Kennedy Family
Kennedy Family

The Kennedy family is an American based political family that has, for some time, been unmistakable in American governmental issues, open assistance, diversion, and business. In 1884, The principal Kennedy chose for public office was Patrick Joseph “P. J.” Kennedy 35 years after the family’s appearance from Ireland. He served in the Massachusetts state council from 1884 to 1895.

What’s more, Joseph Sr. also, Rose’s girl, Eunice, established the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (a piece of the National Institutes of Health) and set the Special Olympics. Eunice’s little girl Maria Shriver filled in as First Lady of California. Other relatives of Joseph and Rose Kennedy have been dynamic as legal advisors, creators, and activists for the benefit of those with physical and scholarly difficulties.


In 1546, their forerunner, Diarmaid Ó Cinnéide Fionn, held Knight Castle close to what is today Puckane, County Tipperary. By 1740, Having lost out to the New English order in the Kingdom of Ireland, they moved to Dungan town, New Ross County Wexford, where Patrick Kennedy was born in 1823.

Patrick Kennedy and Bridget Murphy were the first Kennedys to reside in the United States. Patrick served in East Boston as a barrel maker or cooper.


According to genealogist Brian Kennedy, the Kennedys originated from the Ó Cinnéide Fionn (one of the three Irish Gaelic Ó Cinnéide clans who ruled the kingdom of Ormond, along with the Ó Cinnéide Donn and Ó Cinnéide Ruadh). Their forebear, Diarmaid Ó Cinnéide Fionn, held Knight Castle near what is today Puckane, County Tipperary in 1546. From that point, having missed out on the New English request in the Kingdom of Ireland, they wound up in Dunganstown, New Ross, County Wexford by 1740. Patrick Kennedy was conceived there in 1823.

The first Kennedys to dwell in the United States were Patrick Kennedy (1823–1858) and Bridget Murphy (1824–1888), who cruised from Ireland to East Boston in 1849; Patrick worked in East Boston as a barrel producer or cooper.[3] Patrick and Bridget had five kids: their most youthful, Patrick Joseph “P. J.” Kennedy started a new business and served in the Massachusetts state assembly from 1884–1895.

P.J. and Mary Augusta Hickey gave birth to four children, Their oldest being Joseph Patrick “Joe” Kennedy Sr. who accumulated a fortune in banking and securities trading, which he further grew by investing in other growing industries. Joseph Sr. received the appointment as the first chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, chairman of the Maritime Commission, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Net worth & Salary of Kennedy Family in 2024

Kennedy Family Net Worth
Kennedy Family Net Worth

The Kennedy family is worth a combined estimate of $1.5 billion as of May 2024.

During the eight terms of service in the U.S, Ted Kennedy earned a base salary of $165,200 per year. In a list of wealthiest people, which was first published in 1957, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. was in the $200 to $400 million range, which is about $1.74 billion to $3.48 billion in the present days.

At the time of his death In 1969, Joseph P. Kennedy had left an estimated $400 million (which is about $2.67 billion today) to Eunice, Teddy, Bobby, Patricia, and Jean Kennedy. Gerald Posner, an author, documented this in the 1993 book Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK. Supposedly, most of the money Joseph earned came from real estate deals, including his sale of the land where New York City’s Lincoln Center is currently.

In 2006, a roll Call examination into Ted Kennedy’s financial-disclosure papers found out that he itemized five family trust funds worth between $45 million and $150 million. According to this report, Kennedy estimated that those trusts distributed $500,000 to $5 million in yearly income.

Ted Kennedy, in 2009, at the time of his death from brain cancer, was at the peak of his wealth, whereby his financial filings through December 2008 showed he had assets worth $45 million to $150 million. At present, his widow, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

Throughout the U.S., Several members of the family continue to hold various public offices and run multimillion-dollar businesses. Records show that the Kennedy family still uses several trust funds, many of which are blind trusts; nevertheless, only the family financial advisers could know precisely how many there are for sure.

Edward Moore Kennedy Jr., Ted’s son, represents the 12th district in the Connecticut Congress with a yearly salary of $174,000. Moreover, he is listed in Ted’s multimillion-dollar will as one of the children with right of entry to the Edward M. Kennedy 2006 Trust.

Joseph P. Kennedy III epitomizes the 4th District of Massachusetts with a yearly salary of $62,500 and an estimated net worth of between $18 million and $43 million.

From 2013 through 2017, Caroline Kennedy served as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan and has an estimated net worth of $250 million. She appears to be one of the wealthiest members of the family.

Lastly, Christopher G. Kennedy has a net worth of between $40 and $175 million.

In conclusion, the Kennedy Clan has come a very long way since the 17th century and is a perfect image of how inheritance should be down for children. As seen, the work, the fathers, did is the reason behind the wealth of the descendants of the family. As this trend continues, the Kennedy family will continue to hold an indisputable place in the American economy.



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