Pavlok is a wearable device that is used to modify the behavior of individuals through haptic feedback. It uses an associative learning process, which is called operant conditioning, to break the bad habits of people. The device is paired with 150 volts of “zaptic feedback,” which helps in establishing new routines by pairing behavior with vibration. It is named after “Ivan Pavlov,” who was a Russian physiologist.


The Behavioral Technology Group created the wearable device Pavlok. The founder of the group is Maneesh Sethi, who is a renowned author and television personality. He was previously an Editor-in-chief for the magazine Hack The System and was known for his writings, including articles, guides, and columns.

In 2012, Sethi hired a woman to slap him hard across his face whenever he was distracted from his work. As a result, he was featured on NY Daily News, CNET, Huffington Post, and other news outlets all over the United States. He was highly impressed by the observable effects of operant conditioning; therefore, he founded the Behavioral Technology Group in July 2013.


In 2015, several improvements were made on Pavlok’s hardware components: the wristband and the removable module. The wristband is made of silicone and fits on the hands of all sizes. Pavlok also has color wristbands such as grey, blue, red, and pink.

The module of the wearable device is made to fit inside the wristband in such a way that it prevents accidental disassembling and damage. The module has a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) unit, a rechargeable battery, and the data of customers is synchronized with their mobile phones.

The battery of Pavlok was improved further to last more than 5-6 days on a single charge, and users can easily charge their device via the micro USB port. The zapping voltage is adjustable from 150 to 450 Volt.

The wearable device currently has an iOS operating system and is available as a beta app. It acts as a remote control for the device via Bluetooth. The full version of the app has a five-day audio course in aversion conditioning and has custom sessions that are made especially for smoking, nail-biting, and overeating.

It is built with an open API so that people can easily synchronize their data with third-party health and fitness apps. Pavlok has a unique payment system which is known as “Volts” and is used to interact with original and third-party applications.

In 2014, the device established its own digital currency, and users can earn the currency by completing any activity like completing an audio course or reaching a milestone. The currency can be used to redeem additional in-app courses and modules. The payment system helps in modifying the behavior of the users by giving financial incentives to enhance success in smoking cessation, grade performance, and other endeavors.

Awards & Achievements

Pavlok has won many awards. In 2015, it was named a finalist in the MassChallenge accelerator program. In the same year, Pavlok won the 2015 Shopify Build a Business Competition for having the most sales in a year within the Electronics & Gadgets category.

In 2015, the Behavioral Technology Group was included in the list of “100 Brilliant Companies to Watch” by the Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2016, it was featured on the business reality television series, Shark Tank, which aired on the ABC network.

Net Worth of Pavlok in 2024

Pavlok Net Worth
Pavlok Net Worth

As of May 2024, Pavlok has an estimated net worth of more than $2 million. The wearable device made this huge fortune by improving the behavior and bad habits of people across the world.

In 2015, the wearable device was one of the top-selling products in the Electronics & Gadgets category. The following year, the creator of the device, Maneesh Sethi, was offered $500,000 for 3.14% equity, valuing Pavlok at nearly $16 million. However, Sethi didn’t sell his company and device.

The device has helped so many people to quit their bad habits such as oversleeping, smoking, drinking, negative thoughts, wasting time, nail-biting, and many more.

Pavlok is one of the most popular wearable devices in the world. The sales and revenue of the product are continuously increasing every year. It is a very effective device that helps in maintaining good personal habits like exercising, meditation, proper sleep, quitting smoking and alcohol, learning new languages, improving handwriting, and many more.


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