Publix is one of the major grocery chains present in the United States. The best thing about Publix is it has a unique idea of the employee-owned supermarket. The Jenkins family is the business’s sole owner because they were and are the employees of the same. Also, George W. Jenkins, their family member, founded it on 6th September 1930 at Winter Haven, Florida.

Florida is the first place of their outlet, has the most stores among the huge number of 1286 stores throughout the country and limited presence outside. Tor Jones and Ed Crenshaw are this private company’s current CEO and chairman.


Publix Supermarkets, Inc got its name from the name of a theatre as George, the owner and former manager of Piggy Wiggly, thought it was a perfect name for his new own supermarket. His first store was in Florida, named Publix food market, where he also opened the second store, which, despite the Great Depression, became successful, thus boosting his confidence in himself and his business.

Then as his small and steady business also started having new infrastructure, he had to take a break in building new stores because of World War II. He also shifted the store’s headquarters to Lakeland, Florida. After establishing dominance over Central Florida, he also expanded it to the South and also outside Florida.

Publix initially opened its stores in the Charlotte Metropolitan area to expand its business into North Carolina. Todd Jones, who is now the CEO of the supermarket previously worked as a front service clerk, took over, thus Publix showing people how much they value hard work When it comes to their employees.

It also successfully gained clearance from Federal Trade Commission for the impending Ahold/Delhaize merger. Publix has been expanding till now, and we do not expect it to stop expanding its business. From Florida to Georgia to Kentucky, it has reached every corner of the United States.


Publix never failed to impress its people anytime throughout its journey. They have worked through different emergency situations from the very first. First, it opened its second store and faced a Great depression but being a grocery store, and it did not meet much financial loss.

It also worked before World War II with too many stores in operation and served people. Moreover, in recent times during the covid pandemic, it is working hard not only for themselves but also for people in need.

It opened its 1000th store in 2009, becoming one among the only five grocery retailers in the United States to open that huge number of stores. This store in St. Augustine was its first one which was designed to be energy-efficient.

It opened many kinds of stores in different areas, including cooking schools named Aprons, While food markets named GreenWise Market, Publix Sabor for catering to Latinos, medical clinics named The minor clinics, pharmacies, liquors, and DVD rental kiosks, online shopping sites and more such.

Also, being a company that has been running for 91 years now, it never has had any layoff, which is very surprising to many people out there.

Net Worth of Publix in 2024

Publix Net Worth
Publix Net Worth

Publix has served a large number of areas. It expanded from 829 stores in Florida to 194 in Georgia, 81 in Alabama, 64 in South Carolina, 50 in Tennesse, 49 in North Carolina, 19 in Virginia and more to come, thus totally serving in 1,286 areas.

It has served people for purposes like event planning, money services, online shopping and real estate. Also, the latest statistics suggest its net worth as of April 2024 is $30 billion. The net income of the supermarket for the year 2024 is around $4 billion.

First of all, Publix is the reason for employment for many people. It employed about 22500 workers who are earning their livelihood for the same. It worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention federal and state agencies during the pandemic, thus helping many people.

Also, they helped the farmers by buying their dairy products and donating that to the food banks. So, however big a company is, its worth can be measured through its work for people in need and Publix has proved itself worthy enough.


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