My Pillow
My Pillow

My Pillow, Inc. is a pillow manufacturing company founded by Mike Lindell. The company is based in Chaska, Minnesota, United States. The founder and CEO Mike Lindell invented and patented the secret behind manufacturing one of the best pillows in the world. It uses a revolutionary open-cell, poly-foam design to give their consumers the best sleeping experience.

The company has been able to sell 41 million units of its pillows merely through TV commercials. The company grew so fast that it now employs 1500 employees. The number seems to be huge, considering that they started with five employees.

The company has suffered a lot in cases where it has to mislead the consumers through their advertisements. It had to pay tremendous penalties and had to settle many lawsuits. The company claimed to show its consumers the advantages of using the pillow, such as claiming to treat multiple neck and shoulder pains, which were not even scientifically proven.


The pillow company, My Pillow, was founded by Michael (Mike) J. Lindell. To start the company, Mike had to sell four bars that he had possessed earlier. He even mortgaged his house in the desperate attempt to fund the new company of his. Mike, in the initial days of the company, did all the work alone along with his family. He even hand sewed the pillows and left the distribution work in the hands of his family.

The first unit of the pillow was sold at a kiosk in 2005. That was in Eden Prairie Center, a mall in Eden Prairie, located in the town of Minnesota. The company had faced a lot of problems in selling the pillows in the mall kiosks and even in trade shows.


The company, after years of struggling, had seen its first success after it had launched an infomercial in late October. The company had incurred a hefty $500000 to live to shoot a thirty-minute infomercial in a studio with a live audience. Then it was produced and launched in front of the world.

Even till now, the infomercial is broadcast about 200 times in a day on national networks. After the release of the infomercial for the first time, the company is able to increase the sales to 30 million. To handle such a huge order, the company was forced to increase the workforce from 50 to 1500.

Lindell’s company had grown so much that it sponsored an attempt to set a Guinness World Record. The record to be created was for the world’s most massive pillow fight. This record was built at the St. Paul Saints baseball game. The battle had seen a total of 6261 participants. The new album broke the previous record of pillow fight of 4201 participants. This was an act to increase the publicity of the company. The company had created many such record-breaking events to advertise their company.

When the company was at its peak of growth, it had faced multiple lawsuits and penalties for their misleading consumer with many paining treating advantages of the pillow. But the company continued to show such misleading advertisements on The Ingraham Angle. They even paid a lot to continue with the advertisements.

The company, My Pillow, even manufactures a variety of products like mattresses, Giza Cotton sheets, and animal beds.

Awards & Achievements

The company, even though it had struggled to gain its success but was able to achieve it. In 2013, QVC awarded My Pillow its Q-Star Award for Product Concept of the Year. The company is ready to gain good reviews of its costumers and is continuously increasing in popularity among the people.

Net Worth of My pillow in 2024

My Pillow Net Worth
My Pillow Net Worth

As of July 2024, My Pillow has an estimated net worth of more than $500 million. The company is able to gain the attention of their consumers and is able to make high sales. The company even created records that have gone in the Guinness Book of World Records. These attempts of the company made it grow a lot.

My pillow is one of the biggest pillows and many bed accessories manufacturers of all times, and since its inception in 2005, it has taken the whole world by storm. The products of the company is available in different states of America and all over the world, making it easy to access by the people who desire to buy products of the company. It is no wonder then that My Pillow is worth as a fortune, with the value expected to increase more in the days to come.


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