According to the old saying that cat has nine lives, but Puma is the care which needs no specialized experience. The Puma dominates sports clothing and accessories. The Puma products used by the best and talented athletes across the world. It is the third-largest sportswear manufacturing around the globe.

In 1986, the company became public and got listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company products are available in more than 120 countries. The chief executive officers of the Puma are Bjorn Gulden. The company sponsors several sports events across the world.


Rudolf and Adolf founded the shoe factory in 1924. The name of the business was Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik. It was the only company which manufactures sports shoes. There was a shortage of electricity in the city, so they sometimes use pedal power so they can run the equipment. In 1927, they moved to a new location. In 1936, Rudolf and Adolf derived to the Summer Olympics with a bag of shoes.

They requested United States sprinter Jesse Owens to use their product. It was the first African-American sponsorship, and Jesse won four gold medals. Before the World War, The brand sells more than 200,000 pairs of shoes.

In 1948, the brother split their business into two parts. After that, the two great brands born. Rudolf started his own company on the other side of the river, whereas Adolf founded Adidas. Rudolf established Ruda, which based on his name, but the company name changed to Puma Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler in 1948. In the First football match after World War II, the majority of players from the West German National Football Team wears Puma shoes.

The company paid sprinter Armin Hary to wear brand shoes for a 100-meter sprint finale in the 1960 Summer Olympics. In 1986, the Puma became a public company. They listed on Borse Munchen and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company created RS-Computer Shoe, which helps to measure speed, pace, and caloric use of athletes. The brand shoe sold very poorly. In 1989, the brand 72% acquired by Swiss business Cosa Liebermann SA. The revenue of the company in the fiscal year 2003 was €1.274.

Puma became one of the top shoe brands across the world. In 2002, the company became commercial sponsors of Hungry Heart: Wild Striker animated series.

In early 2007, the profit of Puma decreased by 26%. In the same year, the company share price increase from €29.25 per share to €315.24 per share. The company owned a 5% stake in sports clubs, Borussia Dortmund.

The company is known for producing driving shoes and race suits. Puma presents Formula One and Nascar Clothing. They became sponsors of the FIFA World Cup 2006.


The headquarters of the Puma situated in Herzogenaurach, Germany. In 2018, the revenue of the company was €4.64 billion, whereas the operating income of Puma in the same year was €337 million. Artemis owns the brand 29%, and Kering owns 16 %.

The net income of the organization in 2018 was €187 million. Their corporate office situated around the world. Their international hubs of Puma located in Boston, Massachusetts, Hong Kong, and Ho Chi Mink City. The company offers its products and services through more than 13,000 people across the world.

The collaborated with BMW, Ducati, and Ferrari to produce PUMA-Ferrari, Puma-Ducati, and PUMA-BMW Shoes. In 2014 December, the famous singer Rihanna became a creative director for the PUMA womenswear line. Arsenal Football Club signed a 5-year merchandising partnership with PUMA in 2014. The Salena Gomez collaborated with Puma to venture named Phenom Lux. The company signed young basketball players like Marvin Bagley III and Deandre Ayton.

The company re-launched RS-Computer shoes. The shoes have modern technology like an accelerometer and Bluetooth.

Awards & Achievements

In 2016, the company won the Innovation Award in Supply Chain Finance. According to Guardian, Puma is the world’s first major company to put a value on its environmental impact.

Net Worth of Puma in 2024

Puma Net Worth
Puma Net Worth

Puma is one of the world’s most valuable sports brands. Before six years, Puma profits were decreasing, whereas Nike and Adidas have a healthy gain. The brand collaborated with celebrities like Rihanna and Usain Bolt. The estimated net worth of Puma is around $5 billion as of July 2024. The company sponsors several Sergio Aguero, Antoine Griezmann, Marco Reus, Romelu Lukaku, Luis Suarez, David Silva, Vincent Kompany, Sunil Chhetri and many more.

Puma is the most excellent brand of all time. They started with a small factory in Germany. The brand always stays in the spotlight.


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