Richest Pastors In The World
Richest Pastors In The World

A pastor is a person who performs religious acts, offers spiritual guidance, directs various operations of the church, and a few more tasks. He is the leader of a Christian congregation that provides advice and direction to all those who belong to that community.

Their job involves a great sense of responsibility. A Pastor isn’t a materialistic person, so making money and getting rich is not his goal. This is not the job where you can save and create wealth for yourself.

Talking in terms of money, there is meager earning in this field. You get only what you need for your living and not what you desire. This field is for those who are contented with earnings that are adequate to fulfill their basic needs. Pastors who belong to small churches depend on the offering made by people towards the operation and upkeep of the church.

However, some pastors have accumulated wealth through addressing people in a public setting, publishing their self-authored spiritual, and religious books/ CD’s, preaching on television shows, and a few other sources.

So, let us check who are the top ten richest pastors in the world as of May 2024 based on their net worth and how they have accumulated their fortunes.

10. Enoch Adejare Adeboye: Net Worth- $39 million

Enoch Adejare Adeboye
Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adoboye occupies the tenth place in our list of world’s wealthiest pastors. He has amassed a net worth of $39 Million to date. He has a native origin, and his followers mostly refer to him as “Daddy GO.

He priests the Converted Christian Cathedrals and overlooks the organization. His yearly salary is calculated to be $2 million per year. Presently, he also owns “Dove TV,” a religious television channel that telecasts a wide range of church programs that includes weekly sermons. Preist Adeboye is a wealthy person who also owns various homes and even a private jet.

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye opted for this field when he was a professor at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. It has been a member of the large number of converted churches in more than a hundred nations throughout the world. Adeboye works to pursue his long-held dream to build a church within a distance of five minutes of every house all over the globe. With over 14,000 branches of Redeemed Church constructed in Nigeria so far, Adeboye has made a significant contribution to his country.

9. Joel Osteen: Net Worth- $40 Million

Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen

With a net worth of $40 million, Joel Osteen stands on the ninth position on the list. He is a senior priest of the Protestant association in Houston, Texas, named “Lakewood Church.” In the year 1999, Osteen inherited both the church as well as its TV ministry from his father, John Osteen, after his demise.

Besides his noble contribution as a priest, Joel has also been a NY bestselling author who presently now manages the largest protestant church in the US. Looking at his side works, Joel is also the founder of the talk show “Joel Osteen Live” that telecasts his discourses.

His primary focus is to preach the teachings and revelations of Christ and live a life of self-discipline and obedience to God and abstain from committing sins. He teaches the world about the power of prosperity and love. The home in which he stays has a value of $10.5 million. Joel, along with his wife, who is also a pastor named “Victoria Osteen,” lives in the mansion with their two children.

People in large numbers (of approx. 50,000) come to attend his weekly mass in Houston church. Around seven million people view his discourses that are telecasted every week in a hundred nations all over the globe.

He has also published his book “Your Best Life Now.” The book became the Best Seller in the New York Times and held this position for two hundred weeks.

Royalties received from the sale of his book, radio shows, church collection, and public speaking fees, generates $55 million every year.

In August 2017, Joel received criticism from people for not assisting the victims of Hurricane Harvey misfortune; he opened a grand church of 16,800-seat in Houston for refugees.

8. Benny Hinn: Net Worth – $42 million

Benny Hinn
Benny Hinn

Born as Toufik Benedictus, Benny Hinn is another wealthy pastor who has a net worth of $42 Million. He is a televangelist who has an orthodox upbringing in Israel. When he was a teenager, he experienced an inclination towards religious and spiritual practices. He became a pentecostal Christian at a very young age.

He started preaching the teachings of Christ and doing faith healing via the Orlando Christian Center. Later, he began to give discourses and healing seminars to a large group to people. His sermons are broadcast worldwide on “The Trinity Broadcasting Network.”

Benny is popularly known for his social campaigns and his popular television program, “This Is Your Day.” He is known for his extravagant possessions that include a private jet, “Gulfstream G4 jet”, and several other luxury items.

Benny Hinn has been caught up in various controversies in the past. Though he has a public image of a healer through “faith healing,” he is examined by the US government to manipulate his tax status. Ministry Watch has also labeled his ministry with a “Donor Alert.”

Despite his complicated financial situation, Benny has a solid fellowship in Canada, as well as the US. People who follow his teachings believe that sincere and authentic prayers that come from the heart can heal any of their maladies.

7. Chris Oyakhilome: Net Worth- $50 million

Chris Oyakhilome
Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a net worth of $50 Million. He currently occupies the seventh place in the list of wealthiest pastors all over the globe. Chris has laid the foundation of the Christian ministry named “Believers’ Love World Incorporated.” It is a megachurch that lies in Lagos.

Chris is renowned for his effective faith healing. According to him, faith is one such thing that has the power to heal all illnesses. It is the best medicine and cure for any mental, physical, and physiological ailment. A person who has faith can heal themselves without assistance from anyone else. Christian followers appreciate his philosophies, practices, and talks about Jesus Christ all across the globe. His Christian ministry runs across several branches that include the three Christian TV channels, the “Love world” book series, NGO Inner City Missions for Children, the Rhapsody of Realities, and the Healing School.

Being a native of Lagos, Chris is an incredibly busy pastor who has built a lot of wealth to date. He has a large fellowship branch on his “Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated” and also for noble works and education.

Presently, Chris is the owner of his three separate TV channels that records 2.5 million views for every event. He has received a backlash from the “Treatment Action Campaign” against his belief that faith has the power to heal life-threatening ailments like AIDS.

Chris has also got a warning from the government of South Africa that if he and his organizations fail to put be financially transparent, then they will issue an arrest warrant against him. This will be a massive blow for not just him as well as his job, his reputation, and his earning.

6. Uebert Angel: Net Worth- $60 million

Uebert Angel
Uebert Angel

Pastor Uebert Angel stands in the sixth position with a net worth of $60 million. He is a priest from Zimbabwe and has laid the foundation of the church named “Spirit Embassy.” Later the name of this church was kept the “Good News Church.” In addition to it, Uebert has also founded the Angel Organization. Presently, he serves as the CEO of this organization.

Forbes describes Uebert as a priest who provides services to highly affluent people who have lack of time. Uebert is an international minister who has set up the Millionaire Academy that aims to help people in dealing with business undertakings and offer mentorship for them. Uebert lives on a grand mansion that is spread at a distance of fourteen acres. He also owns multiple luxurious cars.

5. Pat Robertson: Net Worth- $100 million

Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson is a popular US pastor who is a native of Virginia. His birth name is Marion Gordon Robertson. He is a Southern Baptist adorned with magnetic ideology. Robertson has a net worth of whopping $100 million. In the year 1960, he set up the Christian Broadcasting TV Network that shows the program titled “700 Club”. Robertson does the anchoring in the show. This show is broadcasted in 180 nations in 71 languages. Being his leading show, it broadcasts daily, and features news, music, testament concerned with the Christian lifestyle, and live guests. In addition to this program, there are a couple of more programs to which he is associated.

He stood for the US Presidential elections in 1988 but got defeated. After being unsuccessful in his political venture, he established a Christian wing organization that was named as the “Christian Coalition.” This organization aims to raise funds for supporting conservative contenders in the political arena.

In addition to it, Televangelist Pat Robertson also set up Regent University. Presently, he serves as the CEO and chancellor of the university. He also founded a legal firm, “the American Center for Law & Justice,” in Washington, D.C.

4. Ayo Oritsejafor: Net Worth- $120 million

Ayo Oritsejafor
Ayo Oritsejafor

With a massive net worth of $120 million, Ayo Oritsejafor stands at the third position in the list of world’s richest pastor.

Ayo is also popularly called as “Papa Ayo Oritsejafor.” He has been the founder of the “Word of Life Bible Church,” Nigeria.

Ayo is regarded as a senior pastor of this church. He broadcasts his discourses and talks via Christian TV station in all over Africa and seventy-five nations in the world.

Ayo has been formerly referred to as the “President of the Christian Association of Nigeria” and “National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.”

3. David Oyedepo: Net Worth- $140 million

David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo

David Oyedepo has a net worth of $140 million. Being a native of Nigeria, he has founded “Living Faith Church” and serves as a priest there. Renowned as Winner Chappel, this church is allied with several international churches that bear the same name.

Along with it, David is a senior bishop at a church auditorium named “Faith Tabernacle.” This auditorium is a large construction that provides a seating arrangement of 50,000 people at one time.

This Nigerian priest is also the owner of several luxurious properties that includes a private jet, and mansions in the United States of America.

2. Thomas Dexter Jakes: Net Worth- $150 million

Thomas Dexter Jakes
Thomas Dexter Jakes

In the second position, we have Bishop TD Jakes, who has a fantastic net worth of $150 million. He is also popularly called as “Thomas Dexter Jakes.” Presently, he manages the non-denominational megachurch, ‘The Potter’s House’ in Dallas, Texas. He has received a lot of support from his congregation from the time he entered this field.

Besides being a priest, Thomas is also a film producer and maker. A few of his best films include “Winnie Mandela,” “Heaven is for Real,” and “Miracles from Heaven.” The major sources of his wealth are profits generated from his films, his gospel music, and from the sale of the books that he has written so far.

1. Kenneth Copeland: Net Worth- $350 million

Kenneth Copeland
Kenneth Copeland

So, finally, we have the richest pastor in the world, “Kenneth Copeland.” He has a massive net worth of $350 million. Kenneth serves as the founder of “Kenneth Copeland Ministry,” located in Lubbock, Texas, US. The grounds where the ministry is built is spread at a distance of huge 1,500 acres.

Kenneth is a chief televangelist who is also an anchor on the televised ministry show “Believers Voice of Victory.” This program is broadcasted via radio, podcasts, and television throughout the world.

Kenneth has always dreamt of becoming a recording artist and has also sold several music albums to date. One of his songs, “Pledge of Love,” that got released in 1957, stood at the twelfth position in the Top 40 billboard chart of that year. In addition to it, he has also written several publications and books.

Presently, Kenneth resides in the mansion with his wife named Gloria in a church-owned mansion that has a projected value of $6 million.

Pastors can be rich too. The list shows that spreading the word of God can also get you rich. A pastor who lead congregations, telecast/webcast their sermons, publish books / CDs have created wealthy empires. This shows how lucrative it can be the act of preaching about God.


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  1. What is wrong with the people who are giving money to these rich phonies. God doesn’t need money for heavens’ sakes. Never did. Are these charlatans giving back? Helping people financially during this corona crisis or are they still speaking empty words. Even asking for more money? How dare they? Have they no shame? Wake up people, please!!!

    • Frank Hofmann……10000000000% agree with you….It’s BEYOND believe that people still listen and donating to these evangelists . All of them have criminal intentions and done so. Sooo corrupt and they do belong in jail. All scams….It makes me so angry the way they bullshit and take money from the poor.

    • Millions are not enough . They must increase their wealth ! Where be
      your Treasures so be your hart ! So Sad.

    • You’re too impulsive with your commenting, no wonder you’re doubling everything. Anyway…. i doubt that people that are broke are giving huge amount of money to the church, and those who do give money, surely benefit from that at least a little bit. The pastors are willing to help those in need, one way or another, and those people who have been helped are willing to give money so the giving and taking is circular just like circle of life. Also, the pastors and the church are benefiting from TV shows, commercials, books, sponsors etc. All the things that people like you an me are not able to earn from 🙂 but its not impossible. Did you try to write a book? Make a show? Find your talent and make money of of it?

      • My stepmother was a waitress all her life…what did she do with most of her hard earned money? She gave it to the ministry of Jimmy Swaggart…She also ordered a mountain of his singing and preaching tapes and books, while expecting my daddy to bail her two daughters and their children out of every financial bind they ever got into and buying them vehicles, furniture and appliances, while making sure he never sent a dollar to his own two daughters…he was afraid of dying alone, so he went with whatever she wanted…yes, there are people duped by these televangelists…

        • HE IS A FALSE TEACHER. I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH MONEY HE “HAS”. IT WILL DO HIM NO GOOD AT HIS JUDGEMENT. Pray that the Lord opens his eyes. NOW that will be a miracle.

      • Not true. There are stories of dying people who sent their last dime so some devil like Kenneth Copeland can pray for them. Desperate people are easy targets and these Devils know it.

        • Yes, if you look closely you can see the serpent flicking in his beady eyes… you can also hear him cackle hysterically on occasion.. creepy

    • kenneth copeland gives 20+ million dollars to the poor every year. TD jakes opened a corona food giveaway program during the virus. You say they don’t give which you just made up and are wrong.

      • People like Copeland and olsteen I believe are charletons. But some of the others in spite of their wealth use massive amounts of it for the help and benefit of people all iver the world. Instead of writing a hit piece on them first delve a little deeper and honestly discern the reality vs bias opinions.

      • Considering the amount of money they have, I’m not impressed. 20 million Copland gives is chump change to him.

      • Big deal Larry. He keeps 80 and gives 20. Of donated money! He should be living as the least of his flock, not the greatest….by far.

    • God doesn’t need the money,but pastors do for the work of the ministry.Hopefully they’re doing that and not hoarding it for themselves.

      • All of you that is criticised all this pastors are big FOOLS,your foolishness is revealed by your words,HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOUR BIBLE, (GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU)That’s why many of you dies in poverty of life, The gospel needs money,and all this money which they have we can see the impact on many around the world.

      • What has been reported is not money the Church has, rather salaries of Leaders pastoring Churches. Pope Francis does not receive a salary.

    • Omg. So your telling us not to give? My life is blessed because of giving. Get jumped on and suck it up, Christians are the biggest givers in the world and our God is the creator of the universe and if He wants to bless His servants then that’s none of your business. I bet your stingy with the little you do have and that’s why your triggered. Lol.

      • Give to them? Absolutely not. This isn’t a karma thing. They can’t balance their greed by giving a little. They are still rich and corrupted.

  2. What is wrong with the people who are giving money to these rich phonies. God doesn’t need money for heavens’ sake. Never did. Are these charlatans giving anything back? Helping people financially during this corona crisis or are they still speaking empty words. Even asking for more money. How dare they? Have they no shame? Wake up people, please!!!

  3. Oops, something must have gone wrong. Now I posted the same message twice. Can’t seem to remove one either. O well, doesn’t matter. Have a nice day and keep your money in your pocket. If you still must part with it, give it to a poor struggling person or family who really needs it. Don’t pile it on top of the huge mountain of shameless greed. These pastors are laughing all the way to the bank with their phoney shit eating grins. Look at them for Christ sakes and recognize them for what they are. Greedy devils with a bible in their money scraping hands. Wake up people!!!

    • It is none of your business what other people do with their money. If they believe in TV evangelist so be it but that’s their decision not yours. Mind your own business.

      • Somebody has to say something about it. When I see injustice it is not only my duty but also my moral obligation to make a statement and try to wake people up. It IS! my business to do my part in making this a better world by excercising my right to freedom of speech. There are liars, cheaters, thieves, con men, scammers and the like galore in the world. Don’t protect them for Christ sakes, expose them and do your moral and civil duty. These pastors are also running a scam, a very profitable one. Deceiving gullable people and becoming filthy rich. Tax free. What a scam. People are free to do what they want with their money. Of course. And I am free to tell them that it could better be spent than pissing it away to a bunch of scam artists. Maybe you are also involved in profiting from this scam in one way or another David, otherwise I don’t understand your reaction. Don’t you want a better world, an honest and loving world. Without scamming phonies and the like? Then be a part of the solution and not part of the problem. Can’t you see that David? Have a nice day and do your part in making a positive change in the world today. However small. We have to do or together but first we have to wake up…

      • I understand what you are saying but……don’t you think deep in your heart ….those evangelists are really not the most honest people. Ofcourse they take advantage of innocent people.!

        • Daar Hein,
          These evangelists are scamming people with a bible in their greedy hands. They MIGHT not be honest? That’s the understatement of evolution. I would like to see them contribute in a large way during this corona crisis. Being there to give to the needy instead of taking, taking, taking. Being useful in a time of need.

      • Lemme’ guess. You either invest in these guys or you are one of these guys. But hey, you got any vulnerable friends or relatives? I have a program I’d like to sell them.

    • Sorry, twice again. Delay in posting comment made me think that it went wrong somehow. O well, no harm done. Greetings from the Netherlands everyone

  4. Frаnk Ноfmаnn

    Ѕоrrу, twісе аgаіn. Dеlау іn роѕtіng соmmеnt mаdе mе thіnk thаt іt wеnt wrоng ѕоmеhоw. О wеll, nо hаrm dоnе. Grееtіngѕ frоm thе Nеthеrlаndѕ еvеrуоnе

  5. beloved if they help other by their money it must be ok but if they not they must correct to be unjuged by God.i think this better because we don’t have authority to juge may be we can say it’s bad&good habit as bible says.

    • I wish people would stop the “false” doctrine of we are not to judge. We are to judge.
      Matthew 7:15-16
      15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
      16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
      John 7:24
      Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
      1 Corinthians 2:15
      But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.
      9 Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.
      10 For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision:
      11 Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.
      1 Timothy 5:20
      Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.
      2 Timothy 4:2
      Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.

      The difference is we are to judge by God’s standards (His Word) not by our own. God has already judged in His Word.

  6. I’m a child of GOD I want to know what is wrong with this problem. Don’t you realize that Jesus Christ is about too pop sky. So talk about something like that or go to bed. So Peace!!!!!

  7. If I may comment on the above post and hopefully some clarity. My question is do you or do you not believe in God? Do you know and understand the Mission of God? Do you know and understand how the calling to be a Pastor works? If not then I ask that you research this information first. While I am not affiliated with any of these Pastors but I do understand the questions listed above. So, did you know Kenneth Copeland is from the oil industry, do you know he is a author, do you know he has given away probably a hundred times of what any of us here makes or have? I can fill this post up about each of them on the list but I just ask to do your research before judging. There is a financial principle in place that has been in the earth as long as people has existed on it and guess what; they too like any successful person exercise that principle. If you truly research, you will find that none on the list gets nearly what you think from their congregation. I always find it interesting of how people judge God’s appointed people but says nothing about owners of Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and the thousand of companies’ founders who net-worth is way more. Are you asking if God need their money? Though God don’t and never did but he promised to bless the works of your hands. If you believe in God and think they can be at that level even financially then you really don’t know Him at all! Know the people before you judge them. Like ANYONE that has that level of success identified their passion and put in their resources with net-worth is just a byproduct of that. Again no different that any successful Founder of a company.

    • No paster should have the wealth all of these pastors. If they are truely called by God to be a paster of a church and preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ I feel there’s no way possible that they should be so unthinkable wealthy ! A reasonable salary. Yes. They are scam artist in every way possible. Giving millions to a scam artist paster will not get you to heaven. Just like the millions these scam artist posters will not insure them a place in heaven. It more than likely will insure them a place they will not be so happy with when they leave this world. If They have truely acquired all these millions of dollars honestly then they should be paying taxes on every penny and helping others in many ways. Not even taking a salerly from your congregation would be a blessing to many in the church. These posters are full of greed. Money is their top priority in their lives. But God tells us in his word that there will be men just like these men in this world . And there’s many, many more just like them in this world. They use the pulpit and the Bible to gain wealth. These are what God speaks of in his word when he tells us there will be wolves clothed in sheep’s clothing leading the flocks in the churches. There’s a time for all of us to be judged for our works here on this earth. God will be our judge. These posters and many more just like them as well as all other wealthy people in the world cannot take one penny with them when they leave the walks of this earth in death.! Walk with God and do his great work tirelessly and without riches here on earth but for riches stored in heaven if you are a God called minister of God and his word. Then God will supply your needs. But not make you a mega multimillionaire. I don’t believe. Love thy God above all others. Does maybe others mean the all mighty dollar ?? Our world is so sinful and unGodly as we are living in the end times. As is written the love of money is the root of all evil.

      • There are 10 of thousands other pastors and ministers around the world who are also doing God’s works of sharing the gospels, feeding the poor, healing the sicks, and all of miracle works but most of them living on very tight budgets and some at poverty levels, i wish these wealthy pastors will pool their money together and help their fellow pastors around the world with their abundant of wealth and money, which in my opinion will definitely be the kinda of deeds that will please God. It it written in the Bible, “To whom much is given, much is required” (Luke 12:48) ; “The love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10).

    • The founders of Amazon, Facebook etc. are not preaching the Bible. They are not responsible for the religious beliefs of others.
      When Christ talked about riches, do you really believe He meant material wealth?
      Where in the Bible did Christ seek comforts or money?
      Indeed He preached the opposite. Give all your coats away and the parable of the Rich man.
      I wonder how many of these rich pastors would be able to give away every penny if God asked them to.

  8. I totally agree with you no judgezone
    I’m from Nigeria and their about 3 Nigerians on the list. However this are people that I know and I can tell u from my point of view that this pastors are nothing close 2 the false comments some people are posting. This pastors give insanely to people and people give to them base on the result that they get from their prayers, healings… Hence they don’t collect if God Tell’s them not to. Wealth is so much available in Christ. Also some of them a even wealthy before they started the ministry. And maybe you might be expecting them to give out every single Penny in their account because you want them to prove their faithful pastor. Just because you’re pastor, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the luxury of life. I repeat, there is abundance of wealth in Christ. Pls do your proper research before jumping into conclusion

  9. Yel the rich stealing from the poor and getting riches they dont care how poor people lives quato:its as easy for a rich man to get to heaven as it is for a camel to get thru an eye of a needle and they think they are going to heaven it’s the devil playing tricks on them come see how I live age 74 sick living in a 30 ft camper no running water no toilet no way to cook no car no way to wash clothes all my life I have gave to the church 2292003548 afternoons gabby

  10. You people who are commenting about these pastors are so wrong they are doing for others and if read your Bible all of JESUS followers were wealthy JESUS came that we have an abundant Life He wants us to be prosperous and in good health even as I soul prospers not just money but in every aspect of life if you had millions what would you do if you stop being so critical of wealthy mabe you can learn something

  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, Lasses and Lads!
    Seems to me that the Wealth of Each Pastor is (as each of them shall tell you) not theirs because at any given moment God, through Jesus Christ, who is come in the flesh can be taken from them or they can be taken from their wealth? Should you worry about what is in their hands for but a season? Seems to me it is not any of my business? How about you?

  12. People are preoccupied with others. It requires judgement of others and we will all burn for doing it. Wealthy people don’t bother me, especially when the people who feel helped by them donate money. Who cares? It’s their money and I’m not qualified to judge, but only to decide for myself who is judgmental and therefore in spiritual peril. I wish all rich people benefitted others like these preachers are paid so well to do. Blessings are blessings. DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS…because in the end, you’ll wish you hadn’t.

  13. Kenneth Copeland is not the richest pastor in the world. Brazil has a pastor who is actually a billionaire. Copeland is hands down the wealthiest pastor in the USA.

  14. I wonder if at Xmas time if they get together with family around the Xmas tree and sing what a friend we have in Jesus. What are people thinking when they donate to these Charlatans. Please stop and think. Jesus was not in keeping with what these thieves are doing.

  15. I find it remarkable that there are so many folks on here judging and commenting about the wealth of these pastors. None of you know their heart – but we can know your heart. I’d just be curious to know if ANY of you that are harshly critical of them even tithes – or for that matter attend a church? I’m doubtful that you tithe and from your comments, I doubt you attend a church either. The Bible teaches us to tithe and give. I’m certain all of these pastors know that principal and follow it – hence their wealth. You can NOT outgive God. If you tithe you are not giving this money to these Pastors – you are giving it to God. If they misuse it, it’s on them – not you. You have the option to attend church wherever you like and give wherever you like. I think you need to mind your own business and dust off that Bible sitting on the table and READ IT. It has many, many spiritual truths in it and one of them is “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” Luke 6:38. Here’s another thought for you to ponder, there were numerous wealthy people in the Bible, namely Abraham, Issac, Job, Solomon, David and Joseph. Their wealth (especially Solomon’s) doesn’t even compare to any of the Pastors mentioned above – in fact, I’d be willing to wager that not all the Pastors mentioned above would even come close to Solomon’s wealth. Live in Peace my brothers and sisters. Do what you can for others and live life to the fullest and above all, LOVE GOD and do HIS will. This will bless you beyond measure and keep you on the path to a life you can be proud of when you stand before the Father one day.

  16. Haha, Nigerians scammers are everywhere. Look man, Christianity has been corrupted almost from day one. Same thing goes for Judaism. Plenty of filthy rich Rabbis as well. I challenge you to find one filthy rich Muslim religious leader who got rich from his religious work (ministry). You shall find none. This and any other signs should open your eyes to the fact that Islam is the Truth which has taken over the True and Primordial Message of God.

  17. One final comment: the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil! But so is lust for power over people!

    Not ONE of Jesus’ disciples became a millionaire! Most of the Apostles were killed for their faith! Even the latecomer Paul lived out the last few years of his natural life in a Roman dungeon! All HE got from the churches went to others!!! Mansion or Dungeon. Hmmm, where the treasure is the heart is also! Not judging, just discerning.

    Oh, and BTW, tithing (if it still applies) is supposed to go to your local church not some mega church on tv! And the gifts and offerings are supposed to go to the widow and fatherless: an OT precept carried over to the NT.

  18. Was Jesus “rich” by worldly standards? No. He is our ultimate example!

    Yes I know there are examples of rich people in the Bible. But they were in love with God first not money. You can’t serve two masters.

    These pastors, well I would say they are on the side of being scam artists. But I could be wrong?

  19. Read: God, Greed and the Prosperity Gospel: How Truth Overwhelms a Life Built on Lies by Costi W. Hinn, Benny Hinns Nephew who was raised in this Prosperity Gospel.

  20. It’s simple Jesus told his disciples to never carry a money bag or a begging bag with them while spreading the word. Simple as that you don’t need people to give you money for teaching the word because the Lord will always take care of your needs. The fact that almost all of their churches and books are named after themselves is not humble at all and shows spiritual immaturity.

  21. People need to stop being fools and giving money to these greedy grifters. Get involved with a local church assembly that’s genuine and if you want, also a para-church organization that helps the poor or leads people out of false religious cults like Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Oneness Pentecostalism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc…

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