United States of America (USA) is a country having 50 states, one Federal District, five major self-governing territories. It is the world’s fourth-largest country by area and is slightly smaller than the entire continent of Europe. Its capital is

Maybe you know about the USA very well, but do you know what’s its background is and what its net worth in 2024? If you do not know, we have prepared this article about the details of the USA’s short background-wiki, inception, evolution, awards and achievements, today’s net worth, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.


The first inhabitants of North America migrated from Siberia. They settled them 1200 years ago. After crossing the land bridge, the first American moved southward along the Pacific coast. The Clovis title appeared around 11,000 B.C. The Clovis culture was believed to be the first settlement of Americans. Over time, the indigenous culture grew in North America, such as the Pre-Columbian Mississippian culture. With the progress of European Colonisation in the territories of the contemporary United States, the Native Americans were often conquered.

The native population declined because of diseases like smallpox. Most settlers in every settlement were small farmers, but other industries developed within some time. With the establishment with Province of Georgia in 1732, the 13 colonies were administrated by the British as overseas dependancies.US remained neutral in World War 1 in 1914 and joined the war as an “associated power.” Then World War 2 and the Cold war happened to take place.

The land area of the US is 38,00,000 square miles with the contiguous United States, making it 29,59,064 square miles of that.


The united states, with its large size, consists of varied climates. It has a birth rate of 13 per 1000, which is five births below the world average. Its population growth rate is positive at 0.7 percent. As of 2015, 47 percent of all immigrants are Hispanic,26 percent are Asian, and 18 percent are white. The highest percentage came from the District of Colombia (10 percent). English is the de facto national language. American public education is operated by the center and state government.

The United States has operated two-party systems in most of its history. The United States has been a leader in technological innovation since the late 19th century and scientific research since the mid -20th century.


The country has evolved a lot during the period since the immigrants settled 1200 years ago. With the progress of European colonization in the territories of the contemporary United States, the Native Americans displaced. The American Revolutionary War was the first successful colonial war of independence against a European power. The United States remained neutral in World War 1. The US Census Bureau has reported the average population of 328,239,523.

Awards & Achievements

The USA has won numerous awards globally. The United States is the highest Noble Prize-winning country, with a total of 383 winners. The majority of these prizes include the Nobel Prize of physics. This access to improving technology has led to this accomplishment in the U.S. The Hollywood industry has also advanced, and recently Joaquin phoenix has received the Oscar for best actor in the leading role.

Net Worth of USA in 2024

USA Net Worth
USA Net Worth

As of April 2024, the USA has garnered a net worth of more than $270 trillion. Credit for all the turnover of the country is the sum of assets minus liabilities. Most of its earning comes from the advancement in technologies and creating innovative machinery.

The USA is one of the leading countries in the field of entertainment as well as in the share market. It is the world’s fourth-largest country by area and is slightly smaller than the entire continent of Europe. Its advancement in the entertainment industry and technology has led it to heights and has won the highest number of noble prizes, a total of 383 prizes the highest than any other country has won globally.


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