Shark Tank
Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a renowned American business-authenticity television series on ABC, which premiered on 9 August 2000. The show is an American contract of the global format ‘Dragons’ Den,’ which instigated in Japan as the Tigers of Money in 2001. It depicts tycoons developing business presentations to a board of five stakeholders or ‘Sharks,’ who decide whether to capitalize on their firm or not.

The series received rankings of successes during its time, leading to wining of Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program four times, from 2014 to 2017 in the first four years of that category’s reality. Before that, it won the Outstanding Reality Program.

On 5 February, ABC renewed series for the eleventh season, premiering on 29 September 2019.


The show features a board of stakeholders, who go by the name ‘Sharks,’ and agree on whether to invest as tycoons by developing commercial presentations on their firm or merchandise. The Sharks often find flaws and faults in an idea of a tycoon, merchandise, or sales presentation.

Some of the stakeholders attempt to soften the effect of rebuff, such as board associate Barbara Corcoran, while others, including O’Leary, could be ‘brutal’ and show ‘no endurance even for stories of sufferings.’ The Sharks receive payment as cast stars of the show, although the money they invest belongs to them. The tycoon could make a handshake agreement (gentleman’s deal) on the show if a board associate opts out; the tycoon comes out with nothing.

The show interprets ‘the drama of pitch discussions and the association between the industrialists and entrepreneurs. A pitch shown for one hour undergoes editing down to ‘a dramatic portion of ten minutes.’ According to the 2018 season, approximately 40,000 firms apply each season with 258 getting to pitch the Shirks and 88 of those airing it.


Shark Tank started to go on air in August 2009 and premiered 14 episodes through January 2010. In August, there was a renewal for the second season.

Season 2 went on air with a ‘sneak’ episode on Sunday, 20 March 200, before going back to its consistent Friday Night time portion on 25 March 2011. Season 2 had only nine episodes, 5 of them comprising of five new board associates. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy and Mark Cuban took the place of board associate Kevin Harrington in episodes. In season 2, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Raymond John, and Robert Herjavec performed in all the nine episodes, Harrington acted in only four episodes, Cuban in three whereas Foxworthy in two.

The third season of Sharks Tank went on air in January 2012. During the second season, Marc Cuban took the place of Kevin Harrington while the third season, known as ‘the queen of QVC’ Lori Greiner took the place of Barbara on four episodes. Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Marc Cuban acted in all 15 (fifteen) episodes of season 3. In February, ABC ordered two extra episodes for season three using unaired film, which brought the season’s episode, adding up to 15.

On 10 May 2012, Shark Tank underwent a renewal for its fourth season, comprising 26 episodes. This was the first time series received a whole order of seasons. Shooting started on 30 June 2012. As per the TV Guide in December, the board associates on the show had financed approximately $12.4 million in business offered to them during the season.

On 20 December 2013, ABC ordered extra two episodes for season five. The same month, ABC again ordered another additional four episodes, totaling up to 29 episodes. Steve Tisch and John Paul De Joria were other board associates.

The sixth season debuted in September and started its syndication to go on air on CNBC on 30 December 2013.

On 25 September 2015, Shark Tank aired its seventh season. Ashton Kutcher, who is the chief executive officer of music and venture undertaker Chris Sacca, acted as guest sharks.

On 1 October 2017, the ninth season went on air, having Richard Branson look like as the guest, and a brand new modern-looking set, Eames Lounge Chairs, penthouse outlooks of a big town, boundlessness pool, glass staircase to an upstairs, living room and a more accommodative room.

The 10th season of Shark Tank, by the subtitle ‘Decade of Dreams’ went on air on Sunday, 7 October 2018. Its initial episode of the tenth season marked the landmark of the show with 200 episodes.

On five last year (2019), ABC pronounced at the TCA press tour which Shark Tank would go back to shoot its eleventh season on 29 September last year.

Mark Burette is the maker of Shark Tank basing on ‘Dragons’ Den’ format. The show needs each competitor to emblem a deal with Finnmax with the choice of taking a 2% fee or 5% justice prize in the business endeavors of the participants. Although, on 23 October, this necessity underwent abolishment by the network, retroactively because of pressure from board associate, Mark Cuban. Cuban felt that the need would reduce the value of tycoon’s savvy stakeholders would have a variety of businesses. The majority of tycoons failed to take part in the show because of this.

Awards and nominations

The renowned show received several nominations such as; Critics Choice Television Award for Best Reality Series in 2012, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Program, PGA Award for Outstanding Producer of Non-Fiction Television and Critics Choice Television Award for Best Reality Series Competition, all in 2012.

In terms of Awards, Shark Tank received awards such as Directing Nonfiction Programming, Primetime Emmy Award for exceptional Planned Veracity Program, Primetime Emmy Award for Exceptional Image Editing for a planned or Competition among many others.

The net worth of Shark Tank in 2024

Shark Tank Net Worth
Shark Tank Net Worth

Here is a breakdown of the net worth of the shark tank hosts as of April 2024:

Mark Cuban: $4.1 billion.

Kevin O’Leary: $400 million.

Daymond John: $300 million.

Robert Herjavec: $200 million

Lori Greiner: $100 million

Barbara Corcoran: $80 million

Shark tank is a show, which has been achieving immense support over the years. In addition, it has been able to help entrepreneurs grow their venture and hence improve their economic ability. Over the coming years, it will be amazing to see the new shark tank investors.

Sharks Tank is a great reality show that displays the world of business and how tycoons conduct it. It helps teach those who want to join the field of business in terms of how to do the business, how to develop trust with those you want to collaborate with, how to manage losses among many factors.


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