John Mcafee
John Mcafee
Celebrated Name: John Mcafee
Real Name/Full Name: John David McAfee
Gender: Male
Age: 78 years old
Birth Date: September 18, 1945
Birth Place: Cinderford, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Nationality: American – British
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Janice Dyson
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter): Yes (names not available)
Dating/Girlfriend (Name): NO
Is John Mcafee Gay?: NO
Profession: Software developer, Founder of McAfee
Salary: N/A
Net Worth in 2024: $6 million
Last Updated: June 2024

John Mcafee is a British- American, and he is a businessman and a Computer programmer. He is the founder of McAfee Associates in 1987, where he was on top of things until 1994, after which he resigned from the company. His company got very early success as the creators of McAfee, being the first commercial antivirus software, and right upto now, the company produces a range of enterprise security software. In 2001 the company was purchased by 2017, the company spun back out with TPG Capital owning the majority stake, but the software still maintained the McAfee brand name.

Maybe you know about John Mcafee very well, but do you know how old and tall is he and what is his net worth in 2024? If you do not know, we have prepared this article about details of John Mcafee’s shor111t biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life & Biography

On September 18, 1945, Mcafee was born on a U.S Army base to an American father and an English mother, in Cinderford, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. His father was in the U.S Army and was posted in the United Kingdom. Mcafee was raised in Salem, Virginia, the U.S. he, however, said he feels as much British as he is American. He was only 15 years old, and when his father committed suicide by gunshot, he was an alcoholic and an abusive father.

He joined Roanoke College, where he received a Bachelor`s degree in Mathematics in 1967, and he was awarded an honorary doctorate in science in 2008.

Personal Life

John Mcafee is a married man, he lives in Lexington, Tennessee with his wife Janice Dyson,  his story is quite something, listen to this, the night after Mcafee arrived in the United States after being deported from Guatemala in December 2012, he was solicited by Janice, by then she was a prostitute at south beach, Florida, they spent the night together, and even being 30 years Mcafee`s junior, they began a relationship and married in 2013. He then took up residence in Portland, Oregon.

McAfee in an article in Mensa Bulletin in 2012, stated that being a developer of the first commercial anti-virus program, he has become a potential most popular” hacking target” and goes on ahead to say hackers see hacking him as a badge of honor, of course, because of who he is, he added and said that for his own security, he has other people buy his computer equipment for him, uses pseudonyms for setting up computer and logging in and sometimes changes his IP address several times a day. There was a time he was asked if he personally uses McAfee anti-virus software, he replied, and I quote, “I take it off” and “its too annoying.”

He claims that the former cocaine baron “Boston” George Jung is writing his official biography, No domain. He has also taught yoga and has written several books on yoga too. He also identifies as a libertarian advocating the decriminalization of cannabis and an end to the War on drugs, non-interventionism in foreign policy, and a free market economy. He has also announced he planned to run for president in the 2020precidential election, and his main issue is to promote the use of cryptocurrencies.

There was a time in 2018 when Mcafee announced that he had been unconscious and hospitalized for two days at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina, and claimed it was due to malicious tampering of something he ingested. In the same year, he stated several times that he has 47 biological children.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on September 18, 1945, John Mcafee is 78 years old as of today’s date 15th June 2024. His height and weight have not been mentioned.


Before venturing into McAfee Associates, John was employed as a programmer by NASA`s institute for space studies in New York from 1968 to 1970. Later on, he joined Univac as a software designer and later to Xerox as an operating system architect. In 1978, he was a software consultant with Computer Sciences Corporation, in 1980-1982 he worked with Booz Allen Hamilton, a consulting firm.

In the 1980s, while working with Lockheed, John received a copy of the brain-computer virus, and here he began developing software to combat viruses. It was in 1987 when McAfee founded McAfee Associates, a computer anti-virus company, and it was incorporated in Delaware in 1992 and Mcafee resigned in 1994, Two years after the company went public John sold his remaining stake in the company.

Mcafee has other business ventures, which include Tribal voice, which developed one of the first instant messaging programs, PowWow. In the year 2000, he joined and invested the board of directors of Zone Labs, the makers of Firewall software, before its acquisition by checkpoint softwares in 2003.  In 2009 August, the New York Times reported that Mcafee`s personal fortune had declined to $4 million from a whopping $100million due to the effect of the financial crisis of 2007-2008 on his investments.

In the same year, he was interviewed in Belize for CNBC special “the bubble decade,” it was said that he had invested and built many mansions in the united states that went unsold when 2007 when the global recession hit, the report also touched and discussed on his quest to produce plants for possible medicinal uses on his land in Belize.  In the following year, he started QuorumEx, a company headquartered in Belize, and it aimed to produce commercial all-natural antibiotics based on Anti-quorum sensing technology.

In 2013 John uploaded the parody video onto his YouTube channel, “how to uninstall McAfee Antivirus” he criticized the software while snorting white powder and being stroked and Undressed by scantily dressed women, a spokesman for McAfee called this video “Ludicrous” in the same year he started the company Future Tense Central, which aimed to produce a secure computer network device called the D-central and by 2016 it was also serving as an incubator.

In 2014, John announced Cognizant, an application for smartphones, which displays information of installed applications, in April of the same year, Cognizant was renamed DCentral 1 and its android version was released on Google Play for free.

McAfee has done a lot in his line of work, we saw in 2014 he warned Americans not to use smartphones, suggesting apps are used to spy on clueless consumers who do not take their time to read privacy user agreements, he became chief evangelist for security startup Every key in 2016, in the same year he also received media attention by publicly volunteering to decrypt the iPhone used by San Bernardino shooters. This was to avoid the need for Apple to build a backdoor, though he later admitted that his claims were a publicity stunt, though he still said he could pull it off.

Around May 2016, John was made Chief Executive chairman and CEO of MGT Capital Investments, the company was a technology holding company, the company had stated initially that it would change its name to John Mcafee Global Technologies, there was a dispute with Intel over rights to the McAfee name, and therefore the plan was abandoned. John changed MGT`s focus from social gaming to cybersecurity. In 2017 he stepped down as CEO, and in January 2018, he left the company. In August 2018 McAfee became CEO with Luxcore a cryptocurrency

Awards & Achievements

Based on his nature of work, John Mcafee has not been given any awards or Achievements.

Net Worth & Salary of John Mcafee in 2024

John Mcafee Net Worth
John Mcafee Net Worth

As of June 2024, McAfee’s net worth is stated to be over $6 million, and all this has come about from his work as a developer and a business visionary. John could be way richer than he is today if it were not for the financial crisis.  His total assets were evaluated to $100 million. He has had some major setbacks, he has never made him surrender, and he keeps on making heritage for himself.

John Mcafee is a man who has a story to tell, and he is one of the few individuals who have delighted in victories and disappointments in a similar measure, having lost all that much is heartbreaking and can make one lose hope of life, his total assets were diminished from $100 million to almost $6 million, including his home. I admire his strength because he has never surrendered.


  1. I don’t know why Mary and wants to say that he was a murderer there was never any evidence that he committed murder. I worked with him many years ago he was a fun guy it was very very intelligent had a great sense of humor and didn’t cheat anybody and he didn’t shoot the United States government he was smart enough he didn’t have to he can make money without having to be a crook. And how in the world would you know about his sexual fetishes? That’s ridiculous

  2. I don’t know him but I truly admire his strength, intelligence and what seems to me to be an intense passion for freedom and quality of life! I am a subscriber to a site he maintains. And I’m simply intrigued by him! I believe him to be a true patriot that loves his country! I also believe he could have had a much easier life, if he had not been trying so hard to make life better for the masses, as opposed to simply doing John. That, is an admirable trait not held by many. It I were to spread to him I would say, thankq, you! For your strength and drive to in your own way, better humanity. Oh yeah, I love that he loves dogs! That’s fantastic.


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