Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi
Celebrated Name: Nancy Pelosi
Real Name/Birth name: Nancy Patricia Pelosi
Gender: Female
Age: 84 years old
Birth Date: 26 March 1940
Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.64 m
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Paul Pelosi (m. 1963)
Children: Alexandra Pelosi, Christine Pelosi, Paul Pelosi, Jr., Jacqueline Pelosi, Nancy Corinne Pelosi
Profession: American politician
Net Worth in 2024: $140 Million
Last Updated: May 2024

Nancy Pelosi an American popular personality who is presently serving to represent the 12th Congressional district in California as the member of the Democratic Party. Prior to that, she was 52nd House Speaker for a period of four years from 2007 to 2011.

Maybe you know Nancy Pelosi very well But do you know how old and tall is she and what is her net worth in 2024? If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of Nancy Pelosi’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life

Pelosi was born on 26 March 1940 in an Italian-American family of Annunciata M Nancy and Thomas D’Alesandro. She was the youngest of her parent’s six kids. Her father was a former Mayor of Baltimore, whereas Nancy’s brother Thomas D’Alesandro II was also Mayor from the same area from 1967 to 1971.

She completed her schooling from Institute of Notre Dame, which is a Catholic Girls High School. Pelosi did a degree in BA Political Science from Trinity College in 1962.

Age, Height and Weight

Being born on 26 March 1940, Nancy Pelosi is 84 years old as of today’s date 19th May 2024. Her height is 1.64 m tall and weight is 52 kg.

Personal Life

She starts dating Paul Pelosi during the college days and married him in Baltimore on 7 September 1963.

Soon after getting married, the couple moved to San Francisco. Together, the couple has five children whose name are Christine, Jacqueline, Alexandra, Paul, and Nancy Corinne. In addition, she is a grandmother of eight children. Presently, she lives in Pacific Heights with her husband. She actively participates in the events of the National Organization of Italian American Women.


Nancy starts working for the Democratic politics in 1969 when she became a close friend of Philip Burton, who was a leader of the California Democratic Party. Her political career started in 1976 when she was elected as a member of the Democratic National Committee. Next year, Pelosi elected as party head for California, whereas she gets elected to the California Democratic Party in 1981. During the 1991 Gulf War, she strongly opposed the US intervention.

Since 2002, she is actively leading the House Democrats. Furthermore, Nancy is the first women that lead a major political party in the United States. She also became the first lady that serves as the Speaker of the House. Apart from that, Pelosi served 13 years as a board member for the National Italian American Foundation.

Awards & Achievements

Nancy Pelosi has received numerous honors during her prestigious political career. In 2006, Pelosi was awarded the Barbara Walters Most Person of the Year Award. Following year, she was honored with the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic by the Italy Knight Grand Cross.

Her long list of achievements doesn’t finish here as she was ranked on 26th position in the list of 100 Most Powerful Women in the World by Forbes in 2014. On 29th April 2015, she was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun by Japan Grand Cordon. She was also awarded by the National Italian American Foundation with a Special Achievement Award for Public Advocacy.

Net Worth & Salary of Nancy Pelosi in 2024

Nancy Pelosi Net Worth
Nancy Pelosi Net Worth

As of May 2024, Nancy Pelosi net worth is $140 million. She is a prominent figure in the political industry that lets her earn a great amount of money. Pelosi earned a handsome salary by working as a House Speaker for four years. The exact information about this salary isn’t mentioned. She was ranked on 8th position in the list of 25 wealthiest members of Congress in 2014 by CRP.

Along with the political interests, Pelosi operates a real estate business in San Francisco with her husband that has a market value of US$20 million.

Nancy Pelosi has worked extremely hard in her life to reach such a position in American politics. She is still very active even in her 80s, and we believe Pelosi will continue working for the development of the United States.


  1. Why do you pray for Donald Trump? As a christian, we are suppose to pray for our leaders. There is more to it than that. I am sure.
    I pray, in the sprite, for all of you leaders that the right thing is done for our country.

  2. Mrs. Pelosi; Your hatred of our President is palpable and I am befuddeled by your feelings. He has been the greatest President just looking at the numbers of low unemployment, home sales, minority jobs filled and the lack of warfare going on. I wish you could get over your political biases and realize the miraculous job this President is doing. He knows how to govern and loves this country. That is good enough for me. Please, get on board!!

    • Nancy Pelosi does not lie. She has said that she does not hate Mr Trump and that she prays for him every day. It is well documented often via actual videos that Mr Trump lies an average of 5 times a day. Why do you choose to believe a pathological liar over someone who prays every day?

      • You are deluded this lady is over the hill she should retire sacriledge to young babies being born to imfantside she is a phony a has been trump is a good patron he woll be just fine to protect who she leaves on her filthy streets of san fransisco

      • Nancy Pelosi lies and acts like a little child, tearing up the pages of the state of the union papers. Young people were watching her act like a child. How can you respect a leader like her.? She is a disgrace to the USA.
        Christine Fee

      • She is a evil hateful women. Our world has enough of these type of people..Mr Trump has done allot of our Country and I myself am very happy he is our Pres. I dont like him as a person or do I like to hear and read his comments of things. But for getting our fine country back on track YES hes the BEST


        • These comments here are so funny, people just love to trash someone they know that is so much better than tRump will ever be, he’s the has been, and he wont get elected again, unless he runs for dog catcher, he’s gonna be the loser, when he gets locked up

      • How can you say she is a Catholic Christian when she supports late term abortion and INFANTICIDE? You are sorely mistaken!!

      • You are delusional. She is EVIL, gull of hatred and supports abortion up to 32 weeks. Christian. Hardly. She is a puppet for Satan. Makes me sick.

      • How can you believe that. She is disgrace to the Catholic Church. Going against most of there belfries.
        Shouldn’t she be lighting a candle for President Trump.
        Both political parties behave horribly. No matter who is President I treat & refer to them as they deserve.
        President Trump isn’t taking a salary. Will Mr Biden, Ms Harris do the same. Worth 140 million Nancy Pelosi should not take a salary either. I don’t know if she does or not.

    • Queen Pelousy is so impressed with her status that she would never retire and give up the power.
      At 80 years old, she needs to retire and allow some younger people an opportunity to learn and take care of America.
      She certainly isn’t doing what she is paid to do with respect to her job. All she seems to do is be a first rate pain in the ass for President Trump.
      Remember the special pens she produced for her big show of signing the “Impeachment papers”?
      Let the old demented bag go back to California.

    • Unbelievable that you are so blind to the “FACT” that donald trump will go down in history as the UNDISPUTED WORST POTUS in American history. I could write a book for you on why, but if you actually believe trump is the best, your ignorance is way too magnified to even hear, or comprehend the reasons America is in such danger because of him. America has never suffered so badly under any other potus in history. Hope you do yourself a favor and do a reality check to not embarrass yourself broadcasting your support for donald trump.

      • Wow,… so uninformed about politics! YOUR embarrassing yourself and showing how extremely uneducated you are about the state of affairs under the leadership of President Trump.. The accomplishments he has gifted America and Americans is phenomenal!…Donald Trump created nearly 8 MILLION jobs for Americans. Most of those were manufacturing jobs for the lower and middle class! Something Obama said”Couldn’t be done, unless he (Trump) had a magic wand or something”! …He created such an astonishing volume of jobs so quickly ,that it remarkably dropped the unemployment rate in this country to a 50 year low. Additionally, he gave “ALL” Americans the largest tax cuts and reforms in American history. If that wasn’t enough, he built up our dilapidated military, giving our troops the much needed equipment that they deserve. He rescued over a dozen American hostages that were being held in other countries, that the previous administration abandoned.He created a task force against ISIS, and virtually eliminated their territory! He heroically eliminated two of the worlds most heinous terrorist, Qasim al-Rimi, founder and leader of al-Qa’ida and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , making the ENTIRE WORLD SAFER for EVERYONE! …Finally someone put a stop to Americans being brutally beheaded !!! This just starts to scratch the surface of the outstanding leadership of President Trump,…he is heroic and unequalled in all respects as leader of this country!…..

  3. How is somebody who has a normal paying job working for the government end up worth over 120 million dollars!!! I’ll tell you why… she’s just like EVERY other person working in a political career, it’s all about political power. kickbacks, favors, payoffs, and I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine!!! I’ve never heard of anyone who works for Congress that has a net worth of under 5 million dollars!!! How is that possible on $100,000 a year salary? Let me tell you something. Donald Trump did nothing that is any different than any of these crooked politicians did during their whole career. Every single one of them has abused their power to get things they want! The only reason they weren’t caught is because nobody was recording their conversations. They have been against Trump from the beginning only because he bucks their system. Trump wants to run the United States like it should be run, like a business! and they’re not having that! They don’t want or like changes to their corrupt system. Politicians have more days off per year than any person has the right to. They have full medical for them and their family by the best doctors in the country. They can show up for work whenever they want to and nobody to answer to. They have perks galore!! Private flights, unlimited expense accounts and scores of other things. These people are all guilty of the same thing they’re impeaching Donald Trump for!!

  4. Agree with everything you’ve stated Wally G. These corrupt career politicians are what Trump has labeled “the swamp.” WeThePeople WILL NOT TOLERATE these swamp creatures dictating how our country will be run. It sickens me to see evidence of how many $$$$BBBBs of OUR tax dollars has been funneled thru sham organizations & ultimately their pockets!

        • So what if you think Trump is a moron but he sure has done so many things for us and this country. So your name calling means absolutely nothing. That’s all you Democrat’s do is name calling and false accusations. Never able to debate cause you can’t back anything up with a fake narrative. Hopefully you will be able to come up with a better reason not to like someone.

  5. Nancy Pelosi is going to be 80 in a less than a year…I wonder what the hell she’s doing…?!?!? What is she capable of in that age except being talented to be very mean with Mr.Trump??? Out with her!!!

    • People like her love the power and do not want to relinquish their position. People her age usually want to enjoy their twilight years, but if a person doesn’t have a “life” outside their work then I would think they are scared to let go because in reality they have nothing but a bunch of monies that will never buy happiness or contentment. That’s sad really sad.

  6. What a crock of shit! Why don’t you switch channels for an hour or two… Fox news has turned your brain to cheese. You don’t have an original thought in your head to save your life… everything you think everything you say everything you believe was given to you by Fox News and you took it Hook Line & Sinker how sad.

    • Sam: You may have saved my sanity with your accurate assessment of these Trump supporters and his Fox “News” channel garbage. It appears that Trump’s every action is directed either from his watching his buddy’s on Fox and the propaganda they spin out to keep the general public so confused they wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face and went in one ear, rattled around a day or two and came out their mouth just like it does his everyday. The only thing he knew how to do when he took office was to gin out Executive Orders changing everyting Obama tried to do, whether it was for good or not. So he spent his first few weeks with his silly displays of his ridiculously narcissistic signature taking up half a page. As for his “drain the swamp” campaign bullshit, what he proceeded to do is fill it with the heads of the most powerful special interests he could possibly find. Rex Tillerson, Putin associate in the middle of negotiations over BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of dollars worth of oil from Russian oil fields on behalf of the company that he resigned his position from as its highest office (EXXON Corp.)! Then the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is effectively rendered null and void by putting it’s worst enemy, Scott Pruitt. This is just the beginning and only two examples of the kinds of choices he’s made that have had to be replaced multiple times either because they couldn’t tolerate Trump’s out of control interference and behavior or because of ethical and corrupt actions while in office. Example:
      Trump complained bitterly about the “vacation time” Obama took playing golf, very emphatically saying he wouldn’t have time to play golf if he was elected to the office. Well as of this time Feb15, 2020 he’s spent over 1/3 of his days in office “vacationing” and playing golf at his property’s where the massive amount of money paid to provide security and lodging for his security (e.g. CIA agents protecting him) which all goes into his own pockets, on top of the free publicity it generates for his own businesses. If for no other reason hje is unfit because of his pathetic behavior, calling ANYONE who dares questions or criticizes him childish names tha would be unbelievable if we all didn’t have to listen to itl or read it on his constant flow of ridiculous TWEETS, running the country and announcing national policy statements without even consulting expert legal, policy and/or his own cabinet appointments.

    • Ricky Jordan, I agree with you 100%! These Trump supporters are the worst bunch in all the blogs. They are nothing but hateful, racists, narrow minded Republicans.:(

  7. Trump has EXPOSED the swamp creatures who have enriched themselves over the last 60 years hence the endless investigation to rid him of the presidency.Maxine Watters has a net worth of 30 million Nancy Pelosi has a net worth of 120 Million and many others crooked politicians who funnel illegal funds through their kids and immediate family’s off shore bak accounts.Read the book Secret Empire written by Peter Schweitzer if you want the real scoop on what has been going down in our crooked government for well over 100 years.Lear about the corrupt Biden and Kerry family that sold out our nations secrets to the Chinese government and Real estate company Genesis that teamed up with Rosemont capital Real estate ran by Kerry’s kid and Hunter Biden that fleeced Billions of dollars and opened new company’s in several states around the nation.

  8. Nancy Pelosi is no longer a role model. She is a disgrace to the world! Isn’t there any thing to get her mouth shut? We have heard everything that needs to be heard from her. Please if there is anyway to get her out, DO IT!!!!!

  9. Nancy Pelosi is not only Christian, she is Christ like. None of the above comments are. A vote for Trump is a vote for the most anti-Christ modern cult of all time in the USA. And that goes for other religions besides Christianity who promote decency and love for all man/womanKIND. God bless.

    • Christ-like?? Surely you jest? She’s a bully, tells lies and covers for the corruptness that goes on with her Democrats in Congress! She is a fllen Christian and should ask forgiveness to God and ACT more like a Christian!

    • You think this son 0f a bitch is Christian? A few months agp, when covid was spreading all over, she was on late-nite TV from her home showing off her 24K refrigarator/freezer while she was packing the freezer with pint after pint of 12.00/pint ice cream while people without food were going to food shelters. A real Marie Antoinette – if they dont have bread let them eat cake. She needs to meet her fate the way Antoinette met her’s – guillotine. And you view her as a Christian. I’m way more of A cHRISTIAN THAN HER- AND i’M jEWISH. If you really love the USA vote Republican The Democrats are aiming to take us socialist, and Pelosi just said that violence is justified.

  10. It makes me sick just to see her face. It always has a smirk, like she is always thinking how much she hates President Trump. I think she really hates him because he does what he says he will. He is for the little guy while all she is after is glory for herself and her fortune.

    • Not a fan of her either. However, how can you say Trump is for the little guy? Are you serious? He’s a corrupt liar and is only for himself and his supporters. Wouldnt trust him any further than I could throw him.

  11. Trump, is a con man, criminal,and he is corrupt, he is trying to run this country like a dictator .
    A lawless President, The country will suffer and all you trump lovers will suffer just like the rest of us.
    Stop watching Fox propaganda and listen to the the truth. MSNBC OR CNN.

    • If your only source of news comes from MSNBC and CNN, then you are being brain washed. For an unbiased report of what is really going on in America, you need to get your news from both conservative and liberal news outlets. Then you will see both points of view and draw your own conclusions. BELIEVE ME…all major news outlets report so called “facts” when it is nothing but propaganda.

  12. I’m glad we have our own opinions for me me Trump is the only candidate to be pres tht didn’t have any exp. as a politician u s screwed up big time when they let a in office his adm was so fd up his cab. mem. started resigning an y is tht they found out he he was the worst of the first never in just where ur cab mem. just up and leave a top pos. trump wants to try to steal all the credit Obama did as a 2 term elected pres. in as little as his 1st term is up never have I known where a pres totally disrespects women berates Cong. women idk if he gets to b elected a 2nd term it’s time to make resv. to Russia n Ukraine since thts where he’s sending the money to for what reason hell they ain’t sent s… to the u.s much less a billion the voters needs to look back on really his brief accomplishments if any as pres and his failures n faults I will grade him a big fat Minus 10 as his term in office jus for his disrespect of women hell his wife he dnt acknowledge the fact tht she’s jus as imp. as he is I wonder if he calls her out of her name b…. comere. or b…. go in the Lincoln room and dnt come out til I say so gud fkn luck Amer. cuz our dumbasses gonna need it .

  13. Nancy Pelosi needs to call it quits. Her constant daily rants and rancor over our very successful President Donald Trump is unnerving. She needs to depart the political landscape because she is mostly incomprehensible due to what appears to be her ever increasing dementia, plus the fact she is more worried about her power and the gavel she holds than getting anything done for her constituents. The sooner this buffoon and curmudgeon exits the political landscape the better the swamp will look in D.C.

  14. wHY DON’T ANY OF Stick to the facts. By not doing anything to Syria when he drew the

    infamous red line Obama allowed hundreds of thousands of Syrians to be murdered. What a
    disgrace from the supposed most powerful man in the world. He also, along with Joe Biden
    who didn’t want to pull the trigger and kill Bin Laden, took credit for a six year operation that
    was set up to assassinate Bin Laden. What about Ben Gazi? More BS from the left. Now all his
    followers are trying to say that all the positive things that have taken place since President Trump
    took office are because of Obama. What a load of crap! Again try looking at the facts.
    You can hate Trump all you want but he followed through on his promises to straighten out
    our screwed up country. While the democrats have been having a tantrum over his election
    they have done absolutely nothing for the people that sent them to Washington D.C.

    That is unbelievable. The fact that Nancy Pelosie and Mean Maxine Waters, who stated that
    people who see republicans at dinner or elsewhere should disrupt them and make a scene. Funny
    how this old hag never follows her own advice. She is really a creepy old broad who needs to
    actually do the job she was elected to do( and pick up all the feces in her sad district) instead
    of flapping her old and tired jaws about how angry she is. What does this old hag do anyway.
    She does hold little rallies which have such a small attendance they never turn the camera
    around to see those in attendance.
    Fancy Miss Nancy is a total joke, a viscious joke at that. What a sad excuse for a human being.
    I don’t know what the hell happened to her in her life but she has turned into a total liar. And
    she is afraid of AOC(who has the IQ of a bag of m and m’s). What kind of leader is that? She
    has no class, she is downright nasty, and by not doing anything for her constituents she
    helped ruin a truly beautiful city, San Francisco. Now that takes talent!

  15. Ms Nancy pelosi is a great lady who serve america with integrity love and passion im in love with her for he devotion to the government of america i just love her i think i will married her

  16. Why is it all foreigners love our Democrat politicians?And they really hate trump and the republican Party .
    Specially American Foreigners

    • because they like FREE …………….health care, college, food stamps, housing, their kids in school get free meals. What’s not to like?

    • So, do you think that we would have received the stimulus check from a Democrat?….Now the Democrats have a candidate that is having memory issues…he called Bernie Sanders Chuck and thinks he’s running for the Senate….as for Pelosi it’s time for her to gracefully take her leave…she has done nothing beneficial for anyone…if it wasn’t for the Republican’s we wouldn’t have the stimulus check and our borders would still be open risking our lives with this pandemic… when we did have a Democrat in office I lost a lot of money in my IRA account…and all our troops were still abroad…now we need to pray for one another that we all stay safe from this horrible scary virus…God speed and please try to help one another…

  17. She a vile vindictive woman.
    I actually think she belongs to a coven.
    Heres a tip sell your Pelosi stock

  18. Wondering how all these people that posted about Trump (in January),what do they think now??? Let’s see Lysol,Virus is a Hoax,children don’t get it. I could go on and on but I am sure they get the jest. People are very very sick and a lot of DEATH and he says it’s going to be just fine.Mark my words it will not be fine I this great country for a long time. It’s no thanks to him and his grand standing and constant lies. Yes I read and watch all different news shows.Don’t like what I have said,I won’t care.

  19. You say Trump has doggy doo on his shoe and San Francisco has people poo because of you. You have ruined my city with your neglect of the homeless. My ancestors were here during the gold rush time.
    Please clean up the city and forget about the ice cream.

  20. “and we believe Pelosi will continue working for the development of the United States.”
    what utter BS literally everything she does is destroying america, american values etc. As a religious person i pray for her wellbeing, but at the same time i hope and pray that she is voted out of office really really soon.

  21. She needs to retire for sure. We dems need a younger,sharper kamala harris style of speaker to put the heartless republican conservatives back in their sphincter shaped world! Lo but i must agree “wherof one can not speak, thereof one must be silent”.

  22. Nancy Pelosi, is a great role model, because of starting her career after the birth of her first child and containing on to forward her political career.
    I admire her dress wear, her executive professional style. I wish I’d gone to college.

  23. She is a pathetic person with no goal in life except to be obstructive to anyone who tries to make the country better. She has yet to acknowledge even one thing that Trump has done to make us safer, more prosperous, and provide economic security. Her impeachment disaster speaks volumes about her double standards and inability to be objective about anyone whose is not a Democrat. I feel sorry for her because her legacy is tarnished by her leadership in Congress during the last four years. She should stay at home and eat iice cream and get her hair done more often. As a iLife long Democrat, I must apologize to America for her behavior. She is so narrow minded that progress in many areas has been halted and will not advance until she is gone. She personifies all that is evil in my party.

  24. Nancy Pelosi is a poor excuse for a human being. You know how you can tell if Nancy Pelosi is lying?
    That’s right every time she opens her mouth. Someone should follow the money and see where her net worth came from? She doesn’t care anything about the American people or the United States otherwise she wouldn’t have wasted our time or the taxpayers money on all the false investigations they knew were untrue. Why doesn’t the American sue Pelosi and Hillary for all the money wasted on all these false accusations that they have had investigated knowing they were false costing the taxpayers millions of dollars. That is criminal both Hillary and Nancy should be charged with fraud and theft, and Trump should sue them for defamation of character. I don’t know about everyone else but I am tired of all the lies being told with no consequences to those who have confused their memory with their imagination. Every time someone makes a claim they should be fact checked and then those results should be posted of how truthful they are. Biden and Pelosi’s score would be 0 or maybe in the negatives. if Nancy is so eager on opening our borders and giving free health insurance to illegals and she’s against the wall, she should take down her fence, destroy her wall around her house, open her doors and let the illegals in and pay for their insurance. That is what she wants us to do. How dare her want to give free health insurance to illegals while there are so many struggling american citizens that don’t have insurance or they are paying 500 + monthly and she wants to give it to illegals and wants me to pay for it. This lady and I use the term loosely is crazy and she is totally living in her own little world and no one from that little world likes her either. I’ve been asking around and no one can tell me any positive thing she has done for this country except be a disgrace and in 47 years no one can name any positive thing Biden has don for this country The are both a disgrace.

  25. i 71 yeas of age.i was a dem. for 50 years. i am now a rep..when will people realize it is not what you want , but what GOD wants for his plan.try making it about what he wants instead. he will take care of all of us if we truly accept him and his plan, not ours.

  26. Мy co worker’s aunt makes 93 an hour on the internet. she’s been out of work for 8 months.. last month her payoff was 19147 just working at hoМe 5 hours a day… go to this site……..

  27. Pelosi is past her sell by date. Her behaviour towards Donald Trump is that of a woman scorned. She obviously had the hots for him and he rejected her! Pelosi has become a pathetic bitter and twisted figure just like Hillary Clinton. Her hatred has driven her to act without reason and her brain dead puppet Biden at her bidding will destroy America!

  28. She led an attack before the man even could assemble his cabinet. She and her phony impeachments kept Trump from accomplishing many good things for Americans, just not her people. Where she gets all those millions would shock anyone if they knew the truth. Much of that, is officially hidden in the Stimulus bill Brandon just signed. Legal protection for Members of Congress enabling insider trading, hidden stock gains, corruption to a very high degree. What she gets from Big Pharma tells me they own her, Trump was just in their way. Everyone knows the cures from Hydrochloroquine, Ivermectin, and Reservatol. The pandemic has played beautifully into her and the Democrats hands and they are using it to control the people. Hopefully very soon Dr. Fauci will be found out. People are starting to figure it out. This is not about public health anymore.


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