Music is one thing that will never lose its value and will never get old. The only thing that changes is the genre of music and the dynamics of music. To be a successful singer and songwriter therefore, you need to ensure that you are good at what you do.

Remain relevant through different generations and accept to change when time demands. Odesza which is stylized as ODESZA is an electronic music duo good in writing and producing electronic music. The two singers originate from Bellingham, Washington.

The full names of the two are Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills. Harrison’s stage name is BeachesBeaches while Clayton is known as Catacombkid. These two young men were schoolmates at Western Washington University and this is where they met and formed the group in 2012.

Apart from the two, there is a complete drum line, brass section and singers like WYNNE and Naomi Wild. They released their first album in the same year in late 2012 and it was labeled Summer’s Gone.  This was meant to give them a position in the electronic music community.


Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills met at Western Washington University during their freshman year. Clayton was a student in physics and Mathematics while his partner Harrison was a graphic design student. This means, their education interests were very different.

However, when it came to the world of music, their goal and passion was one. Knight was a good pianist since he was a young boy and he later took a few lessons in guitar. Although they knew they had the same interest in music, they were both building their music careers individually.

However, in 2012 during their final year in school, they decided to give themselves an opportunity to collaborate.

After some contemplation, they decided to name the band Odesza which was the name of Harrison’s uncle’s sunken vessel. The vessel was known as Odessa which is a city in Ukraine. Only two people survived in the accident and one of them was Harrison’s uncle and another crew mater.

Unfortunately, the full name “Odessa” had already been taken by another Scottish synth band. This forced them to look for an alternative and they decided to use Hungarian spelling where he replaced “SS” with “sz”. In Hungarian, the correct spelling is Odessza but they decided to remove 1to make it look familiar.

On 5th September 2012, they released their debut LP, known as Summer’s Gone. Their first show was as the opening team for Beat Connection and Teen Daze in Bellingham, WA. Pretty Lights booked them to open for them in the fall of 2013 in his Analog Future Tour.

On 12th March 2014, their first headline kicked off. On 17th October the same year, their “In Return North American” tour was able to sell out a total of 28 shows. In 2015 March, they launched their Foreign Family Collective which is an outlet for visual artist and musicians alike.


Since Odesza started releasing songs, 31 of their tracks have hit number one on Hype Machine. These include; “Memories That You Call”, How Do I Get Here”, “All We Need”, and “Lights” among others. Odesza had their first festival performance in George, Washington at Sasquatch! Music Festival.

This attracted over 20 other festivals some of which include: Hangout Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Bonnaroo Music Festival, Free Press Summer Festival and Lollapalooza among others. These performances took place at different times between 2014 and 2020 and they were all a success.

Net Worth of Odesza in 2024

Odesza Net Worth
Odesza Net Worth

The duo has been together for almost 10 years now and has released many albums and attended many tours together since 2012. They have also released several charting singles which include Meridian, All We Need and Line of Sight among others. With time, this has earned them great wealth and although they haven’t revealed their net worth, they have probably hit the $1 million as of July 2024.

It is one thing to find someone you have the same dreams with, and another to maintain a relationship 5, 10 years later. Harrison and Clayton were blessed to find each other and their relationship has helped them grow their career life together.


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