Having someone who can advise you on the positive is a great advantage, and it even becomes even better when the advice is coming from our own children. This is exactly what happened to Greg. After being in this world for so many years, his life took a positive turn after his son, who admired what his father was doing, advised him to share the same with the world through YouTube.

Just as you would expect, it took Greg sometime before he would buy the idea of his son. This was because; one, he is an old man who is not very familiar with social media and YouTube as well. The second reason he took time before embracing his son’s idea was the fact that he had a very wrong misconception about YouTube. He confessed that he treated YouTube as a platform where people do immature things and share them with others. Hence, he initially didn’t think getting involved in YouTube was a wise idea.

However, after some time, he agreed to start it out, and that is when Hickok45 was born. The channel received a great flow of viewers, and this is when Greg developed a great interest in the whole thing. They started making more videos to add on the channel to contribute to the fast development of the channel.


Hickok45 is a famous YouTube channel that has also appeared on Full 30, and the channel features videos about firearms. Although the son of Greg Kinman is actively involved in the filming of the video, the main host is Greg Kinman. Greg is a former sheriff’s auxiliary officer and a retired middle-school English teacher with a tour of ten years. Greg resides in Tennessee to date.

Hickok45 is not a simple company, but rather, it is a registered trademark of Hickok 45, LLC. The videos demonstrated on Hickok45 are of wide varieties which are both historic and modern. Greg doesn’t only demonstrate the firearms, but he also accompanies them with a well-detailed discussion of the functionality and the history of each firearm. The videos that Greg initially made were demonstrating him wearing cowboy outfits and shooting old west weaponry.

This was just the beginning, and he was doing the best he could to ensure that he created a base or a foundation for his channel. After he was fully convinced that the channel was ready for improvements and adjustments, he decided to expand his presentations to add to the variety of weapons they had in the show. However, he doesn’t only teach people the different types of weaponry we have in the market, but he also requests them to use the weapons cautiously and observe safety when in use.


When Glen started his showcasing of the weaponry groupings, he used different weapons. However, according to many people who love the show and have been following him around, you will agree with me that his love for Glock pistols is very evident. Glen prefers the use of Glock pistols in his job over those manufactured by other companies.

As we mentioned above, the Hickok 45 mainly features Greg alone, and it is his son John who does the filming, once in a while, he is also featured on the same. John has appeared on a number of videos aired online and hence, and we can also consider him a celebrity to some extent.

Greg has been able to attract most of his viewers for different videos in which he uses different techniques to make everything unique and fun to watch. One of the great techniques he uses is carving pumpkins with firearms, which then destroy water-melons as well as 2-lt soda bottles. Once in a while, he might choose to cut down Christmas trees and saplings using various guns. These videos have been shown in India, France, Vietnam, and Germany.

One of the Hickok45 pumpkins carving video was aired by Jay Leno in 2010 on the tonight show. Although the Hickok45’s YouTube channel has been shut twice for allegedly violating YouTube’s terms of service, it was ultimately reinstated.

After the channel was allowed to run for some time, it again faced shut down threats in April 2018, and it was actually shut down for several hours. This was following the change of policy of YouTube in March 2018, which was trying to ban videos whose intention is to sell firearms or different firearm accessories through direct sales like individual or private sales. It also banned videos that linked with people dealing with private or individual sales of firearms and firearm accessories.

Awards and achievements

For now, Hickok45 has not been able to receive any official award or nomination as a YouTuber. However, we cannot ignore the fact that Greg and his son have worked for hand in hand to ensure that they keep their viewers entertained throughout the year. At the same time, they are also informing them much of what they had no idea about when it comes to firearms and firearm accessories.

Net worth of Hickok45 in 2024

Hickok45 Net Worth
Hickok45 Net Worth

Estimating the net worth of Hickok45 might not be easy, as it is a channel that is owned by an individual. However, we can state that Hickok45 ’s net worth has highly increased, and at the moment, it is assumed to be approximately $4 million As of April 2024. Although he has earned income through his career, his recent involvement in YouTube and owning a YouTube channel has become the main source of Greg’s income. This is also what has highly contributed to the net worth he has today.

Hickok45 is a YouTube channel that was born out of passion and friendship that Greg and John (his son) shared. Although initially this was not meant to help them earn an income, it has now become one of the best things they ever got their hands into. If they don’t fall into the wrong side of YouTube’s restrictions, their channel has an ability to grow, and very soon, it is going to appear on different platforms for the good job they are doing in educating their viewers about the use of firearms.


  1. hickock when you did the 1911 show, I did not see a kimber. I have owned a stainless tricked up kimber more than 20 years. In the 357 magnum show I saw a s@w 65 that looked identical to mine, which you did not elaborate on. I have owned it for more than 20 years also. I shot mainly 28 special in it. They were cheaper at the time. Would have liked more about my guns, they did fit in the catagories presented. I did not know much about the 357 when I purchased it. Just wanted one and I liked what I saw. Jerry (duke)

  2. Sir: I have been thoroughly enjoying your videos and might add that your professed favorits seem to be mine: Colt .45 SAA, Winchester Model 94, and muzzle loading rifles, notably a custom made .45 cal. flintlock after JP Beck and a Thompson-Center .45 cal. flintlock. My first rifle was a single shot .J. C. Higgins .22 in the 1955 era. My first handgun came in 1966 (S&W Model 10). Keep up the great work. Too bad you don’t occasionally have a special – when you have a shooting match with a guest – NOT a celebrity, but a common man.


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