NELK Boys, which is composed of Kyle Foregeard, Jesse Sebastiani, and Lucas Gasparini, is an American videography production company. The company was launched in 2011, and they work on the platform of YouTube. They specialized in the category of pranks and got recognized for one of their prank videos where they pretended to have cocaine in their car and successfully pranked the LAPD. The joke was hilarious, and the video got viral in no time. They made many videos since then, and they got infamous for their videos. Their videos gained the attention of the public because of their sense of humor and their creative ideas.


Kyle Foregeard, Niko, and Marko Martinovic, also known as Martinovic twins, founded NELKFilmz in 2010. But, the twins soon left the partnership, and Jesse Sebastiani and Lucas Gasparini joined the company. The trio early rocked the internet with their hilarious pranking videos.

Kyle Foregeard was born in Mississauga, Canada, and was always interested in having fun and going out with his friends from his college days. He is also seen in films like Jack Vale Films and Internet Icon. He wanted to make his passion for having fun as his career, so he joined the NELK company.

Lucas Gasparini was born in Greater Sudbury, Canada, and is one of the members of the company. He, just like his partner Kyle, is a fun-loving person and is always down for a fun day. He likes to prank people and wants to have fun with his friends.

Jesse Sebastiani was born in Orangeville, Ontario, in June 1993. He is famous for pulling out the funniest pranks on people. Jesse loves to have fun, and his goal in life is to be carefree and to live his life to the fullest. He has done many pranks along with his partners on their channel.

Alex handles the production of the company, and he belongs to Toronto. He is an expert in what he does, and all have filmed all the videos of the channel. His production ideas are the best, and he is one of the reasons for their success.

Jason Pagaduan specializes in camera operating and is the director of photography. He belongs from Mississauga, and he has done all the editing and photography for their videos. He is also a fun-loving guy and is a good friend of the three boys.


They had puled up many pranks throughout their career and has also faced the consequences for this. One of their members, Jesse Sebastiani, was brought into the court for pulling one of their pranks as he was found guilty of disorderly conduct on 7th November 2018. But, he was not charged for that and was released as he made the joke out of the act of humor. They even posted a video of this incident on their channel on 17th January 2019.

Kyle, Jesse, 905, and Steve were questioned while boarding a flight from Germany to Russia on 9th August 2019. They never revealed anything about the cause of questioning, but they were soon released as per their post in their Instagram stories.

Jason Pagaduan, who is known as 905Shooter, left the company in October 2019 due to some unknown reasons. They announced this via Instagram; they even wished him the best on that particular post.

They uploaded their season 3 on 15th October 2019. One of their members got injured in Ibiza, according to, and he was hospitalized after drinking too much.

Awards & Achievements

They don’t have any awards or achievements to date. They have 4.5 million subscribers and 2.9 million followers on YouTube and Instagram, respectively.

Net Worth of NELK Boys in 2024

NELKBoys Net Worth
NELK Boys Net Worth

As of July 2024, The estimated net worth of NELK Boys is around $3 million. All three of them are very young and earning such a considerable amount of money in much less time is commendable. They made this net worth by pranking people and entertaining their fans.

NELK Boys is an American videography production company which has become famous for their hilarious pranks and the free-loving nature of the three young boys who are a part of this group. They have gained a large fan-base because of their sense of humor.


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