Richest NFL Owners
Richest NFL Owners

By generating more than $16 billion in revenue in the 2019-2020 season, professional football is seen to be a significant business. National Football League governs Football sport in the US. Looking at the success of the NFL, it is expected to cross the $25 billion mark by the year 2027.

According to the latest estimate done by Forbes, the average value of every NFL team increased by 11% and became $2.86 billion in 2019. Keeping these huge figures in mind, there is no surprise that many of these owners of thirty-two NFL franchises are billionaires.

Let us talk about the NFL. It comprises 32 teams, out of which sixteen teams are in the American Football Conference teams, and the remaining sixteen are in the National Football Conference. After all the teams from NFC and AFC compete with each other, there are left with the top team in both the conferences. Those teams later compete in the “Super Bowl.”

It takes a high net-worth person to buy an NFL team. NFL owners are ranked among the wealthiest billionaires on this planet. We have compiled a list of the ten most affluent National Football League owners based on Forbes’ approximations of their net worth.

Here is the list of wealthiest NFL owners as of April 2024.

10. Janice McNair – Net Worth – $4 billion

Janice McNair
Janice McNair

Janice McNair took the franchise of Houston Texans after the demise of her husband named Robert in 2018. The couple began the “Janice McNair, and Robert Foundation.” Before joining the NFL club, Robert had been working as an advertisement salesman and entrepreneur. He laid the foundation of his own power company, named “Cogen Technologies” in 1984.

In 1999, he sold the company to Enron and made a massive sum of $1.5 billion. From the money he received, he spent $700 million to expand the football franchise in Houston, Texas. It resulted in the formation of an NFL Team “Houston Texans” that has a present worth of $3.1 billion. After the death of Robert, his wife, Janice McNair, became the sole owner of this legacy. Due to the inheritance of this wealth, her net worth is computed to be $4 billion.

9. Stephen Bisciotti – Net Worth – $4.6 billion

Stephen Bisciotti
Stephen Bisciotti

Stephen Bisciotti is another highly successful and one of the wealthiest owners of NFL. He has a net worth of $4.6 Billion. Stephen is a 59-year-old entrepreneur and businessman who currently owns the Baltimore Ravens.

When he was 23, he co-founded a staffing firm” Allegis Group” in Annapolis, Maryland, with the support of his cousin. Presently, it has become one of the significant private staffing companies in the nation with a yearly revenue collection of $12 billion as per 2018 data.

Stephen has purchased the franchise of Ravens for around $600 million in the year 2004. The Ravens performed incredibly and won two Super Bowl competitions, one of them under him. Stephen loves sports and has played a wide range of sports during his teenage years. His fondness towards sports has made him buy the franchise of “Ravens.”

8. Arthur Blank – Net Worth – $5.3 billion

Arthur Blank
Arthur Blank

Arthur Blank has a net worth of $5.3 billion. He is a 77-year-old US businessman and the owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Before coming into NFL, he has been the co-founder of his home re-modeling warehouse company named “The Home Depot.” He served at the post of President of the company for around twenty years. After his retirement in the year 2001, Marcus became the CEO of the company for the next four years.

In 2002, he purchased the NFL club for $545 million from Taylor Smith. In 2004, he became the owner of an Arena Football team named “Georgia Force.” Throughout his career, he has been awarded several awards, some of the prominent ones being the 2011 Freeing Voices, US Institute for Stuttering’s Changing Lives award, and an induction into the U.S. Business Hall of Fame. His NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons, won the NFC championship in 2016 that made him earn a lot of money. According to the Forbes’ statistics, the franchise has a worth of over $2.75 billion.

7. Terry Pegula – Net Worth – $5.7 billion

Terry Pegula
Terry Pegula

Terry Pegula has a net worth of $5.7 billion. He presently owns Buffalo Sabres of the National Ice Hockey League, and Buffalo Bills of National Hockey League. Terry is a 68-year-old US businessman who holds a wide range of business interests in the field of professional sports, entertainment, natural gas development, and real estate.

Before coming into NFL, Terry has been a successful businessman and the owner of a multi-billion-dollar natural gas company named “East Resources.” From whatever he earned, along with his asset, he used some portion of them to Royal Dutch Shell in 2010 for $4.7 billion. He used the remaining assets to build a comprehensive collection of sports properties that included his teams in the NFL and the NHL. In a competitive bidding process, he purchased the franchise of the team, the NFL team named “Buffalo Bills” for a total of $1.4 billion in 2014.

6. Robert Kraft – Net Worth – $6.6 billion

Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft has a net worth of $6.6 billion. He currently owns the NFL team named “the New England Patriots.” He is a 78-year-old US businessman who purchased the NFL club in 1994 for $175 million.

Robert has been the sole founder and owner of his paper products company named “International Forest Products.” Before becoming a successful businessman, he was working in the packaging company that was managed and administered by his father-in-law.

Before becoming a part of the National Football League, Robert has been serving as the CEO and chairman of the Kraft Group. It is the combination of his father in law’s company and his own “International Forest Products” company. The Krafts Group is presently one of the largest suppliers of packaging materials, and paper products throughout the world.

The England Patriots have been a tough competitor in the NFL. The team has to its credit six NFL championships in the last twenty years. The present value of The England Patriots is $3.7 billion.

5. Stephen Ross – Net Worth – $7.6 billion

Stephen Ross
Stephen Ross

Stephen Ross has an overall net worth of $7.6 billion. He owns “the Miami Dolphins” of NFL. He is a 79-year-old US real estate builder and humanitarian.

Stephen Ross has been very much passionate about education since his childhood. His interest in academics can be seen by the considerable investment he has made in the field of education. Presently, Ross is also a principal benefactor of his alma mater, “Michigan University.”

To date, he has made a contribution of $378 million towards the university. He is also recognized for being the largest donor ever in the history of the university.

Ross is a retired tax lawyer who laid the foundation of his real estate private business in the year 1970s. To set up the business, Ross took a loan of $10,000 from his mother. Presently, his property business named “Related Companies” has a large portfolio of assets that are valued at over $60 billion, including massive developments such as “Hudson Yards” and  “Time Warner Center”  in NYC. In addition to these, Ross along has stakes in a few more firms that include famous fitness brand “SoulCycle,” and “Equinox.”

4. Shahid Khan– Net Worth – $8.5 billion

Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan has a present net worth of $8.5 Billion. He owns the Jacksonville Jaguars of NFL. He is a 69-year-old businessman of Pakistani-American nationality. He bought his team in 2011 for a sum of $760 million. He was the first person to have become the ethnic minority owner of the NFL.

Being born in Pakistan, Khan moved to the US when he was a teenager. There, he attended the “University of Illinois.” He had to do petty jobs to earn his tuition fee. He worked as a dishwasher, and the amount that he used to get helped him to pay for his tuition fee.

After graduation, he worked as an engineer at one of the manufacturing firms named “Flex-N-Gate.”  His tough times and hard work contributed to making him one of the wealthiest persons in the world.

With plans to set up his own company, he decided to resign from the company and begin his own business, named “Bumper Works,” in the year 1978. His company was into production of lightweight car bumpers that earned him a lot of revenue, and fortune.

Later, Khan bought the firm “Flex-N-Gate” in 1980 and became the CEO of the company. The company presently generates yearly revenue of around $7.5 billion. His success story is a true inspiration for every person.

In 1980, Khan bought Flex-N-Gate and combined it with Bumper Works, and the company now reportedly sees roughly $7.5 billion in annual revenue, as of October 2018.

3. Jerry Jones – Net Worth – $8.6 billion

Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones has an estimated net worth of $8.6 Billion. In 1989, he became the owner of the NFL club named “The Dallas Cowboys” for $140 million. He is a 77-year old US businessman. He was born in Los Angeles, CA. His team has won five out of eight Super Bowl appearances in sixty seasons.

Not many people are aware of the fact that Jerry is one of the club owners of NFL whose birthday fall during the NFL season. He is seen to be a highly successful NFL club owner whose team is three times winner of Super Bowl match in the last thirty years. The current value of the team is estimated to be $5.5 billion, that according to Forbes, is the highest estimation of any NFL team to date.

He has amassed massive wealth by setting up and running a gas and oil exploration company named “Comstock Resources.” In 2018, his company acquired its competitor firm called “Covey Park Energy” for $2.2 billion.

His company “Comstock Resources” has been highly successful and earned him a lot of revenue that he invested in purchasing his NFL team. Besides the wealth that he derived from the success of his company, he has also inherited several million USD from the insurance firm owned by his father. He used a portion of that money to lay the foundation of his company.

2. Stan Kroenke – Net Worth – $9.7 billion

Stan Kroenke
Stan Kroenke

Stan Kroenke has a net worth of $9.7 billion. He is the owner of the UK soccer team, “Arsenal.” He is a 72-year-old American entrepreneur and businessman. In addition to the Arsenal, Kroenke presently owns an extensive portfolio of sports teams that comprise of the Los Angeles Rams, the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, and the NBA’s Denver Nuggets.

Stan Kroenke is the second-wealthiest owner of NFL who brought professional level football back to LA for the first time in 1995. He is a billionaire who works as a leading real estate developer. He is also the husband of Ann Walton, who has inherited Wal-Mart from his family.

Kroenke is an active businessman who is involved in several other profitable businesses and ventures. In the year 1983, he laid the foundation of “the Kroenke Group.” He also happens to be the THF Realty’s chairman. As a result of the partnership with Charles Banks, he acquired the “Screaming Eagle winery” in Napa, CA, in 2016. He has amassed a large amount of his wealth from being a real estate developer.

1. David Tepper – Net Worth – $12 billion

David Tepper
David Tepper

David Tepper has a net worth of $12 billion. He is the wealthiest NFL owner in the US. He owns the Carolina Panthers of NFL. He is a 62-year-old US businessman and humanitarian. He completed his MBA in the year 1982 and got the first break in his career at Republic Steel in Ohio were handled all the operations of the treasury department.

Tepper is recognized for his humanitarian deeds. In 2012, he got his first paycheck of $2.2 billion. It was the highest salary that is offered to a hedge fund manager all over the US.

Later, Tepper started working for Goldman Sachs and founded his hedge fund, “Appaloosa Management,” in the year 1993. He worked hard to make Appaloosa a global giant in hedge funds. Till 20189, he managed approx. $14 billion in assets. Later he closed his investment business to focus entirely on running the “Panthers franchise” that he purchased a year back.

The National Football League comprise of highly affluent people in the world. A majority of them being billionaires. This is due to the popularity of football games all across the United States. Where the world as a whole relates football to soccer, for Americans, it is an entirely different sport with its own set of rules. The best players and the best team garner hefty salaries.


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