Khan Academy
Khan Academy

In this modern-day and time, education is one of the most important things we need to survive. The world has a total transformation. Survival is not as it was a few centuries ago. The survival of human beings is completely dependent on the amount of money you have. Money can be made in very different ways. A huge chunk of the world’s working population relies on jobs to make money. There are those that start their own businesses to make their own money. We have the talented gurus who use their talents to entertain and therefore, to make money, although they are very few.

We can see that getting jobs is one of the most effective ways of making money. But getting a job is not all that easy. You need an educational background to able to do whatever you are required to do. This is why we have schools, colleges, and universities. Apart from just going to school, there are online educational programs that can help us get this education.

This is where the Khan Academy comes in. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that provides educational tools to help students. It provides short lessons in the form of videos and also includes supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators.


Khan Academy was founded by Salman Khan in the year 2008. He got this idea after tutoring a few of his cousins. It all began when he was tutoring his cousin in mathematics. He was using an internet service called Yahoo! Doodle Images. He later on, he proceeded to tutor many of his cousins with this online service. Later on, due to demand, he began making his tutoring videos and posting them on YouTube. He later used an application known as SmoothDraw and later on a Wacom tablet and ArtRage.

He recorded his tutorials on his computer and later on got positive remarks. In 2009, he quit his job to focus on the tutorials and has been successful ever since. He even opened Khan Lab School in Mountain View, California, in 2014.


Salman Khan started this organization to be non-profitable. Although this might raise the questions, where does he get the money to sustain it? Well, Khan Academy is heavily dependent on donations from philanthropic organizations. Khan Academy has been receiving numerous donations from so many organizations. For example, he received a $2 million donation from Google for creating new courses and translating the content to other languages. Carlos Slim Foundation in Mexico made a donation for making Spanish versions of the videos.

Khan Academy aims to provide a personalized learning experience using its videos. The website is just used to supplement the videos. The videos display drawings on an electronic blackboard similar to the experience in a lecture hall.

In 2015, Khan Academy was the official SAT practicing website, and it was stated that studies on the Khan Academy could result in a 115 point-average increase in the SAT scores. Khan Academy has incredibly been able to provide the videos in many languages. Although the main language is English, there are more than 20,000 subtitles. In 2016, the website faced criticism due to a lack of Khan’s background in pedagogy. He took action by correcting a few errors in the videos and now has a faculty of more than 200 experts.

Khan later said in a statement that his website is just meant to assist the in-class education that children receive. It is meant to make the teachers’ work easier and take the burden off their backs of having to deal with many children as individuals.

Awards and Achievements

The Khan Academy has really improved the educational levels of children around the world. With the technological world growing each and every day, Khan Academy has really grown in popularity and has eased the work of many teachers. It has increased the amount of time children use for learning because it is easy to use at home. Khan Academy has had a big impact on people’s lives and has been awarded twice for that; firstly, it was one of the five winners of the Heinz Award in 2014 and in 2016, it won the Shorty Award for Best in Education

Net Worth of Khan Academy in 2024

Khan Academy Net Worth
Khan Academy Net Worth

Khan Academy is a non-profitable organization is a non-profitable organization with very little information concerning its net worth. It depends on donations from philanthropic organizations. For example, Bill and Melinda Gates donated $1.5 million to fund the operations of the Khan Academy to continue with its educational programs. It’s founder Salman Khan has an estimated net worth of $2 Million As of May 2024.

Khan Academy has had a really great impact on the world. It has helped children who are having trouble in school to improve their educational standards and achieve their academic goals. It has also eased the work of teachers who do not necessarily have to deal with children at a personal level anymore. It is truly destined to grow because of the good cause of the organization.


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