Pornhub is a popular pornographic video sharing website, which was launched back in 2007 in Montreal, Canada. The company has offices and servers in San Francisco, Houston, New Orleans, and London.  Just 3 years later in March of 2010, Pornhub was bought by MindGeek then known as Manwin, who is the owner of several other pornographic sites as well.

The website has been hugely successful, to say the least as the company managed to reach 1 million daily visits in the same year of its inception. The company offers several different products as well, one of which is virtual reality porn.  Also, the company hosts Pornhub Awards every year as well.


Matt Keezer, a website developer founded Pornhub on the 25th of May 2007 as a website within the company, Interhub. 3 years later in March of 2010, the company was purchased by the Manwin conglomerate which is now known as MindGeek.  MindGeek owns several other pornographic websites as well including YouPorn, Redtube and more.

Pornhub allows visitors to view pornographic videos,  from several different categories, share videos on social media, and “like” or “dislike” the video. Registration is voluntary here, but when one does register an account on the website, one can post comments on the video, download videos, add videos to their favorite section, and even upload videos.  However, one must ensure that the video uploaded complies with the Pornhub’s terms of service else the video will be flagged.


Pornhub launched “PornIQ” on the 9th of October 2013 which creates personalized video playlist for each visitor based on several factors such as one’s porn preference, at what time of the day or night one is visiting the website, their location, and more. In 2017, it was announced that Pornhub would use computer vision AI to identify and tag videos on the website with key information like information about the performers and the sex acts.

Also, Pornhub has virtual reality videos only for the viewing of premium customers.  In May of 2018, Pornhub released a VPN called VPNHub which is available in the U.S. and many other countries as well. Pornhub also does regular events and campaigns to create awareness about breast cancer.

Also, Pornhub has been regularly hosting the annual Pornhub Awards since first being held in 2018. Also, Pornhub has been featured in several scenes of the 2013 romantic comedy film “Don Jon” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson.

However, it must be mentioned here that the company has been criticized for hosting non-consensual pornography. Also, the website has been banned in countries like India and the Philippines as well.

Awards & Achievements

Here is a list covering some of the Awards & Achievements earned by Pornhub:

  • Within just 7 months of its launch, the site reached 1 Million Daily visits.
  • Pornhub’s mobile site was ranked as one of the Top 100 most visited sites in 2008 by in 2008.
  • Pornhub has upwards of 22 Million registered users.

Net Worth of Pornhub in 2024

Pornhub Net Worth
Pornhub Net Worth

As of June 2024, Pornhub has a net worth of $1.5 Billion. Pornhub has established itself as one of the best porn websites in the world. With more than 22 million registered users, 1 Million daily visits, virtual reality sex videos for premium customers and more, the future of PornHub looks quite promising, to say the least.


  1. Pornhub causes a malaise in society depression sadness pain
    Causes extreme suffering
    Adds to the chronic obsession with sex
    The male consciousness is now psychically possessed by sex
    Those owning working for and running pornhub are choosing to add to the worldwide suffering and damage to generations young people
    The damage being afflicted on the world is abhorrent

      • Hahahaha the best comment. Dude. Chris… porn is enjoyed by plenty of people around the world healthily, but just like junk food or alcohol, it can be misused and abused and turned in some cases into an addiction. But that doesn’t make any of those things bad by nature or evil or anything like that. All of those girls making a living on OnlyFans must be evil as well then, right? You gotta chill on the matter. I’m sorry if something happened in your life where pornography caused some sort of pain, but slamming the entire industry is a bit much.

        • Scientifically speaking when it comes to the mental prowess of a teenage boy. Addiction to Pornography isn’t uncommon and is actually sadly effecting millions of teenagers, Masturbation at a healthy rate is perfectly fine. Evidently though it’s used and almost always going to be abused, The only people denying this obvious abuse of nature are addicts. What happens after prolong exposure to pornography psychologically speaking is it shapes your mind into becoming dependent on the blasts of mental dopamine. This dependence gives way to teenagers, adults and really anyone honestly to become dependent on phonography not only for satisfaction but for happiness for Christ’s sake. It starts to take away at your day to day routine and over time kills your relationships, hobbies and dreams, Should I even go on about the loss of testosterone that takes place anytime someone engages in masturbation?


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