Mo’s Bows
Mo’s Bows

MO’s Bows is a company that deals with hand-crafted bow ties. Thanks to the quality of its products which have passed the test of time, it has earned many customers’ loyalty. As a result, sales keep getting high, and the wealth continues to grow. How much is MO’s Bows’ Net Worth in 2018? It is no surprise that the question bothers you because this is one of the formidable companies. For the details regarding the company, all you have to do is to continue reading.

Early Years

The mention of MO’s Bows goes hand in hand with that of Moziah Bridges. He is an entrepreneur who happens to be its founder. Other than that, he is the current president as well as the creative director of the company. As shocking as it may sound, he was born in 2001 on 13th November. The proud woman who gave birth to this talented young man is none other than Trammica Moris. Both her mother and grandmother have raised him to be the admirable person that he is now.

Initially, he made his bow ties only. What made him start doing that in the place? According to him, there was a gap in the market which was a gap. It was hard for him to find something that pleased him. Instead of leaving the house hoping to find a bow tie that meets his state, he thought of a solution. He decided to make them himself. He was lucky too because his grandmother knew how to sew.

Then, he started the MO’S Bow in 2011. He was only nine years old. That is an age when most of the kids solely depend on their parents. However, for him, it was a time for him to become the president of a big brand. His mum supported him and have been on his side ever since. In addition to that, his grandmother not only taught him how to sew but also offered him the capital that he needed to begin the company. She is a retired seamstress.


As earlier stated, this company deals with making bow ties. It started small, but it has come to surprise many people years later. Some opportunities and situations have assisted IT to become great. For instance, the fact that Bridges appeared on Shark Tank. It was a changing moment. He got the publicity that increased his sales and got a mentor.

With the guidance of Daymond John, it does not surprise someone that the business is doing very well. He has advised him accordingly. The CEO has appeared on not only Shark Tank but also The Steve Harvey Show as well as the Squawk Box. Many people get to know him through that, and that subsequently brings customers. Once the latter happens, the quality of the product maintains the clients.

MO’s Bows has seven employees, and they seem to be doing great because, without great workers, it is hard for any business to flourish. His grandmother is one of them.

Awards & Achievements

Mo’s Bows has achieved much over the years. Given the years that it has been in existence, it has made remarkable milestones. It is now among the most formidable brands in the market.

Net Worth of MO’s Bows

Mo’s Bows Net Worth
Mo’s Bows Net Worth

As of May 2024, MO’s Bows net worth is estimated to be over $2 million. Before the CEO appeared on the TV, he had sold 2,000. Ever since then, the sales have increased. Last year, Bridges signed with the NBA a contract worth a seven digits figure.

When a minor manages to create an empire, it becomes clear that everything is possible. Therefore, before giving up, give it another chance. You could be the next Bridges and the owner of a company like MO’s Bows.



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