Jonathan Antoine
Jonathan Antoine
Celebrated Name: Jonathan Antoine
Real Name/Full Name: Jonathan Antoine
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years old
Birth Date: 13 January 1995
Birth Place: Hainault, United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Height: 1.55 m
Weight: 135 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Wife/Spouse (Name): No
Children: No
Profession: classically trained English tenor
Net Worth in 2024: $2 million
Last Updated: May 2024

Jonathan Antoine is an English singer whose voice is tenor, and he is very great, all thanks to the classic training that he received. He caught the attention of many people in 2012. That was as a result of his participation in Britain’s Got Talent. During that sixth series of the contest, he was part of a duo by the name Jonathan and Charlotte. After that, he began his career as a solo artist. His two hit albums are the Tenore, and its follow up one by the title, Belief. With those highlights, details of the story of his life are up next.

Maybe you know about Jonathan Antoine very well But do you know how old and tall is he, and what is his net worth in 2024? If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of Jonathan Antoine’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life

Jonathan Antoine was born in 1995 on 13th January to John together with Tracy. His place of birth was Essex, United Kingdom. His father is a police officer while his mother is a housewife. They live in Hainault, London.

When he reached the school-going age, it was right that his parents enroll him into one. He joined the West Hatch High School. That marked the journey of his career. It is the place where he met Jenny Ewington as well as Ginette Brown. The two were the singing coach and the head of music, respectively.

Personal life

He is in a romantic relationship with Michelle Doucet. She is Canadian. She is also the person who inspired Antoine for the album titled Belief.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 13 January 1995, Jonathan Antoine is 29 years old as of today’s date 25th May 2024. His height is 1.55 m tall, and his weight is 135 kg.


His venture into music began in high school. In 2010 when he was 13, Jonathan performed at the Stratford and East London Music Festival. The song that he sang was Bring Him Home by Les Miserables. The following year, he performed at the Royal Festival Hall, London.

He auditioned for places at four music conservatives as a junior. Lucky enough, he got an opportunity to be part of all of them. He had to make a choice, and the factor of location would not help because they were all in London. Eventually, he settled for the Royal Academy of Music.

In 2011, Brown requested both Jonathan and Charlotte Jaconelli to perform at her wedding. The song was The Prayer, and that was the beginning of the duo known as Charlotte and Jonathan. The following year, the two participated in Britain’s Got Talent. They finished second after Ashleigh and Pudsey. As a duo, they released two albums, namely Together in 2012 and Perhaps Love, whose release was in the following year.

The duo ended in 2014. That was as a result of the two receiving solo record deals. As a solo artist, Antoine has two albums. In 2014 on 13th October, he released his debut one by the title Tenore. The next one saw the light of the day on 19th August 2016. Its title was Believe.

Awards & Achievements

In 2010, Jonathan Antoine was honored with the title of the Young Musician of The Year. His albums have also been a success. As a duo, one of the albas was Certified Gold, while the other got a Silver certification in the UK. His two albums were position 1 in the UK Class chart. He has accomplished much, no doubt.

Net Worth & Salary of Jonathan Antoine in 2024

Jonathan Antoine Net Worth
Jonathan Antoine Net Worth

As of May 2024, Jonathan Antoine’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. How he has amassed the wealth mentioned above is not a secret. His primary source of income is his music career. That is both as a duo and a solo artist. The sales of the albums and singles make him money. Antoine and Charlotte, at one point, signed a contract worth £1 million.

Jonathan is an award-winning musician. He has turned his talent into a money-making machine. That explains why he is doing very well despite his tender age.


  1. Only weighs 55Kg? That’s only about 115 pounds. He musta lost a LOT of weight—How come no pics?—-Must be an error. Perhaps he lost that much weight.

  2. Johnathan Antoine…I can listen to him sing all day! His voice is unmatched, in my opinion. His voice is so soothing, beautiful, and simply a true pleasure! Thank you for bringing such joy to the world Johnathan and PLEASE come to Dallas, TX!

    • I also can listen to him all day long. His music makes me happy. I am very thankful he and Charlotte went onto BGT in 2012. I have been following his career and collecting his CDs. He is a tremendous talent and young people like him give me hope for generations coming up.

  3. The listed height and weight for Jonathan are way off, positively wrong. A height of 1.55 m is 5 ft. 1 in., and 55 kg is 121 pounds. Impossible that this is correct.

    • I believe the need to focus on correcting this talented young man’s appearance is “positively wrong”. Is that really the only aspect of this young man you can discuss? Maybe your comment wasn’t needed at all. His accomplishments and positive story should be in the spotlight.

    • What does it matter how much or low his higt or weigth is?
      I hear a unique beautiful voice and see a great person in Jonathan Antoine with an open mind.
      You seem to be a small personality with little brain, for what i read.
      He brings joy with his music. Does your comment adds anything to that?

  4. You seem like such a beautiful soul, I saw you on the talent show…and felt a need to check on you, make sure you were living your dream.
    …and it looks like you are, I couldn’t be any happier for you. <3

  5. . I agree . Jonathon is t
    the best singer in the world. I listen to him all the time.Im 89 years old and Im so glad ive lived to hear such a great voice.Hes such a wonderfull young man himself. When he sings you can see it in his face hes living the song. God Bless you Jonathon your singing makes my life so much happier.

  6. It is February 2022. You need to update your facts. This is a mess. He does not have a girlfriend and he is not married. He lives with his mother father and sister. He just did a LIVE CHRISTMAS TOUR IN THE USA in December 2021. Jonathan Antoine’s CHRISTMASLANDLive! He released a Christmas Album “ChristmasLand Platinum Edition”. Subscribe to Jonathan’s YouTubeChannel

  7. Jonathan Antoine is a wonderful singer, fun to watch .He’s also great fun to watch on his pod casts. From the first time i heard him sing until now what a gem!!

  8. Incredible incredible tenner. Keep up the fabulous work. I’m sure you’ll find nothing but happiness.

    Jonathan is absolutely incredible. I put him right up there with Andrew Bocelli. Especially amazing for one so young. At such a young age, his voice was almost fully mature.Incredible incredible tenner. Keep up the fabulous work. I’m sure you’ll find nothing but happiness.


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