Les Feldick
Les Feldick
Celebrated Name: Les Feldick
Real Name/Full Name: Les Feldick
Gender: Male
Age: 93 years old
Birth Date: June 6th, 1927
Birth Place: Kinta, Oklahoma
Nationality: Oklahoma
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 72 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Iris
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter): Greg, Todd, Kim
Dating /Girlfriend (Name): NO
Is Les Feldick Gay?: NO
Profession: Hosting missionaries, Teaching home Bible Studies, Writer
Salary: N/A
Net Worth in ’2020’: $10 Million
Last Updated: December 2020

Les Feldick is an Oklahoma rancher and has enjoyed that lifestyle for many years.

Les Feldick grew up on a ranch and has been involved in ranching for many years. During his childhood, Feldick attended public school, and his family went to a protestant church. He started earning his living as a Farmer. Feldick married his wife, Iris, in 1953. They have three children and eight grandchildren and still live in Kints, as of 2015.

Even though Feldick has never had any formal Bible training, he is known for teaching the Bible. He has lead home-style Bible study classes for over 30 years.

Maybe you know about Les Feldick very well, but do you know how old and tall is he and what is his net worth in 2020? If you do not know, we have prepared this article about details of Les Feldick’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life & Biography:

What Les really likes is teaching the Bible. As he has been teaching home-style Bible classes for over thirty years, his teaching is non-denominational, and his students come from diverse denominations and backgrounds.

It was through one of these classes that a student helped open the door for his “Through the Bible with Les Feldick” television program.

Personal Life

Feldick married his wife, Iris, in 1953. Feldick created a television program that premiered in 1990 through syndication. It was through a connection with one of his students that the show was produced.

The program was called “Through the Bible” and consisted of a 30 minute Bible Study. During this time, Feldick read scripture and taught it to the viewers. The program was available on networks such as Christian Television Network and Daystar.

He retired from taping Bible shows in 2011, but he still travels to teach Bible seminars. In addition to the television show, Feldick has written over 80 books on Bible study.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on June 6th, 1927, Les is 93 years old as of today’s date 1st December 2020. His height is 1.8 m tall, and his weight is 72kg.


Les Feldick does a great job when it comes to explaining the Bible. This book is great for Sermon prepping, Bible studies, etc.

Les Feldick is a false teacher. Feldick’s and his Ministry’s version of “Teaching the Bible” in reality is “Teaching Lies.” Les has recorded more than 600 Bible Teaching television programs.

The program transcripts have been assembled into books of twelve transcripts each, and there are now 50 books and counting.

Awards & Achievements

There is no information about his awards and achievements. Although he was nominated for several awards and titles for his work. Apart from that, he was honored with various lifetime awards too.

Net Worth & Salary of Les Feldick in ’2020’

Les Feldick Net Worth
Les Feldick Net Worth

Les Feldick Ministries offers 6-hour videotapes of his television class as well as DVD’s, transcribed books, audio cassette tape sets and CDs of the programs.

As of December 2020, Les has an estimated net worth of more than $10 million.

Les was raised as the 4th generation to a German farm family. He was saved in Bible school in 1937 and, from that time, has never strayed from serving his Lord and Savior.

Les still has an active role in the ministry with the many cards, letters, and questions they receive daily in the mail.

Les and Iris feel so blessed by the many prayers on their behalf and are especially encouraged to know what an impact the Ministry is still making around the World.


  1. Les Feldick is NOT a false teacher. He is solid and tells the truth. I have learned so much from his Bible Teaching because he does not teach religion, but pure Biblical truth.

    • I’m late with this comment, but that’s because I just decided to look Les up. I watch him every morning in philadelphia and I’m always thinking, these shows are so outdated and yet so on target, of course the bible is pretty outdated too (lol). I enjoy watching him. No smoke and mirrors act, just from the heart , reading through the bible. I teach CCD and try to bring the bible to life for my students.. We have the best times. The people who are calling him false and being rude and negative aren’t downplaying because they don’t believe what Les says, they don’t believe in the christian bible. Which is fine, but like a lot of things through history, some people can practice peacefully while others want the world to believe in their way only. God will sort all of that out in all good time. Don’t waste your energy falling to their level.

      Have a wonderful day, Stay Blessed!

    • I like Les’s teaching. I have missed him since Covid struck. Don’t know where to watch him. If the writer wants to state opinions he needs to back them up with facts. Thank you Les for all you teach us.

    • James will you please tell me what you mean by teaching lies. Can you give me specific references so that I can see for myself from the Bible what you mean by teaching lies. Sincerely

    • Perhaps you might try actually reading the bible..really reading it. Les Feldick teaches straight from the bible and his teaching has never strayed from or altered the biblical truths. He is genuine. Before you read it yourself, ask God to open your heart to His truths..you will see that Mr. Feldick teaches in truth according yo the holy word of God. God bless

    • Les Feldick is not a liar. He teaches God’s Holy Word in a very understandable way. He is gifted by God to do so. If he is worth 10 million dollars he got that way by honest hard work. And God’s blessing.

  2. Les Feldick is the BEST BIBLE teacher I have ever come across! He is a man of integrity and knowledge!
    Trying to undermine him and his lifetime of work teaching the Bible is a vile and satanic act on your part! You should feel shame for making false claims against this godly man! You should study your bible, clearly you missed the part on being a False Witness!

    • You are absolutely correct. The people posting this bunk, are obviously enemys of the bible and Christianity.

  3. That statement came put of nowhere with not a word of proof or argument of any sort
    .it is tptal bunk from an obvious liberal christian hatet! I’ve studied the bible for 50 yrs. An never seen anyone prove scripture with scripture as well.I would challange the ignorant, biased writer to prove what’s so boldly said or retract this hateful lie.no dignity or honesty in journalism anymore. Sad.

  4. Steer clear of Mr. Feldick’s nonsense and his Hyperdispensationalism. It’s two-gospel understanding of of the Scriptures is patently false and unbiblical. It is a damnable heresy and anyone who comes under this guys teaching is very close to Christ being of no benefit. And I testify again to everyone who receives his teaching as true will be under obligation to keep to whole law of his belief system and they will have been severed from Christ and will find themselves having fallen from Grace. Such is the danger in following this man and his bastardization of the Scriptures. Anyone following this guy and his cult of personality truly can’t call themselves Christians when they contend that even Jesus’ teachings aren’t applicable to the Church today.

    • Les Feldick has a “cult of personality”? That’s rich. There’s nothing exciting about him or his approach, unless you love the word of God.

      This man “rightly divides” the Bible better than anyone I’ve ever seen.

    • Mortimer Snerd, your accusations against Les Feldick are as absurd as your handle.
      You know Les, teaches the truth “Gods word,” and you’re either; unlearned, jealous or being led by your own heart (suspiciously, your fruit is showing you’re Unsaved). If you don’t agree or approve of Les, dont watch/Listen. Certainly do not post liable comments concerning a another person you’ve never met.
      Life is too short, get saved before it’s too late. Then you’ll be less likely to attack other teachers of the Bible.

      • What you say isn’t a conversation. You command others not to question a “MAN”, or else your not saved. You sound like the media and the democratic party.. I’ll go with more Truth and les error.

    • I think les is a good teacher
      But I have seen him cut verses in half to avoid any mention of obedience to Christ. I’m not positive it’s intentional but it seemed that way…I believe what he teaches personally because to be under the law is a very harsh thing…. it’s impossible !!! When coming from a Pentecost background I first realized thru his showing from scripture that there ARE two separate messages to the Jews and to the rest of us
      Glad I’m not Jewish because they are under the totality of the law when they refute Paul’s revelations

      • Listen S.ring, I am jewish and beleive that Jesus is the Messiah. I do not follow the law. I am also proud to be jewish, I am a messianic remnant and will be living in the new Jerusalem. Next time you talk about the jew, be careful what you say.

      • “under the law” simply means the “law of sin and death” ROMANS 8:1,2 6:14 6:23—a saved person is no longer under that law-a saved person today or a person in the Old Testament ——an unsaved person today is still under that law as was in the Old Testament.

    • there is but one gospel of salvation–“to be saved by grace through faith” –faith in Who –in what?? faith in the Lord God–faith in what–faith in His atoning work of redemption. if anyone got saved by any other way then did Christ die in vain???? trusting the Lord God for salvation is mentioned multiple times in the old testament.

  5. You make an accusation without proof, that’s called gossip. Which is a lie itself perpetrated by a well practiced liar. You dropped the lines of speech and went right on writing, to stir the pot of contention. Obviously you belong to no faith or denomination yourself. If I were you I’d begin a deeper soul searching because you’re going to need it. Sounds like you can use a good Bible study class yourself.

  6. Les Feldick is the best Bible teacher I have ever known I have learned more about my Bible from him then I have ever learned in churchI thank God for his teaching

  7. Winnie Muriuki is the author of this blog, who in the middle of citing facts about Les Feldick, from out of left field throws a curve that is slanderous, destructive, negative but more than that, blatant lies! After reading a short descript about Muriuki, I must say that I wasn’t surprised by her attack on a godly man. Like the father of all lies, she emulates the same actions of apparently her father (Satan). Obviously, she does not know the Scripture. As a graduate of a well known Bible College, 36 years of full-time ministry, I do not consider myself a theologian. I am, however, a serious student of the Word. A comment made accusing Feldick of hyper-dispensationalism and bastardization of the Scripture is laughable. After reading this person’s full comment I wondered about his sanity of his nonsensical statements. I don’t usually waste my time with those who disagree with what I believe, but whenever Satan attacks in blatant lies from the very depths of hell, I cannot be silent. We’re reminded in God’s Word that there will be false accusers of the Gospel in the last days. Those who make attempts to derail God’s message will certainly reap what they sow. As Christians we are commanded to pray for our enemies — enemies of the Good News! And, of course, we continue to pray for Les Feldick Ministries. I know that Feldick gives much of his work and books to inmates and others in need. I wonder just how much (or how little) these critics give to others in need?

    • I absolutely agree with you….this is when we say to a person like this, “Get thee behind us, Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ. The person who wrote this inflammatory accusation is a worker of iniquity and does not know the Savior, Jesus Christ. We put a on every piece of God’s armor to resist the evil of Satan and his minions….we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, and against the rulers of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness…..Our armor and knowledge of the Word of God deflects the lies of this person named Winnie.

  8. I’ve often wondered if the law was as oppressive to people who were closer to Adam than we are.. what I mean is they were closer to a more perfect creation in Adam and we are FAR removed from that today I think. When I believed at one time I was only one sin away from hellfire the pressure was so great that I absolutely hated it all!!!!when I became more of a dispensationalist and started to see how what I believed wasn’t supported by the Bible it was a HUGE WEIGHT lifted off of me!!!!!i owe that to les Feldick and his teaching I had been reading the Bible for forty years and I always mixed it all together and it was very hard to ignore all the contradictions… when I began to divide it the way it’s so clearly written almost all of those contradictions disappeared!!!
    I don’t know how I missed it all those years!!!!!
    But I doubt I would’ve figured it all out on my own
    And so today tho I’ve never met him les is truly like a family member to me

    • Also the gospel is the same for both jew and gentile. The difference is how it’s presented. Jews don,’t have a problem with Jesus of the bible, they have a problem with Jesus of society. Being persecuted in the name of Jesus is not something anyone would put up with, including you.

  9. Winnie you are a liar. The Devil is a liar and you serve him. The false statement aka LIE that you chose to write about Mr. Les Feldick is despicable, as are you for having written such a LIE. Repent while you still can. I suggest you start by purchasing a Bible and then watching the Les Feldick program and he’ll help teach you the meaning of God’s word since it is quite apparent you have no clue! Les Feldick a faithful and and true teacher of the word of God. Take your self to church, you need Jesus.

  10. I began watching Les Feldick miniseries 10 years agoIt has been such a blessing and helped me to better understand my bible it’s really unfair to say that Les is a false teacher of Gods word if you haven’t read the Bible on your own and I also don’t believe that his ministry has all the money that you claim that he has Les has said that they only bring in enough money to pay their bills and I believe himHes not in it for the money but to help foster a love for the study of Gods word

  11. I have learned more from Les Feldick about God’s word than years in my church.
    God bless this man, as he says search the scriptures!

  12. I AM a “Bible Scholar” who was “formally trained” at a Christian University. My B.S. is in Theolgy Management and my M.A. is in Christian Ministry/Management. I have learned more actual, factual and truthful information watching Les Feldick than in most of my studies, as he concentrates on the Bible alone, not multiple scenarios of what MAY or COULD be, regarding certain books or verses of the Bible. Some people on this page like to question some teaching as false; I think they are merely trying to get a response. I have yet to hear or see an episode of Through the Bible with Les Feldick that was in error.

  13. Les Feldick is the BEST Bible teacher I have ever seen in the 74 years of my life. He does an extremely excellent job explaining scripture, the background it is based upon and it’s meaning for us today. I just wish my area stations carried his program years before they did.. I watch your Programs as much as I can, they are great and enlightening…GOD Bless you and your family.

  14. Les Feldick having 10 Million Dollars?? How is that compared to Bishop David Oyedepo Bishop David Oyedepo He is currently the richest pastor in the world according to Forbes magazine with a net worth of over $150 million. and Kenneth Copeland who is worth over $300 Million?? and Jesse Duplantis who is worth over $50 Million dollars…Please…Les is a wonderful teacher who is humble and lives a humble life to match..

    • Absolutely! My dad went and saw a few “Through the Bible…” My dad loved his programs! Recently, we cleaned out his tape collection, and he had boxes and boxes full of Les’s teachings, on VHS tapes no less!!


  16. Les Feldick is not a false teacher, he teaches straight from the Bible. If his teaching his false, then the Bible is false. He is one of the best teachers I have ever listened to, making things understandable. He is one of the most genuine people, no frills and everything he teaches is very relevant to today’s world, and he is filled with the Holy Spirit.

  17. We live in a day of grace. Humbling to read everyones take on Les.
    From experience i know that i can turn on the tv in search for some truth, to be fed the word of God. Now while im listening, i could and do have a understanding in my beliefs. What i feel in my heart. Now im i right? God will tell me if my heart strays to shaky ground. I’ve listened to all them a time or two? Les in my opinion is top 3 to TRUTH.! Now remember God can and will use what he needs to!
    He used a donkey to talk to Paul!
    For those who haven’t heard from God, i felt your pain!
    Please, just talk to him! Give it 2 weeks of your life. Just talk to him, your life will change! Amen!

    • “Day of grace”???? grace is unmerited favor. if anyone at anytime was saved it was by grace alone through faith onlone in the Lord God and faith in His work of redemption. If they got saved any other way then why would Christ have to pay our sin debt in full ????? Rom. 6:14, 6:23, 8:1-2 also Romans 2:13,14,15 “for there is no respect of persons with God” Rom. 2:11

  18. Les is a great bible teacher. Whatever he can’t completely support with scripture he tells you it’s his opinion. I don’t believe there are 2 people on earth today who could honestly agree on everything in scripture. Each person should read and study the bible for himself or herself and make up their minds what they believe. God is not going to judge you because of what somebody else believes. You need to know what YOU believe. Don’t just listen to and accept as truth everything you hear.

  19. I begin my day watching Les Feldick, and I’m a pretty good judge of character. I can honestly say that Les Feldick is sound is his bible teaching. He opens up the Scriptures, and does his best to make it understandable and enjoyable. I have not found anything but truth in his teaching

  20. Grady
    My name is Grady Silver. Most all your statements about Mr, Les Feldick tells me most of you do not read or know your bible either. Most every person in the united states, and the entire world believes God is a trinity. The word trinity is not in your bible even once, Mr Les Feldick believed God is a trinity. Only God will be the judge of Mr, Les Feldick, Also of you and I. He the Lord is God, and He is one jelous God, Not two, not three.

  21. i ve been enjoying les feldick for many many years…your are a dirty bird for sliding that hateful comment on this man who is speaking from the word of God and rightly dividing it…2020.

  22. My friends, I believe we have trolls in our midst; people who want to divert our attention away from truth. Until the Lord Jesus Christ returns on His throne, I suggest that we ignore the trolls and not feed them.

  23. I was a lost soul until I ran into his program one morning .Now I have been watching his program for five years . I have been attending church since i was a baby and have got to know the bible and its understanding threw him he has the kiss program that makes it easy to understand he keeps it simple and stupid to understand . I now can speak and talk to people and have confidence that I am not just blowing smoke. He definitely has explained the bible to me and I am grateful.

  24. Who ever wrote this article calling Les Feldick a false teacher is a liar from Hell….get thee behind us Satan! Les Feldick teaches the inerrant Word of God, as it is written under the divine glory of God Himself.

  25. I have been listening to Les for about 4 months now. I think Les is an outstanding Christian who has given me great insight to the Word. God Bless Les!

  26. those who claim Les is a Liar , is obviously from darkness! Pray for those lost souls..
    It was an Honor and blessing to have known him and his teachings. to think he is with God!
    God be with you.


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