Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a Canadian YouTuber and is the founder of Linus Tech Tips and Linus Media Group. Linus Sebastian is famous for having eight channels on YouTube, with more than 16.84 million subscribers in Total. All of his channels comes under his company called Linus Media Group.

Linus’s most subscribed and popular channel is Linus Tech Tips, with having more than 10.7 million subscribers. Other channels of Linus Sebastian are Techquickie, TechLinked, Channel Super Fun, Short Circuit, LMG Clips, Carpool Critics, and last but not least, Linus Cat Tips. Linus Tech Tips is one of the best technological channels on YouTube.

Apart from having so many channels on YouTube, Linus is also the owner of Floatplane Media, it is a similar platform as YouTube, but people have to pay for subscribing to their favorite creator. Linus created Floatplane so that peoples can support their Favorite creator financially, and it will also give motivation to the creator to keep making amazing videos for their fans.


Before the creation of Linus Tech Tips, Linus was working for NCIX (a defunct Canadian online computer store) as a manager. The company asked Linus to become the host for their technology channel NCIX Tech Tips on YouTube. The company created NCIX Tech Tips to help demonstrate products. Linus wasn’t alone on the channel but was helped by a crew in the production of the videos. The first video on the channel was a demonstration for a Sunbeam processor heatsink.

On 24th November 2008, Linus Tech Tips was created on the instruction from NCIX to allow or lower production values without impacting the NCIX brand. It was due to the high cost of maintenance of NCIX Tech Tips and having lower viewership in the initial years of the channel. Linus did not use to make full-time videos for NCIX as he was working as a high-end systems designer, time sales representative, a product manager, and a category manager.


Linus founded Linus Media Group in January 2013 with Luke Lafreniere, Edzel Yago, and Brandon Lee. They made Linus Tech Tips as an independent channel. During this time, Linus also started his new channel, which is known as Techquickie. After the release of Techquickie, Channel Super Fun was released. Recently Linus has also launched a new channel on 21st December 2019, which is called Carpool Critics.

One of the most successful projects of Linus Tech Tips are:

1) 7 Gamers 1 CPU: On 2nd January 2016, Linus Tech Tips released this video in which it is shown how seven individual players can play at the same time from a single computer. The PC used in this project was made of 30,000 dollars. This video gained a million views in just 24 hours.

2) iMac Pro incident: In April 2018, Linus Tech Tips released this video in which Linus clams that Apple refused to repair their iMac Pro computer even if they pay the cost of repair of the machine.

Awards & Achievements

Even tho Linus Tech Tips is one of the biggest technology channels on YouTube, and the channel has not been nominated for any awards till now. But on the channel, they have hosted giveaways many times for their subscribers. Also, because of the popularity of Linus Tech Tips, Linus was able to create more successful channels on YouTube.

Net Worth of Linus Tech Tips in 2024

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth
Linus Tech Tips Net Worth

Linus Sebastian has accumulated a considerable sum from YouTube. All of the earnings come from his various channels on YouTube. Linus Tech Tips alone has a total of 3.5 billion views on the channel, and if all channels of Linus Media Group is considered, then the combined views of all channels is more than 4.3 billion. As of July 2024, Linus Sebastian has an estimated net worth of $30 million.

Linus has worked very hard to popularize his channels. Nobody on YouTube ever thought that Linus Media Group would become this much big. Linus always tries to make knowledgeable videos for his subscribers so that they can learn each and everything that is required to know about technology.


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