Sue Aikens
Sue Aikens
Celebrated Name: Sue Aikens
Real Name/Full Name: Sue Aikens
Gender: Female
Age: 60 years old
Birth Date: 1 July 1963
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois
Nationality: American
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 77 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Michael G. Heinrich
Children: Yes (2 children)
Profession: Television personality
Net Worth in 2024: $600 thousand
Last Updated: May 2024

Sue Aikens, whom we all have seen in the reality show, ‘Life Below Zero,’ is a television star. Life below zero was not her first show. She has appeared in two other reality TV shows before that. She runs her own camp where people can do a myriad of activities such as bird watching and hunting.

Maybe you know about Sue Aikens very well But do you know how old and tall is she, and what is her net worth in 2024? If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of Sue Aikens’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life

Sue Aikens was born in Chicago in the year 1963 on 1st July. While other women were busy collecting shoes and fancy bags, she was collecting bullets and stones. She is a true survivor! She was a young 12-year-old girl when Sue’s mother abandoned.

She has learnt to live in harsh weather conditions, and she has seen it all. A young girl left in the wild; she lived in the most merciless situation. She lived amidst the wilderness of Alaska, which has made her strong. She had no other option but to live this life! She had a troubled childhood, but as she grew up, she had to face many other challenges.

Personal life

She got married thrice, but none of the marriages were successful. The story of life is depressive as both her first and second husband died.

She had two children from her second marriage. The two children are old enough, but they moved to live a normal life in the United States. They did not want to live a nomadic life. She is in touch with her children through social media. The third husband left her for a younger woman. In a nutshell, she has experienced the most difficult situations in life.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 1 July 1963, Sue Aikens is 60 years old as of today’s date 18th May 2024. Her height is 1.75 m tall, and her weight is 77 kg.


Sue is a television personality and an Alaskan hunter. She lived amidst the wilderness for long, which prepared her mentally as well as physically. Sue’s first television appearance was in, ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska.’

Her second show was ‘Flying Wild Alaska.’ It was her third show called, ‘Life below Zero,’ when she gained a lot of popularity. People started recognizing her. Her net worth increased after doing this show. The show was about six survivors and their survival techniques.

She has a camp called ‘Kavik River Camp,’ which is close to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is a hunting and bird-watching site where people can do various camping activities. She lives on this camp and runs it successfully. Her main source of income comes from the Kavik River Camp.

The camp is special! Since the slots are limited, it is a popular camp, and she earns big bucks through this. Adventure enthusiasts get an accommodation place during the hunting season. It is a great business!

Awards & Achievements

Sue Aikens was a young girl when she was left alone by her mother. She lived amidst the wilderness for many years, which prepared her for the worse situations of life. Nature was her home. From a homeless person to a camp-owner, she used her survival skills and made a flourishing career.

She was able to survive as a young woman, and she is a well-known personality. It takes a lot of courage to forget everything and move on in life. She faced a lot of difficult situations, but she did not break. She became stronger! This is the biggest achievement in life!

Net Worth & Salary of Sue Aikens in 2024

Sue Aikens Net Worth
Sue Aikens Net Worth

As of May 2024, Her current net worth stands at $600 thousand. Sue earns a lot through her camp. She has an annual salary of $200,000. Her camp gives accommodation to hunting enthusiasts. She charges $350 per day for the accommodation. After appearing in the Life below Zero show and starting her camp, she makes enough money!

Sue is living a happy life in her camp. She gets to meet new people and is earning enough. Most importantly, she has become a known personality after showcasing her survival skills and bravery. She had a rough life, but she shined through it, and she has reached somewhere!

She feels happiest when she is alone. She likes to connect with people on Social Media. Did you know that she wanted to become a lighthouse keeper? This is because she wanted to be alone. Her camp has been her piece of heaven for more than a decade. In a nutshell, she is leading a peaceful and happy life.


  1. Quite the accomplished lady she is my favorite on the show I enjoy her the most she has courage but is also a passionate person
    I don’t know if it’s possible but I would cherish the opportunity to meet her and spend some time at her camp
    I don’t have the income to get there on my own but I am willing to work alongside her for the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks with her
    I’m 66 and also self sufficient I would love the opportunity to meet her she’s doing what I will never be able accomplish in my lifetime my hat is off to you Sue Aikens
    I hope I just hope

  2. I’ ma big fan, your tenacity equals your modesty humility courage and deep soul, it all show all along those years on the show. Like to meet you one day just to meet a true exceptional human being…

  3. Sue is my hero! I too am on the latter side of my youth, now in my 50s. I live in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan where the winters are long and the summers short. I am what they call a, “Yooper”. ! I came up here 10 years ago to live a more remote life style. So I can relate to the yearning for being alone. I raise chickens, a garden, small orchard, hunt, fish and burn wood. I thoroughly enjoy watching Sue on Life Below Zero. She can do anything she puts her mind to, no one else is going to help her! I am amazed at some of the chores she accomplishes through just strong will and a strong mind. I write this because I find there are some tasks I have to accomplish on my own and I wonder how I will do them. I sit back and think, “What would Sue do?” she sure wouldn’t sit back and wait for someone to hold her hand, so I just get up and do my best to get it done. Sometimes not pretty, but it works. Sue, if you read this, you are a true inspiration to those of us who chose a lifestyle that while it is not always easy, it is most rewarding. Best of luck in your future endevers.


  5. Well Miss Sue, you have quite a following! My husband and I are fans of yours also. I would never even consider trying to live the way you do – but I have no doubt that my mother could. She was a strong- willed woman with a pioneer spirit, born out of time and place. Smart, determinded, and willing. From her grandmother, the learned the saying that became her credo: “Step aside, and let a willing hand take over.”. You two would have been good friends!

  6. Hi Sue, my wife and I see your show every chance we get, we feel like we’re living through all of your experience in the article circle. Please know that we feel like part of your extended family. Our prayers and our good wishes , Paul and Tina Fort Worth, Tx

  7. sue aikens like everyone writes you are the best
    wish most people in life could do what you do and have the sense to accomplish what you can do

    I am 69 years old and live thru you ‘
    when I was younger wanted a self suffient farm and at 10 years old tried to buy a farm in maine
    what would have happened if I had?? seller was very nice and wrote me saying he could not take payments (my allowance) but did not discourage me for future love watching you and new shows for 2020 thanks for being there and encouraging young girls growing up to be able to be more than just a (girl) things and do more !!!!!! a watcher than wished could do more

  8. Listening to Sue Akins’ speech, primarily word choice and sentence structure, I would venture to guess she has a rather significant Intelligence Quotient (IQ), reads excessively and/or is certainly not lacking in education, even if self-taught! Indeed, Sue Akins is a remarkable lady! Thank you for entertaining the world! PS: However, I believe I prefer to remain in warm, sunny Florida! Mike T.

  9. Hi Sue, I’m watching you now and out of curiosity I looked you up on the net. I’m happy you found peace with life.
    Keep up the great show, keep warm.
    Jim from Amherst Oh.

  10. We checked you out on line and all we can is, out of the hottest fire, comes the strongest steel. So you must be shooting bullets at the moon.

  11. Hi Sue,
    I admire you tremendously living like you do. You are very resourceful doing what needs to be just get to it and get ‘r done..
    Linda from Ocean Park, WA

  12. I love Life below Zero and I love Sue! I watch the show for the scenery primarily and then to see Sue. At 83 yrs old I won’t get to Kavik especially now we are inCovid lock down here in New Zealand but I visit every week with the programme.I so admire your resourcefulness Sue and yeh little fox companion! Keep going that woman.

  13. Sue, I always tell my husband “If Sue lived near me we would be great friends”. This he finds amusing as I enjoy my solitude just as you do. What I really appreciate most about you is the respect and gratitude you show to the game that you kill for survival. It is humbling to witness the raw emotion you exude and it is so touching that it is almost palpable.
    I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and our winters can last as long as October to May some years with several feet of snow accumulation. I was a school bus driver for several years here and I didn’t get any ‘snow days’ unless it was 25 below or colder with the wind chill factored in. I live in a village on the bay of Lake Superior where everyone knows everyone as there are less than 3000 people living here. If you pick your nose or the seat of your pants EVERYBODY knows. I was a transplant from Seattle 10 years ago and when I first got here, as an ‘outsider’ most people stared at me as if I had three heads and was brandishing a weapon. It is very remote, very beautiful here, and it really is every ones ‘dirty little secret’. If you ever get to our neck-of-the-woods I would love to be your hostess.
    Love and respect from this Sue to you, Sue!
    Suzanne Tehako

  14. Watch Your Show Sue. Very interesting And If I Was Younger (72) I would try the Adventure at the Camp. Great Person, maybe meet you one day. Respect the Way: YOU Did It Your Way. Outstanding
    Harold Yee


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