T Mobile
T Mobile

T-Mobile is a company of wireless network in the United States. The largest shareholder of this company is GERMAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM having 43% of the share. 24% of the share of this company goes to the Japanese Softbank group. The rest of the 33% is of the public by common stock. The headquarters of this company is located in Bellevue in Washington.

It is ranked as the 3rd largest wireless company in the US has more than 86 million customers in 2019. This company provides data voice and wireless services in the US, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. The annual revenue of this company is around $40 billion. The revenue of this company is increasing day by day due to the fantastic services it provides. If you want to know more about the company, then here are the details.


John W. Stan established VoiceStream Wireless PCs in the year 1994 as a subsidiary of WESTERN WIRELESS CORPORATION. Deutsche Telekom purchased this company in the year 2001 at $35 billion. In the year 2002, this company was renamed T-Mobile USA Inc. In the year 2013, MetroPCS merged in this company and started working as T Mobile US.

In the year 2001, this company had seven million subscribers and 19000 employees serving it. On 17th September in 2007, this company announced the acquisition of SUNCOM WIRELESS HOLDINGS, Inc. in $2.4 billion. The network presence of the company started getting better after merging with this company.


On 20th March 2011, this company accepted cash and stock purchase offer from AT&T under certain conditions. On 3rd October in 2012, MetroPCS communications decided to merge with T-Mobile. In the year 2013, the company introduced its plan structure to ensure better marketing. The pricing structure with better plans was launched with two years of the plan.

The new CEO, John Legere, came to revitalize the company’s business along with improvisation in network quality. On 28 June in 2013, T-Mobile agreed to purchase wireless spectrum from US CELLULAR in $308 million. The 4G network of the company expanded in more than 29 markets. On 6th January 2014, T Mobile signed an agreement with Verizon Wireless for $2.365 billion.

The company has got the license to operate communication networks 1700MHz and 1900 MHz covering various parts of US Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands. In the year 2006, the FCC auctioned license in the ADVANCED WIRELESS SERVICES band. In this auction, T-Mobile USA became the winner by grabboing120 licenses at the cost of $4.18 billion.

The company started selling its phone in the year 2007, which was capable of 3G. In the year 2009, the company decided to upgrade its network and marketed its HSPA plus services as 4G. On 23rd February in 2012, the 4G upgrade plan was laid out. On 21st August, in 2012, FCC approved a deal of Verizon and T Mobile about gaining a license in 125 market areas.

On 25th February in 2014, the company announced that its 4G network would cover more than 273 metro cities and around 209 million people. On 25th February in 2018, the company announced that it would provide 5G services in 30 cities and signed several contracts to provide the best services to the customers. The 5G network can be used by several phones like Galaxy S20, OnePlus 7T, and many more. The company has also improved its roaming facilities.

Awards and achievements

The company hasn’t won any awards particularly, but there are several achievements made by T mobile. This company keeps working towards providing better customer service. The representatives of the company are trained in payment arrangements and billings to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The company hs won J.D. Power awards annually in the areas of wireless customer care, customer satisfaction, and sales satisfaction.

In 2011, this company got the highest ratings for customer satisfaction for the 4th year consecutively. On 3rd December 2015, this company ranked at the top in wireless service providers of America according to the reports of Customer Reports. On 6th February in 2016, the company got a JD Power award in the field of customer satisfaction. In the year 2019, this company ranked 49th number in Top 100 companies of Fortune.

Net worth of T-Mobile in 2024

T Mobile Net Worth
T Mobile Net Worth

As of May 2024, The net worth of T.Mobile is around $75 billion. It earns about $40 billion per year, but a particular organization doesn’t own it. The 43% share of this movie is with Deutsche Telekom Company, and a 24% share goes to Softbank Japanese group. In the year 2015, this company ranked at the top among wireless carriers in the United States.

On 1st April in 2020, Sprint Corporation merged with T-mobile, and the latter became its owner. The shares of this company traded at more than $62 per share. In November 2018, the market capitalization of this company was valued at around $58.1 billion. The company has increased revenue because of the enhanced demand for internet connections. The people will always require the internet, and this company believes in providing customer satisfaction by improving every day.

With the increasing need for wireless services, T Mobile has been able to satisfy millions of customers in the United States with its remarkable services. Magenta and Magenta Plus are one of the best plans of this company only. In the year 2018, this company released One plus family plan. In 2016, this company released T-MOBILE ONE plan for the users. The essentials plan of the company allows the users to enjoy unlimited data service.

This company has won several awards till now and will continue to serve customers in the future with remarkable services. Under this brand, the company provides a Wi-Fi internet network in the whole country with fantastic connectivity. The Wi-Fis installed at hotels, companies, and airports in the United States also belong to hotspots of T Mobile company. Due to the great customer service of the company, most of the customers are highly satisfied, which is a great contributor to the increasing popularity.


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