart was incorporated as Wal-Mart Inc. in the year 1969. But in the year 1970, the founders of the company changes its name to Wal-Mart Stores inc. Wal-Mart Company, at that time, operates its business in mostly five states that include Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

With the growth in the popularity of the company, it moved to Texas and has more than 125 stores. In 1975, it was estimated that the company has total sales of $340.3 million and has more than 7500 employees when it moves to Texas. After that, the company gains continuous growth, and in the 1980s, they have a total of 1180 stores with $15.9 billion sales.

In the 1990s, Walmart becomes very successful and reach the position to become the largest U.S. retailer by revenue. The continued growth and profitability of Walmart help to grow the wealth and fame of Walton Family and make then one of the wealthiest families in the United States of America.

Award & Nominations

With the income and revenue of Walmart, Walton Family becomes the wealthiest non-royal family in America that can be one of the great honor for all members of the family. The company Walmart is known as one of the most successful and highest-revenue companies in America.

Net Wealth of Walton Family in 2024

Walton Family Net Worth
Walton Family Net Worth

Walmart is among the largest companies in all over the world by revenue. The net worth of the company estimated at around $386.3 billion. The company is going to become the number one choice for all people around the world. Walmart offers lots of products that include grocery items, toys, clothes, and many more in all the stores to fulfill all the needs of customers. The company has branches across the globe that increase the total net worth of the company and the wealth of Walton Family.

As of July 2024, The net worth of the Walton family is around $200 billion. The net worth of the Walton family generally held by three living children of Sam Walton that are Rob, Jim, Alice, and the daughter-in-law Christy and his son Lukas. Along with them, Bud’s daughters, Nancy Walton Laurie and Ann Walton Kroenke are also included in this wealth.

Walmart is a well known American multinational retail corporation that has lots of stores all around the world. The company operates a total of 6080 stores in more than 27 countries. During the 1990s, Walmart gains high success and growth and become the number one choice of people in the United States of America.

The Walton family owns the company, and the growth in the company inevitably increases the wealth and fame of Walton Family as well. Sam Walton also thinks that the company makes contributions to the welfare of society that helps to reduce the cost of living of people.

The company aims to provide better quality products to the customers at their affordable prices so that a large number of people can enjoy their services. Apart from this, the Walton family is also included in different charitable works for the welfare of people. With the growth of Walmart, Walton’s family gain a high amount of profit and live a luxurious life.


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  2. I am also thankfull to the wal- mart family for helping me too.i shop @the store, and sam’s club, which i like very much. god bless sam walton, the great man…………..i also bought some stock in this great co………………….WHICH IS DOING VERY GOOD…………..

  3. Dearest Winnie Muriuki

    Walmart has 2.2 million employees.
    Not 2.2 billion.
    More than quarter of the planets population do not work for Walmart.


    Perhaps a post edit required.
    Kind regards.


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