John Schnabel
John Schnabel
Celebrated Name: John Schnabel
Real Name/Full Name: John Schnabel
Gender: Male
Age at the time of death: 96 years old
Birth Date: 11 February 1920
Date of Death: 18 March 2016
Birth Place: Kansas, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.72 m
Weight: 70 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Erma Dire (m. 1950–2016)
Children: Yes (Roger Schnabel)
Profession: Soldier
Net Worth in 2024: $7 million
Last Updated: June 2024

John Schnabel was an American gold miner was died on 18 March 2016. Before getting into the gold mining business, Schnabel served in the United States Air Corps. However, he originally signed up for being a part of the Navy. The whole incident dates back the time when the Pearl Harbour was attacked.

Eventually, John returned home after serving his nation and pursued a professional career as a gold miner.

Maybe you know about John Schnabel very well But do you know how old was he at the time of his death and what is his net worth in 2024? If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of John Schnabel’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life

1920 marked itself as the year in which John Schnabel was born. His father was a wheat farmer in the state of Kansas. However, the farming sector was hit pretty badly by the depression, which took away the livelihood of John’s father.

Later, John’s dad got himself involved in the illegal trade of alcohol during the prohibition on liquor imposed at that time.

His activities came to light eventually, and in his attempt to run away from the risk of being sent to prison, John’s father moved to Alaska.

Consequently, at the tender age of 12, John provided for his family in Kansas by working as a paperboy.

However, John soon followed his father’s footsteps and moved to Alaska in 1939. There, he worked in a sawmill alongside his father.

Life continued at its regular pace until the Pearl Harbour was attacked. December of 1941 changed everything for John, and that is the time when he decided to serve his country during the time of war.

Eventually, John was freed from his duties as a soldier and given the opportunity to lead a normal life again.

He made the most out of the circumstances by buying a claim for the Big Nugget Mine at Porcupine Creek.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 11 February 1920, John Schnabel was 96 years old at the time of his death. His height was 1.72 m. tall, and weigh 70 kg.


When John bought a claim for the Big Nugget Mine at Porcupine Creek in the year 1984, he bought it simply as a place to take his children for the summers. However, he discovered a newfound passion in the form of gold mining that turned him into the well-known personality that he is today even after his death.

He was 68 years old when he won the claim for the mine, and over the years, he did his best to make profits by mining the Big Nugget.

Nevertheless, sickness finally caught up to him in the year 2011 when he passed the torch of the mining business onto his grandson.

Parker Schnabel continued the business, and despite some health concerns, John was always there to aid his grandson whenever there was any requirement.

Parker, however, eventually chose to move away from the mining business. When he left, the command of the whole operation at the Big Nugget mine shifted back to John.

He continued to work as a gold miner till the very last of his days. On 18 March of the year 2016, John Schnabel died in his sleep. He was 96 years old when he passed away.

John’s journey as a gold miner was portrayed in the TV show, ‘Gold Rush,’ that aired on the Discovery channel. He was a part of the show for six seasons until his death.

Awards & Achievements

John Schnabel’s life isn’t decorated with fancy medals and honorary titles, but the fact that he survived in the toughest of times and managed to make a name for himself is an achievement in itself.

The fact that he served the great nation of America during the historic Pearl Harbour attack is yet another honor that John holds to his accord.

He was also elected the Mayor of Haines.

Net Worth & Salary of John Schnabel in 2024

John Schnabel Net Worth
John Schnabel Net Worth

As of June 2024, John Schnabel held a net worth of $7 million to his name at the time before his death. Most of his financial success is attributed to the gold mining business he founded in Alaska.

The TV show, ‘Gold Rush,’ on the Discovery channel of which he was a part of is yet another contributor to his financial success.

John Schnabel lived the life of an honest and honorable man. Coming from the bottom of the pile, he managed to move up in the world with his sheer determination and will to live life to the fullest.

His memory is a reminder to everyone that life can never be too tough if you’re willing to be tougher!


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