Ryan ToysReview
Ryan ToysReview

Ryan ToysReview is the former name of Ryan’s World, a children’s YouTube channel featuring an eight years old boy by the name of Ryan Kaji. He appears alongside his father, Shion Kaji, mother Loann Kaji, and twin sisters Kate and Emma. The channel is famous for releasing a new video every day, and it has a huge following all over the world. As of 2020, the channel has more than 23 million subscribers, and its videos have gotten 34 billion views. It is ranked among the most 100 watched channels in the United States.


The idea of creating the channel came in 2015 after Kaji have watched other toy review channels, and he got interested in getting on YouTube himself. He desired to be on YouTube, like the kids he saw on toy review channels like Evan TubeHD. Ryan’s mother, Loann Kaji, who was working as a high school teacher at the time, decided to quit her job to fully focus on his son’s passion, working on YouTube channel full-time. The family changed their surname from Guan to Kaji before going live on YouTube, and that is the name they are famous with.

Ryan’s parents signed a deal with PocketWatch in 2017. The company was founded by Chris Williams and Albie Hecht in 2016, and it is a startup children’s media company. The company is the one that does the marketing and the merchandise for the YouTube channels of Kaji.

Ryan ToysReview cooperated with PocketWatch and WildWorks in 2018 to create an app called Tag with Ryan. This was an endless runner game that was targeted towards children for Android and iOS. A 20-episode television series was created and produced by PocketWatch and Ryan Toys Review in 2019, and it was titled Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, and it targeted preschoolers.

In November 2019, a video game by the name of Race with Ryan was released by the Outright Games. This was a racing game that featured Kaji and other characters from Ryan’s World Brand. The game was released for different platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.


Since he came to the limelight, Kaji has greatly influenced the toy market through his channel. Some of his toy reviews that get millions of views more often than not affect the toy sale in the market. People tend to go for the toy with most views on his channel, and this has made his reviews even more popular. He has been compared by Chris Williams of PocketWatch to SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.

During a Toy Fair held in New York in 2018, Kaji announced the release of a line of toys. This was in cooperation with PocketWatch and Bonkers Toys, and his toys were branded Ryan’s World. The toy’s exclusive release was in August 2018 at Walmart.

As of 2020, the channel has a total of 23 million subscribers, and the videos on the channel have been viewed more than 34.8 billion times. Some of the famous catchphrases on this channel are “Welcome to Ryan’s World!” “Make sure to stay happy and rise up!’” and “Welcome to Ryan ToysReview!”

Even with all the success, the channel has experienced, it has not been spared from controversies. In August 2019, a complaint was filed against the channel by the Federal Trade Commission and Truth in Advertising.  The channel was accused of not properly disclosing sponsored videos. They also complained that almost 90% of the videos on Ryan ToysReview channel included paid product recommendation, which was aimed at preschoolers. Truth in Advertising stated that the group was too young to distinguish between a review and a commercial.

Awards & Achievements

Ryan ToysReview has been nominated for the Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Social Star. It has also been nominated for The Shorty Awards in its Parenting/Family category. To top it all up, Ryan ToysReview has won the hearts of millions of people worldwide, and that is a big achievement for Kaji, who is only eight years old. In 2019 he was the highest-paid YouTuber, and that as well is a great achievement.

Net Worth of Ryan ToysReview in 2024

Ryan ToysReview Net Worth
Ryan ToysReview Net Worth

As of April 2024, Ryan ToysReview has a net worth of $100 million. The channel has made this amount mainly from the subscription and the viewership it has gotten since its inception in 2015. It has more than 23 million subscribers and over 34.8 billion views. The channel also has a product line where different merchandise is sold. In 2018 and 2019, the channel was the highest-paid, getting $22 million in 2018 and $26 million in 2019.

Ryan and his family are the main features on the Ryan ToysReview channel, which was created in 2015. Within a very short time, the channel has risen to the top, and today it is ranked among the most-watched YouTube channels in the United States. Ryan has accomplished a lot at the young age of eight, and we can only imagine what he will accomplish by the time he is an adult. He is one kid to watch closely.


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