Morgan & Morgan
Morgan & Morgan

As different businesses and companies grow each, and every day, the world has adapted to grow with it and go with the flow. New ideas are being created every day, and from these new ideas, huge companies and co-operations are being formed. Many companies that we all know and admire today started from a single good idea, and from that idea, hard work, dedication, and consistency were put in the company to build empires and multi-billion dollar co-operations.

Just as the business world has changed over the years, the whole world altogether has changed as a whole. There are many more sophisticated rules, guidelines, and systems that govern how the world works and operates. These systems have led and governed the world for a very long time. In other words, you can refer to it as the law. And for big companies and co-operations, it is highly advisable for them to be represented by capable law firms such as Morgan and Morgan.


The Morgan and Morgan law firm was founded in 1988 by John Morgan. John Morgan was the eldest of five children. He studied law for about eight years from 1974 to 1982. The first office of the firm was located in Orlando, Florida, and was made up of three attorneys, two paralegals, and a receptionist. The firm had a really good start.

The first four years of the company were quite good because, by 1992, the company had already expanded to include eight lawyers, ten paralegals, and sizable support staff. At this time into the company’s existence, Morgan and Morgan were focusing mainly on medical malpractices. Yet again, the company was still growing bigger and bigger. By 1995, the company had grown to include twenty-five lawyers and opened a second office in Tampa.

By the end of the century, the company already had forty attorneys and forty paralegals and then began to specialize in nationwide mass tort litigation. In the past three decades, Morgan and Morgan have opened offices in so many other locations in Florida.

The firm also expanded its borders by opening offices in other states in the country, such as New York, Kentucky, Birmingham, Alabama, and Mississippi. Despite the size of the law firm today, the glue that has kept the law firm together is the concept of family. John Morgan and wife Ultima Morgan met at law school and are running the firm together with their three sons; Dan, Matt, and Mike Morgan.


The firm is now bursting with success and is willing to take down anybody that is against the law. The family says that the company owes its success to all the employees that deliver their best to the table each and every day.

The company has a very wide clientele of about five hundred attorneys, and about two thousand, six hundred support staff. The company knows how to take care of its customers, which has made the company achieve such success.

Awards & Achievements

Morgan and Morgan is quite a highly successful law firm. The law has a lot of dedicated lawyers who indulge themselves fully into their job to produce the best results they can. Many people run towards them whenever they face a challenge in their lives. The company is highly accomplished, and although there are few awards to prove it, the company prides itself on the number of cases that it has won.

Net Worth of Morgan & Morgan in [current date format=’Y’]

Morgan & Morgan Net Worth
Morgan & Morgan Net Worth

Morgan and Morgan is a very big law firm with a very big clientele. The company also prides itself on protecting the people and not the powerful. The company is very successful and prides itself in so many other ways. The company owned by John Morgan probably has a net worth of $700 million as of June 2024.

Morgan and Morgan is a very accomplished law firm with very big clients under their wing. The company has done well to represent its clients, either individual client or company, and for that reason, the company is quite respected. The company has also provided a lot of employment for many talented lawyers and other staff.



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