Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy

YouTube channel Unbox Therapy is a significantly popular and most subscribed channel having more than 17 million subscribers. It was started in December 2010 and became a top-notch entertainer after the “iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test video” of its host, Lewis George Hilsenteger surfaced.

Creator Demystified

Lewis George Hilsenteger, the creator of “Unbox Therapy”, also known as “Lew,” was born on 6 May 1985, Canada. He took a course of digital arts, video editing and photography from the Toronto School of Arts. He was interested in new technology and innovative techniques of gadgets from a very early age of his life.

The course he took in his college also helped him in the process of starting his very own YouTube channel. On the personal front, Lewis George Hilsenteger is married and has a seven-year-old child.

Lewis Hilsenteger was a computer repairer in his initial days and had a servicing store named iUpgrade in Toronto. He uploaded some tutorial videos on YouTube to help his customers in the beginning. It was the success of these videos, which received good views that inspired Lewis Hilsenteger to begin his career and create more YouTube channels and thus, “Unbox Therapy” was born!

Journey So Far

The Unbox Therapy got a kickstart in December 2010. In the videos, Lewis Hilsenteger unboxes a brand new gadget and tests it for the first time. His unboxing style of videos receives huge views making it to millions in hours and days.

Lewis Hilsenteger has tested many Apple products, and he also gets access to much-awaited products before their launch from companies, thanks to the immense popularity of his channel. Companies do so to promote their products on a wider scale.

Awards and Achievements

The channel has a wide base of fan following that has amassed a huge response over the years. As the name “Unbox Therapy” suggests, the channel’s host, Lewis George Hilsenteger unboxes and dispenses his commentary on various gadgets.

The channel was particularly hit for a person “Jack” who surfaced faceless and played with the psychology of people making everyone curious to know what Jack looks like. Lewis Hilsenteger promised that he would reveal who Jack is after the Channel got 10 million subscriptions. After Jack’s revelation, who was a co-creator and Lewis Hilsenteger’s trusted companion, the channel peaked to another 3 million subscriptions.

Unbox Therapy’s most viewed video is “iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test” of December 2016, having roughly 70,000,000 views and is particularly trending for its critical approach showing some potential issues with the iPhone on its launch. The video caused a controversial conflict relating to its accuracy in many writings across the world. Later Lewis had to show up on CNN, Bloomberg and others and submit an unedited video to claim it’s accuracy.

Net Worth of Unbox Therapy’s

Unbox Therapy Net Worth
Unbox Therapy Net Worth

“Unbox Therapy” has collected a huge amount of hits crossing over 3 billion in its various videos and over 17 million subscriptions as of 2024,. The channel progresses on its subscribers by 7000 every day on an average, which is huge! “Unbox Therapy” secures 3 million views per day on an average.

According to these estimates, the channel earns around $7500 per day from advertisements that show up on videos, making it to $3 million a year. “Unbox Therapy” has been able to secure sponsorships from McDonald and other big franchises. Lewis also gets commission from the products he sells on YouTube. As of February 2024, An estimated total net worth of “Unbox Therapy” is around $10 million.

Lewis Hilsenteger’s simple idea of unboxing made him famous across the world and earned him a huge chunk of money. The rule seems to be clear that as long as you are entertaining and ready to present your ideas, the world would get curious to witness you.


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