Michelle Knight
Michelle Knight
Celebrated Name: Michelle Knight
Real Name/Full Name: Michelle Knight/Lily Rose Lee
Gender: Female
Age: 42 years old
Birth Date: 23 April 1981
Birth Place: Cleveland
Nationality: American
Height: 1.40m
Weight: 65kgs
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Husband/Spouse (Name): Miguel Rodriguez
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter): Yes (Joey)
Dating/Boyfriend (Name): N/A
Is Michelle Knight Lesbian?: No
Profession: Author
Salary: N/A
Net Worth in 2024: $500 Thousand
Last Updated: April 2024

Michelle Knight is an American author and a former kidnapped victim of Ariel Castro, a sexual offender. She was among two other women held up by Castro for about ten years. She underwent torture, both physical and mental, as well as sexual abuse. She also suffered several miscarriages due to the severe abuse she underwent. Michelle, alongside the other two women locked up with her, Amanda and Gina, were rescued on May 6th, 2013.

Following her rescue, she has become a voice for victims of a sexual offense, and her story has been adapted into several movies such as the Cleveland Abduction that aired in 2015. She has also authored two memoirs Finding Me and Life after Darkness.  Finding Me became the second New York Bestseller.

Maybe you know about Michelle Knight very well, but do you know how old and tall is she and what is her net worth in 2024? If you do not know, we have prepared this article about details of Michelle Knight’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life & Biography

Michelle Knight was born on 23 April 1981 in Cleveland, Ohio. She has two siblings, Freddie Knight, and Katie Hudson.  She came from poor family background and had to take care of her brother.  Katie was born during the period of her disappearance. The family could not even afford a coach, let alone a stove. To make a hot meal, she would resort to using a heater just to make a hot dog.

She had a pretty rough upbringing that led her to run away from home once as a teenager. Knight slept in a garbage can wondering where her next meal would come from.  If that was not enough, she underwent the trauma of being sexually molested and raped by a male relative when she was just a young girl.

She eventually resorted to going back home after spending a few nights out in the cold and hungry. Soon after she went back to school and before she knew it, Michelle got sexually engaged with her male classmate resulting in teenage pregnancy. She eventually had to drop out of school, especially after being mocked by her fellow students. She gave birth to a baby boy and raised him at home. Information about her parents’ names has not been disclosed.

Personal Life

Michelle spent most of her teenage years chained up like an animal by a psycho and sexual predator. Before that, she was raped by a male relative, something that no child should ever encounter.  In addition to that, she had a son when she was about 12 years old by a classmate she was involved in. She struggled to raise her son, seeing her family was poor. An incident that almost tore her apart is when she lost her son to foster care. Her mother’s boyfriend injured the boy’s knee when he was drunk. Her world was slowly crumbling piece by piece.

On the day of her disappearance, she was on her way to court to fight for her son’s custody that was two years and a few months at the time. As fate would have it, the poor girl got lost on her way to court as she thought that she could have a sigh of relief when a man posing as someone who wanted to help approached her. That was the beginning of her nightmare as the man was her kidnapper, Ariel Castro, who robbed her ten years of her life.

A few years later, after trying to get over the trauma she went through, true love came her way. She met Miguel Rodriguez through a friend on Facebook. They later bumped into each other at a restaurant, and their bond was spiked. The couple later got married on May 6th, 2016. They currently have no children, but she is happily married. She later changed her name to Lily Rose Lee.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 23 April 1981, Michelle Knight is 42 years old as of today’s date 19th April 2024. Her height is 1.40m tall, and her weight is 65 kg.


Castro kidnapped the young lady to his house and chained her up. She was later joined by two other girls, Gina and Amanda. She underwent some serious torture, abuse, and rape for ten years without seeing the light of day. She had several miscarriages that left her barren due to the severe physical abuse she went through.  A shimmer of hope came on May 6th, 2013, after Amanda and her daughter, Jocelyn, that she had conceived with the rapist managed to escape and call for help. Castro was arrested and later committed suicide in prison.

Following the trauma she underwent, Michelle found healing through writing a memoir of the horrific incidents. Her first book, Finding Me, was released a year later on the date of her rescue, May 6th, 2014. The book was well received and even became a New York second Bestseller. Amazon.com listed the book at the top 20 as one of the best biographies. She later wrote her second book

Knight is currently an ambassador to women who are victims of rape and sexual abuse. She is also currently taking piano lessons and cooking classes and reclaiming her life.

Awards & Achievements

The greatest achievement that she has earned is having recovered from the trauma that she went through for eleven years. She did not let her tragic ordeal destroy her. Moreover, her books became New York Bestsellers.  Additionally, Finding Me made it to Amazon.com’s top 20 list of the best memoirs.

Net Worth & Salary of Michelle Knight in 2024

Michelle Knight Net Worth
Michelle Knight Net Worth

After she spent most of her life chained up and abused, Michelle had a difficult time finding a job. Luckily, the state of Ohio gave the victims $6,000 each, although a bill was to be passed that they get about $900K each. Although she has managed to reclaim back her life and even authored two books, her earnings have not been disclosed to the public. As of April 2024, Her net worth is, however, estimated to be around $500 thousand.

Knight has gone through what so many people view as dreadful. Not many would have recovered from such trauma. She, however, has triumphed and is now an advocate for women who have gone through sexual abuse. She has inspired millions by her heart-wrenching story and how she managed to overcome it.


  1. Lily Rose !
    YOU are such a beautiful inspiration for all women ! You are strong beyond anything I’ve ever
    seen. I think we all at one time or another think “well, this is what I would do “….

    I pray for you and your new family, I’m thrilled you are safe and loved now. I’m sure by many !
    Always in my prayers..

  2. Lily Rose, my heart breaks for what you have been through. You are truly one of the women I admire most. Your strength and resilience are so amazing. I aspire to be more like you.

  3. Lily u r an amazing woman who has rebounded from probably the most horrific experience that anyone could ever face-I greatly admire you and I have read your books -your genuine and candid telling of your story is not only inspirational but it should serve as a stellar reminder to anyone who reads it what courage really is and what faith really means-may God bless n be with you always-all the best to you!

  4. Dear Michelle,(Lily Rose) The Lifetime movie was aired in TV Saturday night February 28. I had seen the movie back in 2014 when it first aired. The movie brought me to tears seeing what torture you and the other two girls endured at the hands of that monster Ariel Castro.I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and was a teacher at the elementary school in that same area blocks from Ariel Castro’s home. I taught school back in the late 1969 to 1971 I recall going to shop at the West 25th open market during my lunch hour. It could have been possible that Castro may have attended as the elementary as a student at the time I was teaching there. I am so happy you are married now and your success with your books. You are one brave and awesome lady!! The one thing I would like to know is, have you ever been able to meet your son? You would be about age 23 or 24 today and he should know what a wonderful mother you would have been to him. Your son has every right to know all that has happened to you and a right to know who his real mother is. Please let me know if you two have reunited and hope you both get a bonding relationship. You both deserve it. God Bless you both!! Rosemary


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