Nickelback is a Canadian based popular rock band, which is best recognized for being one among the supreme commercially successful groups from Canada, who has by now sold higher than 50 million albums worldwide.

It also got positioned as the eleventh position as best-selling kind of music performance and also best-selling foreign act in the second position in the entire U.S. of the 2000s.

Early Stage

Nickelback was born in the 1990s this is because it was formed during initial 1990s as a cover band termed as “Village Idiot” through collective works made by Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Brandon Kroeger, and Mike Kroeger.

The name of the band was altered later to Nickelback, and it actually roused from the nickel in a modification which band fellow named Mike Kroeger offered customers at his job at Starbucks.

The band has made performance on covers of songs which were taken from Led Zeppelin and Metallica. Afterwards, Chad Kroeger has requested his step-father for offering him $4,000 with a purpose that this band can presently record its initial demo, identified as a seven-track type EP of basic material, entitled Hesher.

The band has expended half the amount of the money with the purpose to record the EP, and also expended rest amount on magic mushrooms.


Nickelback started off his career in the year 1995 within Hanna, at Alberta, situated inside Canada. The band includes guitarist and also includes lead vocalist known as Chad Kroeger, a guitarist, keyboardist, and backing vocalist known as Ryan Peake, a bassist known as Mike Kroeger, as well as a drummer known as Daniel Adair.

The band has passed over some drummer reforms while 1995 to 2005, getting its current lineup while Adair took over the position which was held by a drummer known as Ryan Vikedal.

Moreover, Billboard ranks them as one among the greatest famous rock group of the decade. The band song known as “How You Remind Me” got noted as the best-selling kind of rock song of the decade and also got famous as a best-selling type of the decade at fourth place.

The band has contracted with Roadrunner Records in the year 1999, and also it has re-released once-independent kind of album known by the name The State. Besides, it got commercial success through the launch of its 2000 album known as The State, post it got success through the launch of 2001 album, i.e., Silver Side Up.

When the release of Silver Side Up was done, the band then released its major and supreme known hit at present, i.e., “How You Remind Me” getting number 1 on American and also Canadian chart concurrently.

Awards & Achievements

Nickelback’s achievement is being known as one among the supreme commercially successful groups from Canada, who has by now sold higher than 50 million albums worldwide.

Net Worth of Nickelback

Nickelback Net Worth
Nickelback Net Worth

As of July 2024, Nickelback has an estimated net worth of $65 million. It has made most of its fortune with its career as a rock band belonging from Canada. Moreover, the band’s yearly gross is about $7,272,727.

This band earned well by the release of an album- Silver Side Up/Live at Home [CD & DVD], and the earning was $5,000,000. Besides, it earned 3,750,000 from All the Right Reasons, earned 3,428,571from Dark Horse, earned 3,076,923 from Here and Now and earned 2,608,696from No Fixed Address.

The total of all such albums came to be around 17,864,190. The band’s original domestic signing was done with EMI Canada. Post, it has signed American based agreement via global distribution in association to Roadrunner Records.

Nickelback is one of the few rock bands from Canada whose release of albums and songs got so high fame till now. Its reason behind success is its talented team of guitarist, vocalist, drummers, singers, etc. who have worked to give their best. By now, the band has signed with many costly record deals.


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