Major Lazer
Major Lazer

All we need is somebody to lean on!
Major Lazer won our hearts with their Lean On the song, and it continues to make songs that make the whole world dance. There are three great minds behind the scene, which are creating music for the party hoppers. The electronic dance music trio consists of DJs Jillionaire, Walshy Fire, and Diplo. Diplo is a record producer, and Major Lazer was founded by him and Switch in the year 2008.

It looks like you are getting interested to know more about the history of Major Lazer and how they came together.

Early Life

The main guy behind the virtual band is Diplo. Thomas Wesley Pentz, aka Diplo, started DJing at an early age when he was just in college. Thomas went to the University of Central Florida and then moved to Temple University. He joined hands with DJ Low Budget, and they made many mixtapes. The duo started to rule the party scene!


The New York Times noticed DJ Low Budget and Diplo’s mixtapes and even released one. Diplo started working with MIA, and they created Paper Planes, which went for Grammy nominations. It was a great achievement for artists!

Diplo joined hands with DJ Switch and started the Major Lazer band. The duo’s first album was Guns Don’t Kill People. Lazers do. It became a huge hit, and the audience loved it. In the year 2011, DJ Switch left the band, and Diplo found Jillionaire and Walshy Fire.

The band has received a lot of praise from the music lovers and even received awards for their musical excellence. Let us take a look at their awards and achievements so far!

Awards & Achievements

Major Lazer was nominated multiple times, and they won few awards as well. The trio was nominated for Dance Song of the Year, Dance Artist of the Year, Single of the Year, and many more. In 2016, they were nominated in Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards. They won an award at the Billboard Music Award and one at the NRJ Music Awards. In 2017, they were nominated at the Teen Choice Awards and MTV music video awards, but they did not win as such!

Nonetheless, the trio is famous all across the globe. The Lean On song won millions of hearts, and it is played in every club! Diplo is considered to be one of the richest DJs in the world.

Net Worth of Major Lazer

Major Lazer Net Worth
Major Lazer Net Worth

Major Lazer is a popular virtual band, and the majority of the fans would be eager to know about the net worth of the trio.

Since Diplo is the main man behind the band, As of June 2024, the net worth of Major Lazer is $40 million. It is Diplo, who received the fame and he has a net worth of $30 million.

Major Lazer covers many genres of music, which include EDM, electro house, soca, reggae, and Dancehall. There is a Major Lazer animated series, and Diplo was the co-creator. It was aired in the year 2015. It looks like Major Lazer has a bright future ahead.

They do not need awards and honors to prove a point. Their music speaks for themselves, and the whole world loves their dance numbers. Isn’t it a man’s dream to make the world dance to their tunes? We feel that Major Lazer is a successful band, and they have an excellent present and future.



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