Supercell is a gaming company that is based in Helsinki in Finland. It has specialized in mobile games. The first game that the company did produce was the browser game. This game dubbed It got to be released in the year 2011.

From then, it continued to develop mobile games. The company has been able to launch four games that are available to the public. They include Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale.


Supercell Company started being part of the giant Japanese company SoftBank. SoftBank has the largest shares, with 73.2%. Two people, Iikka Paananen and Mikko Kodisoja have 6% and 5.4% shares, respectively. The other shares are owned by the employees and the people who created the company. In the year 2013, SoftBank did buy 51% of the shares of the company. They did this together with GungHo. Together, it did cost them 1.1 billion euros. During this sale.

The employees did sell equal shares. During this contract, it was agreed that the main company offices would still be in Finland. Kahon 3 Inc. was a creation of SoftBank and GungHo. It was also based in the United States of America. The agreement was put into writing, and the article of incorporation states that it’s headquartered remains in Finland. Kahon did purchase Supercell. After some time, GungHo sold a share of its remaining shares to SoftBank; hence Supercell had SoftBank as its majority shareholder.

After some time, SoftBank did increase its shares to 73.2%. The estimated net worth of Supercell was 4.9 billion. In the year 2016, SoftBank did increase its ownership from 73.2 to 75% of the total shares.

In the year 2016, Supercell was acquired by Tencent at a value of 8.6 billion Euros. The headquarters of Supercell is located at the former center of the research facilities of Nokia. Apart from Finland, it has offices in Tokyo, Beijing, San Francisco, and Seoul. Supercell has a total of 180 employees.


Before Supercell Company came into being, its founders used to work at a mobile gaming company by the name Sumea. The founders of Supercell were Mikko Kodisoja and Iikka Paananen. Mikko used to have shares in Sumea while Iikka used to work as the Chief executive officer. Sumea continued to be on the path to success.

However, in the year 2010, Kodisoja left the company, and so did Iikka. After leaving Sumen, Iikka did spend some time working at Lifeline Ventures. He had in mind the idea of coming up with a gaming company. Together with other partners like Kodisoja, Petri, Lassi, and Visa, they founded Supercell in the year 2010.

Its first office was located in Niittykumpu district of Espoo. The company has grown over a long period. Among the games that it has been able to release into the market include Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale. The games that they felt could not do well in the market and hence canceled them out are, Pets vs. Orcs, Battle buddies, and Spooky Pop. The company has grown, and it has several offices in multiple countries.

Awards and Achievements

Supercell got awarded various awards. Among the awards that it has been able to receive includes the best Nordic Startup Company and Finnish game developer of the year. In the year 2013, Supercell got to be awarded the Finnish Teknologiakasvattaja. In the same year, the company got to be selected as the chosen software entrepreneur of the year. In the year 2014, it was awarded the award of the most reputable company in their Luottamus&Maine;

The net worth of Supercell

Supercell Net Worth
Supercell Net Worth

As of May 2024, Supercell’s net worth is estimated to be over $16 billion. This wealth has been created from the various games that the company has been able to develop. These games have done very well in the market, ensuring the net worth of the company continues to grow. The games that have helped in the growth of net worth are Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale. Most of these games are available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The supercell success story has not been without serious hard work. Apart from being able to create the games, Supercell Company usually engages in very massive and vigorous marketing. For Instance, in the year 2009, they spent a total of $9 million for the sixty-second advert in front of 118.5 million people. The Clash of Clans titan is among the most famous adverts the company has done. Their adverts attract hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.



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