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The Alkaline Trio

The Alkaline Trio is an infamous American rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The founding members of this band include famous faces such as bassist Rob Doran and drummer Glen Porter. Mike Felumlee, later on, replaced Rob. Currently, the group consists of Matt Skiba as a vocalist and guitarist, Dan Andriano as a vocalist and bassist and Derek Grant as the drummer.

The year after it was founded, The Alkaline Trio dropped their debut single “Sundials” in 1997. After its release, Rob left the band and was then replaced by Dan. The group went on to create an EP titled “For Your Lungs Only” in 1998 and their debut album titled “Goddamnit” in the same year. Two years later, in 2000, the band released its second album titled “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire.” After this porter left the band and was then replaced by Mike, who went on to record another album “From Here to Infirmary” in 2001.

The band celebrated its 15th anniversary with an acoustic rock album titled “Damnesia,” featuring songs from across the band’s career. They then released the album “My Shame is True” on April 2, 2013, and “Is This Thing Cursed?” on August 31, 2018.


Founded in December 1996, the band was initially composed of Skiba as their singer and lead guitarist, Doran as a bassist, and Porter on drums. In 1997, Alkaline Trio came out with their first EP called “Sundials.” Unfortunately, the band then had to witness Rob leaving, and the former singer of the Asian Man Records band Tuesday and the bassist for the group Slapstick, Dan Andriano, decided to take his spot. This marked the end of the band’s initial days as they started to reach new heights hereafter.

The band, later on, went on to record “From Here to Infirmary” in 2001, “Good Morning” in 2003,” Agony and Irony” in 2008″, “This Addiction” in 2010,” My Shame is True” in 2013 and “Is This Thing Cursed?” in 2018. Their album “Damnesia” was an effort to return to punk rock and got featured in No. 11 in Billboards 200.


Alkaline Trio signed with V2 in October 2006. But on January 12, 2007, the label announced they had to reconstruct their previous catalog, and digital library, and hence their employees were let go, and artists left as free agents. During May 2007, the band listed Epic Records as its label in MySpace. But later, during a concert in May 2009, the group stated they were no longer in business with Epic Records and that they’d be releasing their future works under their label.

They then began the production of the songs for the album “This Addiction,” which were later debuted in their tour along with “Saves the Day.” The band then announced on November 18, 2009, that they’d be releasing their first album under their label titled “Heart and Skull.” This was a joint venture along with Epitaph Records. The Alkaline Trio then confirmed on December 1 that the name for their new album would be “This Addiction.”

The band’s fame is simply the aftermath of their dedication to their work and the philosophy behind their songs. Matt Skiba stated that the song takes heroin addiction as a metaphor for love. While recording their previous album “Agony and Irony,” the band members themselves were going through a rough patch, and they found a way to let out those unsaid emotions and to express them through their music, which led to this album.

Matt was collaborating with the infamous Blink-182, which led to the delay in the release of their ninth album. During this time, he said in an interview that he’d surely be working alongside the Alkaline Trio to make the upcoming album come true. Their ninth album was then scheduled to release on July 19, 2018, titled “Is This Thing Cursed?” along with their lead single “Blackbird.” They then went on a North American tour with their opening act being “Together Pangea.”

Later on, it was announced on Matt’s social media that Grant won’t be the drummer during the tour as he was facing specific health issues at that point in time. The band then decided to recruit Jarrod Alexander, the former The Chemical Romance drummer. The tour began in Dallas, Texas, on October 18 and came to an end in Santa Cruz. Their album was finally released on August 31.

Awards and Achievements

Their acoustic rock genre album “Damnesia” was featured on No.11 in the Billboards 200. Yet it was never the awards that defined this band but their music. The group had witnessed a lot over the period. Yet they stayed intact and kept pursuing their goal of creating majestic works of art. Alkaline Trio is one of the infamous bands in the genre of Punk Rock.

The members themselves have been through a rough patch, and the band itself witnessed its initial members leave. Yet The Alkaline Trio keeps their fans on the edge of their seats filled with curiosity of what’s to come next.

Net Worth of The Alkaline in 2024

The Alkaline Net Worth
The Alkaline Trio Net Worth

Although it is hard to estimate the net worth of the band as a whole, considering their fame. As of April 2024, The Alkaline Trio has a net worth of somewhere around $10 million.

The Alkaline Trio is infamous in the world of rock. Their styled punk music does carry a blissful message along with it. Their music is something one can relate to as the members themselves stated its the best form of expressing emotions. In the end, Alkaline Trio does make their fans shake their heads to some catchy riffs.



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