Keith David
Keith David
Celebrated Name: Keith David
Real Name/Full Name: Keith David Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 68 years old
Birth Date: 4 June 1956
Birth Place: New York City, U.S
Nationality: American
Height:  6ft 2 inches
Weight: 78 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Dionne Lea Williams
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter): Yes (Three)
Dating/Girlfriend (Name): N/A
Is Keith David Gay? NO
Profession: Actor, Voice actor, Comedian, Singer
Salary: N/A
Net Worth in [current date format=’Y’]: $4 million
Last Updated: [current date format=’F Y’]

Keith David American actor, actor and comedian famous for taking the role of the main actor, King of Platoon and as Children in The Thing.

Maybe you know about Keith David very well, but do you know how old and tall is he and what is his net worth in [current date format=’Y’]? If you do not know, we have prepared this article about details of Keith David’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life & Biography

Keith David was born on 4 June 1956 in New York City, Harlem District. He was taken to Dolores Dickinson and Leister Williams.

Keith’s father worked as a telephone manager, whereas his mother worked as a payroll operation director.

Personal Life

In his lifetime, Keith David has married twice. He tied the knot with Margit Edward Williams in 1990.  God blessed them one son, namely Owen. They later broke up, and Keith married Dione Lea Williams with whom God has blessed them with two daughters, namely Ruby and Mailee.

In terms of religion, Keith David is a strong believer. He is Catholic by faith, and he went through baptism.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 4 June 1956, Keith David is 68 years old as of today’s date [current date]. His height is 6 ft 2 inches tall, and his weight is 78 kg.


When Keith was nine years old, he came to realize that he can act. He took part in acting ‘ Wizard of Oz’ as the coward lion. When he was a young boy, he used to take part in choir singing.

Keith David attended Manhattan Famed High school, where he studied Performing Arts. He later enrolled at Julliard School’s Drama Division. He then graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1979.

Keith got hired to take part in Coriolanus, written by Shakespeare as a Tullus Aufidius, out of the study. Keith has taken part in acting some certain movies that have won him famous awards.

The year 1986 was full of blessings to Keith as it began with Keith playing the part of a King in ‘ Platoon.’ His role earned him an Oscar award.

In the 1980s, Keith took part in acting ‘Mister Rogers ‘ Neighbourhood as Keith the Carpenter from South wood.

Keith David appeared in other films such as The Quick and the Dead, and They Live, where he reunited with the Thing Director John Carpenter, Men at Work, Manned for Death, as well as Stars and Bars.

In 1995, Keith David took a role in Dead Presidents, where he acted as Kirkby.

We see him acting as a father in a romantic film known as Mr. Mrs. Smith. He has also appeared in a solo movie like Requiem for a Dream, where he worked as Big Tim.

In the 1980s films, Keith David has appeared several times in a television series called The Job, where he acted as Lieutenant Williams.

In 2004, Keith featured several times in a film made for ABC known as The Big House.

In 2010, he took part in Chain Letter horror movie as Jim Crenshaw.

In a film shoot in April 2011, Keith featured in the 21st episode of the first season of Hawaii Five-0 as a criminal entrepreneur, Jimmy Cannon.

In terms of voice acting, he took part in acting the voice of Goliath as Lemuel in an animated movie.

In 3×3 Eyes film, we can see Keith David featuring as a Mama. In 2004, a video game known as Halo 2 came to the screens where he was the one who provided the voice of Harbiter.

He performed voice work of Xbox 360 of title known as Saints Row. He featured as the head gang of 3rd Street Saint.

Ice Cube included Keith David in a number of his operations, such as Terrorist Threat aired in 2003, Raw Footage aired in 2008, and I am the West that entails a story of Beef II documentary.

He was the one who provided the voice of the UPS what Brown can do for your commercials. He has as well acted the voice of Despero in the Hearts and Minds episode of Justice League series.

He has partnered with a filmmaker known as Ken Burns several times. He has provided stories concerning The War, Mark Twain, Jazz, and Jackie Robinson, among others.

Keith David is the narrator of BBC documentary called World War II: Behind the closed doors.

Keith David provided the voice for Solovar, a gorilla superhero in The Flash episode of Gorilla City series.

He has provided narrations on several WWE documentaries, such as The True Story of Wrestle mania as well as 20 episodes of Monday Night War.

In the Toast play, David starred as Dolomite in Off-Broadway series. The game was acted in Attica Prison and acquired a set of around 1971. The game was about bullying that took place in that particular prison and how those prisoners lived with their inmates.

There are many other films Keith David has featured, such as Jelly’s Last Jam,  Cloud Atlas, Enlisted, Greenleaf, just to mention a few.

Awards & Achievements

In 2016, Keith David won the Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Narrator. Keith has won many other awards in the past including, Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding Voice-over Performance in 2008 and 2005 Outstanding Voice-over performance.

Net Worth & Salary of Keith David in [current date format=’Y’]

Keith David Net Worth
Keith David Net Worth

As of July 2024, Keith David has an estimated net worth of more than $4 million. His hard work in the various fields of his career has earned him this particular net worth. He can feed his family and cater to some expenses with his income.

Keith is always a proud man of what he has achieved throughout his life. He loves to pick on things that depict his interests. He is still passionate about his work and down it with confidence. Such qualities are good for one to emulate.


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