The h3h3 production is a YouTube channel that is created by a husband and wife, Ethan Edward Klein and Hila Klein. At first, the name of the channel was supposed to be HEHE due to the initials of the couple. But the name was taken by others, so they opt for h3h3.

Most of the content on their YouTube channel includes the sketch comedy and reaction videos that help them to attract lots of people toward them. The couple creates the h3h3 production channel in the year 2011 and has millions of subscribers and viewers on their channel.


Ethan Edward Klein was born in California to Gary and Donna Klein. Ethan went to the University of California and studied English Literature. While on the other hand, Hila was born in Israel to Yochanan Hakmon. Hila served as the Israel Defense Forces for more than two years. Hila met Ethan during her military service when he was visiting the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.

They created the h3h3 production YouTube channel in April 2011. After that, in 2012, the couple got married. In November 2013, they released their first reaction video. Many of the early videos were the projects for Hila at her college time. At that time, they lived together in Israel and then moved to the US in April 2015. The couple also has Yorkshire terriers that appear in their videos.


When it comes to its YouTube channel, then its main content is the h3h3 reaction video series. The channel has gained immense popularity on the internet by criticizing certain internet personalities and trends and the policies of YouTube itself. The pair also comments on the participating in the online controversies. Many of these controversies also related to the outrage culture that also helps the channel to gain popularity on the online platform.

In March 2016, h3h3 uploaded a video that was poking fun at the vaping culture. The video gets more than 25 million views and becomes one of the most viewed videos on the channel. Ethan met DJ Khaled by winning the Hot 97 contest in July 2015 and showed him a series of videos that also include The DJ Khaled Documentary. After that, the channel releases a short documentary that involves the trading skins for the real currency. To gain the attention of new viewers on their gambling sites, the channel also criticizes lots of YouTubers and grabs the attention of people.

In the year 2016, Ethan and Hila also launched their H3 Podcast. Apart from this, a separate new YouTube channel was also created for the podcast for hosting reuploads that feature any special guest. The notable guest have includes JonTron, Jordon Peterson, Captain Disillusion, Oliver Tree, PewDiePie, Jake Paul, and many more.

Apart from all these, Ethan and Hila raised over more than $200,000 in the donation to Direct Relief along with Justin Roiland, Dana Terrace, and Alex Hirsch and Joey Salads to provide help after the Hurricane Harvey. The couple features in the character pack for the PayDay 2 named h3h3 Character Pack.

In the year 2017, Hila founded Teddy Fresh that is a clothing brand. In 2018, h3h3 production also released a game on the Google Play and App Store that is called H3H3: Ball Rider that helps them to gain high popularity among people. The game was developed with amazing features and outer minds from some of the popular videos that make the game more interesting.

H3h3 production has a total of 6,590264 subscribers, and the channel has more than 1.3 M viewers until now. The couple comes with new and fantastic content every day that helps to increase their number of subscribers and make people satisfied.

Awards & Nominations

Ethan and Hila’s great high achievement and success due to their YouTube channel and their fantastic content attract lots of followers to make them popular all around the world. H3h3 production is a successful channel with millions of subscribers.

Net Worth of h3h3 in 2024

H3H3 Net Worth
H3H3 Net Worth

As of April 2024, The total net worth of h3h3 production is estimated at around $3 million that the channel gains due to its fantastic content and funny videos that win the heart of people. The increase in the number of viewers and subscribers on the channel can increase the net worth of the couple as well.

Apart from this YouTube channel, Ethan and Hila also have other YouTube channels and many other works that help to increase their net worth. Ethan and Hila also run a secondary vlog channel that increases their net worth. They also have another channel that is devoted to the H3 Podcast in which they interview several YouTubers and celebrities, share memes, and discuss the recent events. The episodes of the podcast were streamed live on the Twitch and YouTube that help to give them the attraction of people all over the world.

The couple also runs an online store where they sell items like T-shirts, posters, hoodies, hugs and hats, and many more. There are also designers and independent artists who sell their products on the site, and it helps to increase the net worth of the couple. In addition to this, the pair also developed a game related to h3h3 production, and it attracts the people toward their channel and increases their fame and wealth as well.

H3H3 is known as a popular production on YouTube that is inaugurated by Hila and Ethan Klein. Both of them are the top-notch YouTubers who go with the same title. Channel H3H3 is funny and spread happiness all over the world. The channel H3H3 supported the couple to increase their wealth and fame through the internet. They have gained a lot of followers and subscribers that help to improve their net worth as well.

Being a couple and working together regularly can be challenging for lots of people. But Hila and Ethan prove that the couple can be stronger together and come up with new and amazing content on their YouTube channel.


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