Universal Studios
Universal Studios

Universal Studios is a famous film studio, as well as a theme park located in California. Around 70$ of the studio is in Universal City, and the rest of it is located in Los Angeles. This is one of the famous and oldest studios of Hollywood. THE ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF LA is the major headline of this company.

Earlier, this company was created to provide tours of real sets of Universal Studios, and today it is one of the best UNIVERSAL STUDIOS THEME PARKS in the world. This company also owns the collection of restaurants and shops. In the year 2017, the park had more than 9 million guests, so it ranked at the 15th number globally.


The company was started when Carl Laemmle started UNIVERSAL CITY on 14th March in the year 1915. Later on, he invited common people to pay just five cents to watch all action. This tour stopped in the year 1930 because the stages weren’t soundproof after sound films arrived.

The backlot of Universal studios has been damaged by fire nine times. This company sees lots of destruction. Huge damage was done on 1st June in the year 2008 when fire alarms broke down in backlot. The fire department of Los Angeles was reported, and several structures were burned down. When MUSIC CORPORATION OF AMERICA started gaining more profits than Universal Pictures in the year 1962, the accountants advised having a new tour for the people in the studio can increase the revenue.

On 15th July, in 1964, a modern tour was established, including stage events, actual production peeking, and walk-throughs. Later on, this became a full theme park attracting several visitors every day. In the year 1965, the first attraction of the theme park opened as Warlord tower. The company members were looking for things which can attract young children. Keeping this in mind, the zoo was made for the children for their entertainment.


The company started earning lots of revenue after adding Park for children. The Flintstones show also opened, and in 1991, ET Adventure was established as a dark ride. The sister park of the company started in Florida with similar attractions. The Florida version paved the evolution of the company. In the year 1996, the Jurassic Park ride got opened.

In the year 2000, Nickelodeon was replaced by RUGRATS MAGIC ADVENTURE. After a year, the Blast zone of Nicklodean was opened. In the year 2003, ET Adventure was closed by Hollywood studios to make REVENGE OF THE MUMMY, which started in 2004. In 2005, Spiderman rocks were replaced by fear factor live. In the year 2007, House of horrors was opened, and it replaced Fortress Dracula.

In the year 2010, King Kong 3-D was opened. On 7th May in 2015, the company partnered with Nintendo to prepare merchandise and attractions for Nintendo characters and Mario. It is believed that the main press center and IBC will be located during the Summer Olympics 2028. On 3rd September in the year 2018, Jurassic Park’s ride got closed and was refurbished to become Jurassic World and started in 2019. On 14th March 2020, the studios have been closed temporarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Universal Studios is divided into two levels and connected through escalators. The upper and lower lots are the two sections which contain large outdoor playing area, seven shows, and nine rides. The upper lot consists of attractions for the family. The major attractions of the upper level are Motion stimulator, Tram ride, live shows, stunt shows, and play area.

On 7th April in 2016, THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER opened. It has a motion simulator and a family roller coaster. The lower lot of the studios is small in size, and it has got three thrilling rides. It has got Jurassic World, Transformers, Dino Play, and Raptor Encounter. The quick-service restaurants and gift shops are also available in the lower lot. Universal Studios has got 15th rank in all over the world.

In the year 2018, the attendance of people was around 9,147,000. The owners of Universal Studios might be planning to make updates in the studio after a few months or years. The advancements in the company will continue to generate more revenue.

Net Worth of Universal Studios in 2024

Universal Studios Net Worth
Universal Studios Net Worth

As of June 2024, The net worth of Universal Studios is around $6 billion, earned with the big movie business. With the production of movies like Despicable Me, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fast & Furious, and a lot more, the company has been able to earn a good amount of wealth. Several theme parks come under the name of this company. The wealth of this company will continue to increase in the future because people will always demand entertainment.

This is 108 years old movie studio with a total of ten attractions, including two roller coasters. It has been nominated as a leading theme attraction in North America in the year 2012. The park of this company held an event where there were more than 9 million guests, and therefore, it ranked on the 9th number in North America and on the 15th number in the world.

There haven’t been any awards won by the company, but it certainly has achieved a lot. The topmost movies are made through this company, and this is the biggest achievement in itself. The legacy of this company will be carried around for several years ahead.

Almost everyone is known with the fame of Universal Studios, and it will only earn more and more revenue in the coming years. It can be accessed through public transportation as Metro Red line train runs through Union Station in Westlake, Hollywood, East Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles. Most of the famous attractions of Universal Studios include Jurassic World, Revenge of the Mummy, Raptor Encounter, Transformers, and Dino Play. Anyone who wants to have a superb day in the United States should visit Universal Studios.


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