Property Brothers
Property Brothers

One of the most eminent shows of the Canadian television series, Property Brothers, a Cineflix production which was originally recognized as Property Brothers franchise, is known to have an estimated net worth of million dollars.

The entire series is known to feature Drew and Jonathan Scott successfully. Where Drew involves negotiating the purchases of wrecked homes, Jonathan is skilled in renovating the entire piece into a brand new accommodation within a stipulated time. The popular show has found its ground in a total of 150 countries among which the W Network in Canada and HGTV of US stands tall.


Drew Scott was initially signed for “My Dream Home” by Cineflex, who had henceforth looked out for a female co-star. However, being enlightened about his elder brother, they had immediately signed the brothers for a flabbergasting performance. The brothers had submitted their clip, which had clearly portrayed the skill of renovating the living room of their older room, which was scrutinized and agreed upon after six months. Cineflix had, however, thought of appointing Drew as the contractor, majorly because of his physique, but the entire scenario reversed after knowing that Jonathan is a license holder.

Cineflix initially had a hard time searching for a distributor, but six months went by with no result. Finally, it was agreed to be featured by the W Network in full term. Noting down the success, HGTV had started a 30-minutes trial telecast of its episodes, which after receiving one-star ratings, had decided on broadcasting the show in the US.


The entire theme of the show is based on renovating an older piece for a “fixer-upper.” The families would actually work towards a particular deadline for a special occasion. The brothers would explain the benefits of buying an old home thoroughly. Neezo Renders software would is chosen to create the graphics for $10,000 every episode. They would hence hold a bidding session. Thereafter, the brothers would conduct the renovation and construction process only to reveal the final masterpiece in the end.


For the casting of the show, diverse cities are chosen, which favors the architecture and is nearer to a major airport. The brothers would henceforth deal with the local builders and decorators for furnishing the entire project within 4-7 weeks deadline. Though the brothers themselves charge zero for their own service, the show, too, pays an amount of $20,000 to $25,000 for the furnishing. The entire show features the remodeling of only three or four rooms according to the budget; however, the rest is planned and charged off-camera.

The interested families are required to select a few homes they would want to buy; however, Drew always provides them a chance to cancel any based on the safety measures. The buying individual also needs to bring a “sidekick” individual who can be an acquaintance. The expense for every project varies seasonally, and the upcoming episodes are yet to be filmed from March 2018, charging approximately $90,000.

The entire show is based on real-time performances with no scripted dialogues or incidents. It revolves around teaching how to deal with the construction ordeals. It had initially started in the Toronto region of Ontario, Canada. Seasons 3 and 5 were shot in Austin, Texas. In 2013, they had found Vancouver, British Columbia best for shoot and Atlanta, Georgia in 2014. Where the show was filmed in Westchester County, New York, in 2015 and 2016, Nashville was their ground for 2017.

From 2014, Mazda Canada Inc. is known to sponsor the show for W Network and had undertaken all the required measures.

Net Worth of Property Brothers

Property Brothers Net Worth
Property Brothers Net Worth

For directing traffic, Mazda had announced $5,000 prizes for the renovation or decoration of the homes of the winners. The entire show had also included advertising via billboards, internet, and broadcast, which had also fruited into additional funding.

The show Property Brothers is one of the top-rated ones in the industry and now has an approximated net worth of $20 Million as of April 2024, which involves equal share for the brothers Drew and Jonathan.


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