One of the most famous American Heavy Metal Band, Slipknot is a nine-member band. The creators of 5: The Gray Chapter. They become the nu-metal explosion of the late ’90s.


Des Moines, Iowa, is the place where Slipknot started. There were nine people in the crew drummer Joey Jordison, DJ Sid Wilson, percussionist Chris Fehn, bassist Paul Gray, sampler/programmer Craig Jones, guitarist James Root, and lead vocalist Corey Taylor. But to their despair, they did not find a good environment as the Des Moines was not a big place where they can get their desired fame.

They released their first album, Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat on Halloween of 1996. The album gained a lot of popularity, and Roadrunner Records signed a contract with them.


Slipknot recorded their next album under their name in 1999. They were working for Ross Robinson at that time. They started to tour with their band and thus made a good audience for themselves. Their tracks “Spit It Out” and “Wait and Bleed” became very popular. In 2000, the album Slipknot was certified as platinum.

Another fan favorite was the band’s sophomore effort, Iowa. They stopped their journey in 2001, and all the members were happy with the break and started working on various side projects. Sometime later, they started their own label named Maggot Recordings, which signed a band too named Downthesun.

The band rejoined after some time and started to work for their next album with producer Rick Rubin. The subliminal Verses released in 2004 was one of their best. Their fourth album, All Hope Is Gone got released in 2008.

Tragedy struck them in 2010 when Paul Gray was found dead in a hotel room due to a drug overdose. After two years, they released Antennas to Hell: The Best of Slipknot. A film named Day of the Gusano is made on them this year.

Awards & Achievements

This amazingly talented band got a lot of awards to its name. Fifty-nine times it is nominated for awards and won 25 times, which is impressive in itself. Their best achievement is winning the Grammy Award, which they won once. They won the Kerrang! Awards 7 times, the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards 4 times, Revolver Golden Gods Awards 5 times, and Total Guitar Readers Awards 3 times.

Net Worth of Slipknot

Slipknot Net Worth
Slipknot Net Worth

One of the most successful bands in America earns a lot too. Their estimated earnings from the album .5: The Gray Chapter is $177,500, and from the compilation album Antennas to Hell with the American heavy metal, Slipknot is $12,000. They have a clothing brand too named ‘Tattered and Torn.’ Their net worth right is estimated around $25 million as of April 2024, .

Slipknotā€™s music has created a lot of controversies over the year. In the year 2003, the lyrics of “Disasterpiece” was blamed for the crime committed by two killers. In 2006, at the site of a grave robbery, the lyrics of “Surfacing” was found.


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