Smosh is an immensely popular channel in the YouTube podium, which mainly focuses on sketch comedy. The same was founded by Daniel Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox. Danielle Anthony Padilla was the leading creator of the show, and he was joined later by his friend Ian Hecox. The channel became active since 2005 and had gained much fame since then.

Early Life

The creator of Smosh, Ian Andrew Hecox, and Daniel Anthony Padilla are of American nationality who were both born in the year 1987 on the months, November and September, respectively. They are both known for their tremendous comic skills. The emergence of Smosh began when its maker, Anthony Padilla, made a website known as in the year 2002. He also created several flash animations.

Before joining YouTube, many YouTubers would post their videos on Ian Hecox later joined Padilla, and together they started posting videos on YouTube since 2005 and emerged as one of the most popular channels on YouTube. This channel comprises three phases, during which the same has gained a considerable number of subscribers.

The interval of the three phases is- first phase (May – June 2006 ), the second phase (April – September 2008), and the last phase (January – August 2013). Both Ian and Daniel met when they were in the sixth standard. They both had an interest in comedy and soon became friends. Together they have made many videos.

They were seen to lip-sync to songs of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and Mortal Kombat in some of their videos. The most popular video that they posted was in 2005, known as the Pokémon Theme Music video. The video featured both of them lip-syncing to the English theme song of Pokémon anime. It received immense popularity and got more than 24 million views.


Smosh is a viral channel which has got over 22.8 million subscriptions with a total view of 7 billion. The Pokémon video brought them a huge success, and they were featured in Time magazine and also on Later, Smosh made a partnership with YouTube, and they created the Pokémon video in 2010. They have ventured into other types of videos, as well as creating short YouTube skits. They have made a video series called, That Damn Neighbour and Food Battle.

Apart from their YouTube success, Ian and Daniel also continue growing their website,, by redesigning it and even adding a games category. In the year 2010, they created a blog known as Smosh pit, which mainly concerns posting written comedy and information about pop culture. In 2015, a movie was made on this channel known as Smosh: The movie. It was established under the direction of Alex Winter and was fabricated under the production of Lionsgate.

Awards and Achievements

Smosh got the Shorty awards in the category of YouTuber of the year. It has also won and got nominated for various other awards like YouTube awards, Webby awards, social star awards, and streamy awards.

The net worth of Smosh

Smosh Net Worth
Smosh Net Worth

As of June 2024, The net worth of the creators of Smosh is estimated to be around $15 million. This is the combined net worth of Hecox and Padilla. Smosh has got a considerable number of subscribers and is extremely popular.

Smosh started as a website known as, where the creator posted comical videos. Soon it became trendy, and it tied up with YouTube and opened a channel known as Smosh. It has been entertaining us with various funny tactics ever since its creation. Later, Smosh expanded its business and began a blog that gave information about pop culture.


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