Pokemon might not be familiar to today’s generation, but it is very familiar to those who schooled in the late 80s and 90s. Children would, at that time, give anything just to have a chance to enjoy Pokemon. With Pokemon, nothing else mattered in life. That was their wealth and was more than what they would ever dream of. Pokemon was a creation of the Nintendo Gameboy and involved a vast number of games.

Nintendo’s growth in the market-led them to thinking of other better ways of making their company grow. One of the ideas they came up with was transforming into a multimedia charter, which led to the introduction of Pokemon. Pokemon’s introduction came in the form of comics, books, card games as well as favorite cartoon characters. The Pokemon franchise has remained one of the most favorite things in today’s modern market. If you have no idea of how the business began and how it has developed over the years, here is a small summary of the same.


Pokemon has attracted the attention of every gamer due to the animated version of the game’s characters. Although these were Japanese cartoons, they have been well embraced all other countries worldwide. The Pokemon franchise was started with personal games, but after some time, it saw the importance of adding more taste to it and introduced the games in the form of animation. This contributed a lot to its popularity.

The best thing about Pokemon is that it comes in the form of series, and it is rated among the most extensive and widely watched cartoon series. This cartoon series was so well done that it is enjoyed by both children and adults, and it has not lost its popularity as it is widely watched to date.

Since Pokemon was introduced in the world of animation, it now has 19 years and accounting and still remains as relevant as it was when it was first released to the viewers. Needless to say, the character of this great show with its favorite Pikachu, Pokemon, has carried the attention and the criticism of many fans to date.


The first generation of this great franchise was commenced in the market with two colors, that is; Red and Green. From these two colors, they again saw the need to introduce two more colors, and they fell in love with Yellow and Blue, which became their additional Pokemons. This wasn’t the end. They continued adding more Pokemons, and their next choice was again Gold and Silver color without leaving out Pokemon Crystal.

The more Pokemon’s were added to the game, and the more interesting the game became, and the more fans it attracted. They, therefore, decided to add the Pokemon Puzzle Challenge to make the game more interesting. The best thing about Pokemon is that each new generation is introduced to make the game more interesting and more enjoyable than its predecessor. This attracts the attention of new players even more, adding to the number of users in a large number.

The Sun and the Moon Pokemons were added to the game in the year 2016, which is the time it was officially launched. Apart from the Moon and the Sun Pokemon, the Pokemon franchise has also seen the introduction of comic books written under its name. Some are different from how the game goes, while others follow the exact procedure the game follows.

The comic books that have different plots are original in nature, but they are all published in English to target a vast number of readers. However, for those that follow the exact procedure of the game, although there are some published in English, others are published in Japanese and are only available in Japan.

Last but not least development of the Pokemon franchise is the launching of the trading card game. Pokemon saw the successful launching of their trading card game when the card game was the fashion in the market. Thereby, it was a good business to venture into, and this was evident with the amount of income it received from the card game. We expect much from this great franchise in the near future as their creativity is just out of this world.

Awards & Achievements of Pokemon

Although Pokemon has not received any awards yet, it has been able to receive great recognition around the globe. This is the most successful franchise that does its business in the form of comic books, animation, toy products without forgetting the most recent trading card game. It has captured the attention of every young person wherever it has been commenced. For the last nineteen years, Pokemon has ruled the market.

Net Worth of Pokemon in 2024

Pokémon Net Worth
Pokémon Net Worth

One of the most difficult things about the Pokemon franchise is estimating its net worth or total earning. It seems that Nintendo played it safe and decided to keep the information about their profit margin from Pokemon away from the public. As of April 2024, However, we can as well give a rough estimate, and it’s around $95 billion. This is a rough estimate of what the Nintendo Company has been able to make from the development of the Pokemon franchise.

The Pokemon franchise is one of the most trusted and significant forms of entertainment for a large number of kids. Although it was more famous in the 90s, it has managed to remain relevant in the field by adding more generations to catch up with the new market demands. This can be said to be the reason for its growth and development to date.

The invention of Pokemon was a great relief to children in the 90s. Pokemon’s characters, and especially the Pikachu, made them go crazy. When the trading card game was introduced in the market, their love for the game again went to another level, and their level of involvement went even higher. If you want to get an entertaining fun-filled pleasurable gaming sensation to your kids, the Pokemon franchise is the way to go.


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