Nintendo is a Japanese best electronics and video game company that is known as one of the largest video game companies in the world. They are known to produce some of the memorable gaming characters like Mario and Pokemon.

History & Wiki

The headquarter of this video game company is located in Kyoto, Japan. This company was founded on 23 September 1889, and they were producing handmade hanafuda playing cards. They tried various small businesses like hotels and cab services by 1963.

They started to develop video games in the 1970s, and they got their success in the business of video games. Currently, Nintendo is one of the richest and valuable companies in Japan.

Early Stage

In the early years, Nintendo was known to produce playing card games like Hanafuda, and these handmade cards were popular at that time. In 1974, they manufactured the first video game console of this company, and it was named Magnavox 888Odyssey. They started to manufacture their own hardware in 1977 and 4 versions of the video game console world produced at that time.

With time, they made a good reputation in the industry of video gaming consoles. They manufactured the Nintendo entertainment system, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Nintendo switch, and many more gaming consoles. They are known for various memorable games like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. Currently, they are also reducing the games for smart devices, and they started it in 2015. They got huge success in smart devices with games like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run.

Awards & Achievements

The start of this company was small, but they achieved one of the highest positions in the video gaming industry. Currently, they are known as one of the leading global companies to manufacture video game consoles, software, and hardware. They are known to produce some of the revolutionary video gaming consoles, and they got huge success in the gaming industry with all these Revolutionary products. In this long journey, they were in partnership with many other brands and companies.

Net Worth of Nintendo

Nintendo Net Worth
Nintendo Net Worth

As of April 2024, Nintendo currently has a worth of more than $95 billion. It is even the third most valuable company in Japan. They make money from hardware as well as software of gaming consoles and smart devices. In recent times, they made a profit with the launching of the game Pokemon Go. They found a high jump of 160% in stocks of the company with the launching of this game. They even passed the market value of Sony Corporation with much profit with this game.

With a long successful journey of so many years, Nintendo is one of the top Global companies do manufacturer gaming console and gaming software. Currently, they are making a huge success with the launching of games like Pokemon Go, and Super Mario runs on smartphones and other smart devices. They also launched the new hybrid console named the switch, and they sold more than 2.74 million hardware and 5.46 million software units of this gaming console. Their gaming character Super Mario is still in the hearts of most people.


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