Music as we know it has grown for the better over the years. Music is a very wide aspect of our lives, in that there are so many musical genres in the world. One of these genres is pop. Pop has been one of the most popular genres in the world among music listeners. The genre has been dominated by so many big names over the years. The list of legends goes on and on. He has worked with big names such as Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Madonna, Elton John, and so many others. The list of legends should have another name added, the Hanson Band. The Hanson has had its fair share of dominance in the pop world.

The pop band from Tulsa in Oklahoma formed in the 1990s did not miss out on making an impact in the music world. They are best known for their 1997 hit song, MMMBop, which they released in their debut album. The band has been quite successful as it sold over 16 million records worldwide. The band has also had three albums in the US Top 20 albums; they have three singles in the US Top 100 singles and eight singles in the UK Top 20 singles.


The band was formed by brothers, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. The band also had supporting players. They were Dimitrius Collins and Andrew Peruse. The supporting duo began touring with the band in 2007. The band was formed in Tulsa. Oklahoma. It all began when Isaac Taylor and Zac sang a capella and recorded such classic songs like Rockin robin and splish splash. They did their first professional performance in 1992 at the MayFest Arts Festival. At the time, they were known as the Hanson Brothers before they changed their name to Hanson in 1993.

The trio began by being pianists, however, along the way, Isaac began playing the guitar while Zac began playing the drums. They released their first two independent albums in their hometown, Boomerang, and MMMBop. The group was later signed by Steve Greenberg in the Mercury Records. The group became a worldwide sensation after releasing their first album, Middle of Nowhere.


Their first album, Middle of Nowhere, was a big success for the group. They sold around 10 million copies worldwide that year. On May 6, 1997, then governor of Oklahoma, Frank Keating, declared that it would be Hanson Day in Oklahoma. Although the holiday was a one-time thing, some fans still celebrate the holiday. The trio also went ahead and had their own biography written by Jarrod Gollihare of Admiral Twin. The book reached number 9 bestseller on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

In the summer of 1998, the group began their first tour known as the Albertine tour, which targeted young audiences with their energetic style. In 2000, their record label merged with Island Def Jam, which was not a good time for them. At this moment, they released their second album, This Time Around, but due to lack of promotional funding, sales were low, and they had to go on tour with their own funds.

After a three-year struggle, the band left Island Def Jam records for creative freedom. The record executives were rejecting many of their songs, claiming that they lacked marketability. The group now releases songs through their own record label, 3CG Records. In 2004, the band released another album, Underneath, which ended up being one of the most successful self-released albums of all time. The band went for a tour in the USA and Canada to support The Best of Hanson: Live and Electric. They also visited colleges explaining the role of independent artists in the music industry.

On January 15, 2007. The band released the first episode of their documentary podcast, ‘Taking the Walk,’ on iTunes. Later in the year, the band released their studio-recorded album known as’ The Walk.’ Previously that year, they had been doing concerts, Q and A sessions, and podcasts to prepare for the release of the album just as you would expect.

The band has never stopped making music. They go on numerous tours and have also taken part in a few philanthropic acts such as recording with a school choir in Soweto, South Africa, where all the funds were to be directed toward research and prevention of AIDS in Africa.

Awards and Achievements

The successful band has had its fair share of awards and nominations over the years. The music group has been making music since the early 1990s, and they are still doing what they love until today. Because of this dedication and passion for music, these are the awards that the band has either won or been nominated for:

  • MTV Europe Best Music Award in 1997
  • MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act in 1997
  • Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Song in 1998

Net Worth Hanson in 2024

Hanson Net Worth
Hanson Net Worth

Hanson has emerged to be one of the best pop bands of all time. Their consistency and hard work is truly impeccable. The group was put to the test when their record label merged with Island Def Jam Records. Despite facing a lot of challenges under Island Def Jam Records and being and independent group, they still managed to overcome all odds. As of June 2024, The band has a net worth of $40 million and seems to be rising as their 25th Anniversary tour approaches.

This phenomenal group has been there for quite a long time and never stops to entertain. They have had a good run so far, and it seems like the journey is not over for them. We all hope that the Hanson Band will keep doing what they do best to the best of their abilities. They will also be remembered for helping many people around the world using one tool, their music.


  1. You are come back in 2021,with show,big show for arrivsed,sorry i could speil it,i like see you after your tour,face to face with you,and pictures take with you ,as well,you make new music yet,i always be your fan,that messger for hanson,from Hayley dawn grayson,


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