United Airlines
United Airlines

Transportation, as we know, has been growing over the years. There will always be a need to travel to a certain destination. For years and years, people have always had a reason to travel to a certain destination. Just as today is, there were so many reasons to travel in the past.

People travelled for trade, intermarriages, sporting events, war and other social activities. Nowadays, the reasons for travelling have been so many. People travel for trading purposes, educational pursuits and even sporting events. For this reason, transportation methods have been modified and improved. Such improvements have brought big changes even to the economy, such as air transport.

The history of air transport goes back over a century ago when the Wright brothers became the first men to take off in an aircraft which was heavier than air. Ever since the beginning, air transport has been growing very fast. Among this development, there was the emergence of public transport.

The air transport industry has been growing very fast, and this brought about the emergence of the big and famous airline, United Airlines. United Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the world, and American airline has been flying people all over the world for almost a century now.


The airline began as Varney Air Lines which was founded by Walter Varney in 1926. Varney Air Lines (VAL) flew its first privately contracted airmail flight on the 6th of April in 1926. In 1927, William Boeing formed Boeing Air Transport and was operating airmail routes. It merged with Pratt and Whitney to form UATC (United Aircraft and Transport Corporation), and in 28 months, they had bought Pacific Air Transport, Stout Air Services, Varney Air Lines and National Air Transport. In 1931, UATC formed United Air Lines, Inc.

In 2006, Continental Airlines and United Airlines began merger discussions and were later resumed in 2010. The two airlines decided to merge their operations and changed their name to United Continental Holdings, Inc. In 2011, the two companies began combining operations, and in 2012, they began combining their passenger service systems, frequent-flier programs and websites. Eventually, this eliminated the Continental Brand with the exception of its logo. On June 27, 2019, the parent name changed from United Continental Holdings to United Airlines Holdings.


United Airlines, Inc. is publicly traded through its parent company, United Airlines Holdings, Inc., which is a Delaware Corporation on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with a market capitalization of over $21 billion. The headquarters of this huge company is at the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. This was after they moved from Elk Grove Township. They still maintain a large presence in downtown Houston, where they leased seven floors. They also have training facilities for its flight crews in Denver and Houston, a major aircraft maintenance centre in San Francisco.

The company has also been doing a lot concerning their marketing methods. Their first slogan was “The Main Line Airway” but was then replaced in 1965. The new slogan was “Fly the Friendly Skies” and was in use until 1996. In 2004, they changed it to “Its Time to Fly”, but it did not last for a long time. In 2010, they changed their slogan to “Let’s Fly Together” after they merged with Continental Airlines which also did not last long. They returned to their initial slogan, “Fly the Friendly Skies”.

Due to the nature of the company, they had a lot of fuel emissions, and therefore they had to invest in environmental strategies. It focused on operational fuel efficiency initiatives and investments. The company reduced its paper use, printing and fuel consumption by introducing iPads for pilots instead of paper documents. In 2011, they also carried out the first flight that used microbially-derived biofuel. The company also began making modifications to their aircraft, which reduced its total fuel costs. These are just among the many strategies that the airline incorporated to protect the environment.

The company has had a lot of success over the years. United Airlines is the third largest airline in the world in terms of fleet size and route network. United Airlines incredibly operates to 238 domestic destinations and 118 international destinations in 48 countries across five continents.

Awards and Achievements

United Airlines has been around for around 93 years and has achieved a lot of success over the years. The company has been making big moves, and it has paid off a lot. The company has received a lot of awards and recognition because of the big impact that it has had on air transport. These are some of the awards achieved by the company:

  • Newsweek Green Rankings.
  • Best Places to work.
  • Green Hospitality Award.

Net Worth of United Airlines in 2024

United Airlines Net Worth
United Airlines Net Worth

United Airlines has grown into the third-largest airlines in terms of fleet sizes and routes. The company has really grown immensely into one of the biggest companies in the country. They have been around for a long time, and they have had a successful run. As of April 2024, they have a net worth of about $45 billion and this figure will seem to grow as the years pass by.

United Airlines is a big airline and has had quite a successful run. They have made a big impact in the air transport industry and have had a lot. The future seems really promising for the airline giants.


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