Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell

The business world has grown to be one of the biggest fields in the world. The business world, as we know, has grown to amazing heights. Every brilliant idea and skill could easily be turned into a really profitable business. The areas that could be ventured as business ideas are very wide.

The concept of building a successful business is to come up with the idea that will attract many people, and with their attention, give them the best quality of the product. Many people have ventured into the business world and have reaped profits from their businesses.

Whichever field they choose to pursue is up to them, and with a choice at hand, an empire could be built. An example of such companies is John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS), an American manufacturer of hair care products and styling tools through several brands, including Paul Mitchell, Tea Tree, and MITCH.


The widely acclaimed company was founded in 1980 by John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell. Paul Mitchell was a Scottish American hairstylist who, unfortunately, lost his life on the 21st of April in 1989. The man followed in his mother’s footsteps and decided to become a hairstylist at the age of sixteen.

On the other hand, John Paul DeJoria is an American entrepreneur, billionaire, and philanthropist. DeJoria and Mitchell borrowed a $700 loan, which they used to create the company. The company was initially located in Beverly Hills, California, although now, the company has based its headquarters in Century City, California. However, the operations of the company were carried out at Santa Clarita.

Apart from the hair care products and styling tools that the company makes, it also operates its Paul Mitchell schools, with around 100 locations throughout the United States of America.

The company claims that their Tea Tree is carbon neutral because they plant trees to offset carbon emissions. In 2016, the company partnered with YouCam Makeup to create an app that allowed people to experiment with different hairstyles to find the ideal hairstyle instead of playing around with one’s and making hairstyling mistakes over and over again.

In 2018, the company made its mark once again to the world by doing something quite amazing. The company was the first professional haircare company to publicly oppose animal testing, which proves their love for nature and the environment. In the same year, the company also announced a partnership with PS salon & Spa.


JPMS is one of the biggest hair care companies in the world and has made its mark well visible on the world market. The company has been selling hair care products to its customers for about forty years and has remained loyal with their good standards. The schools under the company are also very high-class and very prestigious and respected all over the United States of America.

Awards & Achievements

JPMS is one of the best hair care companies in the world that has received a lot of acclaim for the work that they have achieved. The company makes one of the best hair care products in the world, and its schools are also highly respected all over the country. The company is also honored to have the following awards:

  • Editor’s Pick Best Shampoo Award at the Elle Beauty Awards in 2018.

Net Worth of Paul Mitchell in 2024

Paul Mitchell Net Worth
Paul Mitchell Net Worth

JPMS, one of the biggest hair care companies, is a multi-billion dollar company that has been in good operation for forty years. The company also runs a chain of successful schools all over the country. However, the company’s net worth is more than $2 billion as of June 2024.

John Paul Mitchell Systems is one of the biggest hair care companies in the world. It has helped to solve the issues of so many people around the world by helping them with their hair care issues. The company has also helped to raise awareness concerning caring for the environment by publicly campaigning against using animals to carry out tests.


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