Mossimo is a global clothing company providing their product and services across the world. The brand established by the famous designer Mossimo Giannulli. The owner of the clothing company is Iconix Brand Group. The main headquarter of the company situated in Irvine, California, United States. More than 22 employees are working with the company to provide their products and services across the world.


In 1986, the company was founded by Mossimo Giannulli in Newport Beach, California, United States. The founder takes a loan of $100,000 loan from his father to start the company. Giannulli wants to lunch a beachwear brand at that time. The M logo printed on shirts and t-shirt gets instant famous among people. Within one year, the organization made $1 million. Next year, the company grossed $1 million.

The founder of the company expanded the brand clothing line, which includes a wide range of products like knits, sweatshirts, and sweaters. In 1995, they introduced women’s clothing and men’s tailored suits. The company developed into a giant multimillion-dollar clothing business within eight years.


The next step of the company was when it went public with Initial Public Offering. After getting public, the company shares fell from $50 to $4. The founder tries to make his name streetwear to high fashion but gets failed, which causes a downfall in company shares. On March 28, 2000, the founder announced a multi-product licensing agreement deal with target stores for $27.8 million.

The brand introduces created smaller lines that were very different from Mossimo’s business style. In 2006, the company acquired by the Iconix Brand Group. The brand is very famous among kids, college students, hard-core surfers, and parents. The founder was involved in the 2019 college admission Bribery Scandal.

Mossimo was the biggest clothing brand in the United States. The company also distributes its license in Australia, South American, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, and India. The brand offers several products like Bikini Bottoms, Winter Bird Hat, Ballet Flats, Jeggings Jeans, Swim Shorts, Tankini Top, Halter Bikini Top, Sandals, Jeans and many more.

Iconix Brand Group

Iconix Brand Group is a brand management company controlling its operation across the world. Neil Cole founded the organization in 1978. The company operates from its headquarters situated in New York, United States. In 2011, the revenue of the company was $400 million. The company offers its products and services with 120 employees. The Iconix Brand Group owned several sister companies like Umbro, Lee Copper, Starter, Mossimo, and Mud Jeans.

The brand products are available in stores like Kohl’s, Kmart, Sears, Macy’s Target, and JC Penney. The company website offers the product of several brands like Artful Dodger, Bongo, Buffalo David Bitton, Candie’s, Cannon, Charisma, Danskin, Joe Boxer, London Fog, Marc Ecko, Material Girl, Modern Amusement, Starter and many more. In 2018, Robert Galvin became Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Awards & Achievements

We did not have any details of the awards received by the brand. The brand achieved huge sales in its starting years of the company.

Net Worth of Mossimo in 2024

Mossimo Net Worth
Mossimo Net Worth

The name of the company based on designer Mossimo Giannulli. He is also the founder of the brand. As of April 2024, The net worth of Mossimo is $100 million. The founder often involved in several controversies and frauds. He sold the brand to Iconix in 2006.

The company controls its operation in several countries of the world. When the brand was at the top, the brand was available in 1,700 stores and 600 international stores worldwide. The brand lost more than $19 million in 1997. At that time, the founder has a stake worth $500 million.

Mossimo is a perfect example that little decision can destroy the company. It was the top brand United States. The brand is improving its condition under Iconix. They are trying their best to gain a reputation in brands.


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