The Report Of The Week
The Report Of The Week

Entertainment, as we know, has grown into one of the biggest industries of the modern era. Entertainment has grown very fast over the years, and many people have invested their lives in the business. There are so many entertainers on the planet, and each and every one of them seems to have a unique edge that defines them from everybody else. In this very big industry, there are different forms of entertainment.

In many people’s thoughts, the entertainment world is mainly music related, in the sports sector or even the film industry. Although that is not necessarily the case, a big argument cannot actually be raised on that issue. Also, in the entertainment world, there are movies, live performances, sports, literature, and so many others.

This time, I would like to focus on the modern internet entertainment industry. This industry has been very active, especially after the growth of the internet and modern technological equipment. This industry is so wide and popular with so many dedicated souls deriving their income from the industry.

With many people getting access to the internet each and every day, this field has really grown, giving success to many people such as John Jurasek. John is a YouTube personality, food critic, and radio host. His YouTube channel is called “TheReportOfTheWeek.” Jurasek reviews frozen food, fast food, and energy drinks on his channel. The young man has millions of subscribers and views on the YouTube channel, making him one of the most popular YouTubers.


John Jurasek established his YouTube channel in 2011, and his initial focus was on a series of energy drink reviews known as Energy Crisis. Since then, he has diversified to including a food review series, Running On Empty, which focuses on fast food and ready-made meals.

Another third series, which is unnamed, is used to review specialty drinks. His YouTube Channel is one of the most subscribed food review channels on the site. Regarding the type of food items featured in his reviews, he has stated, ”Is every American going to be eating a steak dinner every night? No. Fast food, though, well, there’s usually a McDonald’s every half-mile… I want to be applicable to the largest number of people.”

In addition to his YouTube offerings, Jurasek hosts a weekly shortwave radio program, VORW Radio International. The program has been transmitted primarily by WBCQ, WWCR, and WRMI. The program runs for around one hour and features commentary and listener-requested music.

The show also features regular shout outs, 20s humor, and responses to listener messages, encouraging a community aspect that Jurasek cites as being more positive than his YouTube viewers. John Jurasek has so many subscribers and viewers on his YouTube channel and also a wide audience, and this, therefore, means that the guy has a lot of influence on people’s views, especially based on the products he reviews. This shows just how big the internet has grown and changed some of the world’s norms.

John is not just any ordinary guy who started a YouTube channel and became lucky. He has a unique character that few people possess. Jurasek is famous for dressing in the 1980s and 1990s style suits, his calm and polite character, his extensive vocabulary, his vocal inflection, and his altogether urbane demeanor.

During his college years, he also studied at St. Thomas Aquinas College. John’s character is definitely unique and has attracted many viewers all around the world. At the tender age of 22, John has achieved so much success from his YouTube channel and also on his radio appearances. The growth of his viewers, subscribers, and listeners is clearly evident and undeniable.


The growth of John’s YouTube channel is very incredible, and also quite influential to a lot of young YouTube vloggers in the world. His success can be used to encourage people all over the world to embrace their uniqueness and let the world accept you the way you are. His reviews on this channel have elevated him to a lot of success and have also earned him appearances on several social media outlets, including CNN Money, New York Magazine, Forbes, and He was also a guest on The Needle Drop Podcast in October 2015.

Awards & Achievements

The successful channel has really been entertaining its audiences for a very long time, and all their accomplishments cannot go unrewarded. The company has received a couple of awards, even from YouTube. Its channel is the most subscribed and most viewed channel with food reviews on YouTube. It won the Silver Creator Award in 2016 and the Gold Creator Award in 2018. With its popularity growing each day, it’s no doubt the channel will win more awards and accolades in the near future. Today it has over 140 million views, which is a great milestone.

Net Worth of The Report of The Week in 2024

The Report Of The Week Net Worth
The Report Of The Week Net Worth

The channel has been a big hit and has achieved a lot of success. The channel’s success is undeniably great and is quite noticeable. The channel has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand as of June 2024.

TheReportOfTheWeek has played a very big role in improving the entertainment industry in the world.  TheReportOfTheWeek is known all over the world for its amazing success. The YouTube channel has the most subscribers and has the most views in food reviewing. The success of the company seems that it will never stop to continue.


  1. I’m a subscriber to his channel, and find him very entertaining. I’m not sure what’s meant by: “His YouTube channel has a net value of $500,000.” though.


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