T Series
T Series

Entertainment, as we know, has grown into one of the biggest industries of the modern era. Entertainment has grown very fast over the years, and many people have invested their lives in the business. There are so many entertainers on the planet as we know it. In this very big industry, there are different forms of entertainment.

In many people’s thoughts, the entertainment world is mainly music related. Although that is not necessarily the case, a big argument cannot actually be raised on that issue. Also, in the entertainment world, there are movies, live performances, sports, literature, and so many others.

This time, I would like to focus on the music and film industry. These two industries are so wide and popular, with so many dedicated souls deriving their income from the industries. Apart from the actors and musicians that we see on our screens and listen to, there are so many people who play vital roles in these industries. These people are not necessarily in the limelight as the actors and musicians seem to be. Big examples of such people are the producers and directors and even engineers.

This is what brought about the birth of the T series. T series is a music record label and film production company in India founded in 1983. It is really popular and primarily known for Bollywood Music soundtracks and Indi-pop music. The company is so famous that its YouTube channel is the most subscribed and most viewed channel on YouTube.


T series was founded in 1983 by Gulshan Kumar. He started it as a music record label and film production company. It has grown very fast and has gained immense popularity. He initially started the company to sell pirated Bollywood songs before the company eventually began producing new music. Their breakthrough came with the soundtrack for the 1988 Bollywood blockbuster Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, which became one of the best-selling Indian music albums of the 1980s with over 8 million sales.

Gulshan discovered that there was also a market for devotional music, then he began recording and selling it. He later realized that older audiences had trouble reading hymns and chants because of their failing eyesight, so he hired singers to record the chants and sold them as cheap cassettes, and later, he filmed Hindu pilgrimages in India.

In 1990, the company became the leading music label with the release of Aashiqui, which was directed by Mahesh Bhatt. It was so popular that it sold 20 million units in India. T series was largely responsible for sparking boom for the Indian music industry. Many of the best-selling Bollywood music albums composed by Nadeem-Shravan were released under the T series label in the 1990s.

Besides rocking the music industry, the company also decided to shift to a different field, the film industry. They began making huge earnings over the years to a point they made almost $140 million by 1997. Unfortunately, Gulshan Kumar was murdered in 1997 by the Mumbai Mafia syndicate D-company. Since then, the company was led by his son, Bhushan Kumar, and his younger brother, Krishan Kumar. His assassination also led to the T series losing its most prolific musicians at the time, Nadeem-Shravan, due to Nadeem Akhtar Saifi initially being accused of involvement of the murder before being exonerated.

As a film production company, T series has also had some success with the highest-grossing film production being the critically acclaimed sleeper hit, Hindi Medium, in 2017. It grossed $50 million worldwide, with $34 million in China alone. T series is also producing a biopic film based on the life of its founder, Gulshan Kumar.


The rise and growth of the T series is one of a kind and will always continue growing. The company has not had any major setbacks apart from the assassination of its founder, Gulshan Kumar. The company is now at another level considering now that they have a YouTube channel that is extremely successful. Its YouTube channel has the most subscribers and also has the most viewers. The company did have some challenges along the way, including the lawsuit that they issued in 2007 against YouTube. However, it was not such a big problem, and the case was settled outside the court. The company also does not seem to fail anytime soon.

Awards & Achievements

The successful company has really been entertaining its audiences for a very long time, and all their accomplishments cannot go unrewarded. The company has received a couple of awards, even from YouTube. Its channel is the most subscribed and most viewed channel on YouTube. It won the Silver Creator Award, the Gold Creator Award, the Diamond Creator Award, and the Custom Creator Award.

Net Worth of T-Series in 2024

T Series Net Worth
T Series Net Worth

The company has been a big hit and has achieved a lot of success. The company’s success is undeniably great and is quite noticeable. The company now has a huge net worth because of their success. Despite suffering a big blow in 1997, the company was able to get back to its feet, thus becoming immensely successful. As of July 2024, The company has an estimated net worth of $450 million.

T series has played a very big role in improving the entertainment industry in India. T series is known all over the world for its amazing success. Its YouTube channel has the most subscribers and has the most views. The success of the company seems that it will never stop to continue.



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