Tumblr is a famous social networking and microblogging website. David Karp founded this company in the year 2007, but now it’s the owner is Automattic. The users can post short-form blogs and multimedia content on this website. One can also follow the blogs of other bloggers. This website allows bloggers to make private blogs. As per the report of 2019, Tumblr hosts more than 475 million blogs.

In the year 2016, this website had more than 500 million visitors per month. This site became available for Blackberry smartphones in the year 2010 and also for iPhone in 2009. In the year 2012, the storyboard on this site was also launched, which was specially made for the writers to upload original content like videos, stories, and blogs. If you want to know more about the history and details of this company, you can look forward to reading ahead.


In 2006, Tumblr’s development started with a contract at the company of David Karp and Studio of Fred Seibert. Karp was always interested in short blogs (Tumblelogs). He was looking forward to introducing his platform. Marco Arment and Karp started the development of a tumble logging platform, and then they launched it in February 2007.

Within fifteen days of launch, this site got more than 75000 users. Arment left this company in the year 2010 and decided to concentrate on INSTAPAPER. In the year 2012, the first advertising campaign for Tumblr was featured with Adidas conjunction. Tumblr announced that they would be looking forward to earning through advertising, and then the soccer official Tumblr blog was launched.

On 20th March, in the year 2013, Tumblr and Yahoo decided to have an agreement where Yahoo! will acquire Tumblr for more than $1.1 billion cash. Most of the Tumblr users were unhappy with this news and also started filing a petition. So, on 20th June, in the year 2013, it was finalized that David Karp would remain CEO of the company.


In the year 2017, Verizon acquired Tumblr a placed Tumblr and Yahoo under its subsidiary. At the end of 2017, Karp decided to leave Tumblr. This was the time when COO and president of Tumblr took the lead of the company. Under Verizon, this company kept struggling. In 2019, SIMILAR WEB took an estimate that the Tumblr site has lost its 30% of user traffic.

According to the journalists, the adult content on Tumblr was increasing, and 22% of traffic was brought by pornography. In 2018, the site had brought a strict policy where it banned adult content. In the year 2019, Verizon was struggling with the website. When this news came out, the vice president of Pornhub wanted to purchase Tumblr and promised to reinstate the adult policies of the content.

On 12th August, in the year 2019, Verizon Media announced that it would sell the Tumblr site to the Automattic company, which is an operator of WordPress.com (blogging site). The sale price at this time was less than $3 million. The CEO of the Automattic company decided that Matt Mullenweg, this site would operate by being a complimentary service with WordPress.com. The content policies regarding adult content haven’t been reversed.

This site has been known for its social progressive user reviews. 2011, this service was famous for calling students. In the year 2013, this website got more than 13 billion page views globally. The user activity per day declined after 2014 point according to the data of 2019, Tumblr has more than 172 billion posts and 465 million blogs in all. Around 21 million posts are created every single day at the site.

Awards and nominations

The company hasn’t won any awards, but its achievement in a few days is commendable. The major tool for the users of Tumblr is the dashboard, and it is the live feed of all recent posts from blogs followed by them. Users can also tag their friends on certain pictures or blogs. The blogger can edit the theme of the blog through HTML coding.

It also allows users to enjoy messaging features, and people can also submit their questions on different blogs. In the year 2019, group chats were introduced on Tumblr. In 2012, the storyboard was launched by Tumblr, a blog managed by the editorial team. In the year 2013, Storyboard got shut down. In the year 2018, this company started syndicating video content from Verizon studios; due to this, the content was made available globally.

Net worth of Tumblr in 2024

Tumblr Net Worth
Tumblr Net Worth

Tumblr gained huge success due to which Yahoo purchased it in the year 2013 for $1.1 billion. In the year 2019, there were more than 472 million accounts on Tumblr. The company decided to ban adult content due to which huge decline was seen in revenue. In the same year, Tumblr was purchase at less than $3 million by WordPress(another blogging platform).

Even though the table isn’t developing like it was earlier but still adults, the choice of millions of people around the world, headquarters of the table are located in New York City, and its support office is located in Virginia. According to the statistics of 2017, this company had more than 411 employees. The company also got around $125 million in funds from the investors. In the year 2007, this company raised around 750,000 dollars from union square ventures and Spark capital.

The site makes most of the earnings through monetized advertisements. The company also had to go through several security and scam issues in 2011, with which several users were affected. Bloggers faced copyright issues due to which the company got a lot of criticism.

Due to the increasing adult content, the company decided to remove adult content, and it was a good decision. In the beginning, everyone was opposing this decision, but later on, it came out as the good one. Even after a huge downturn, the company is still great at making profits while working near WordPress.com.


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